The worst of 2020 in Personal Branding

I must confess that, from the point of view of Personal Brand, 2020 has been more positive than negative. I refer to the post "The best of 2020 in Personal Branding" published two weeks ago.

But there are always bad practices, as in all the arts, so here I bring you the worst of 2020 in Personal Branding. If you missed the worst of 2018 And 2019, thinks that many of the reported practices then remain in place.

If you're short on time, you have this one-minute video-summary.

Indifference, perhaps the worst of 2020

We started the worst of 2020 with the indifference is sometimes due to a lack of innovation. It seems that copying the one who does well things is being installed as a bad practice among the worst of 2020.

I've explained it more than once on this blog: if you copy someone else, you reinforce the other person's brand, not yours.

I think we need to risk a little more, Venture, invest in better ways to get things done. A Value proposal may not be convincing due to a lack of uniqueness, so developing that "relevant difference" becomes a necessity.

Lack of persistence

Whoever is free from this sin, throwing the first stone. Open a blog, Podcast, video channel… and abandon it after a few months have you ever seen it? have you experienced it?

The temptation to create something sometimes imposes itself on the idea of keeping it in time. Let's not forget that we owe ourselves to our customers, our communities, who expect every X time to do something.

Routines aren't that bad. It's better to start with little… and persistent in time.

Ethics "fake"

In a pandemic year where fake news have peaked, something terrible has happened. Many people have become distributors of lies simply by checking the veracity of the news.

The craving to be the first to share the information seems to prevail over the veracity of it. For me, this is a particularly important point.

This has been the year of "Damn Bulo" "Damn Hemeroteca" and many initiatives that have helped us uncover hoaxes and fake news aimed at confusing and creating opposing or favorable opinion streams to an idea.

The rise of the census

Following the implementation of selfish and critical, comes the negative, the census that everything sees black. He doesn't bother to acknowledge the merits of his team., which he attributes to the impeccable management of his ego.

It's better not to ask them how's it going.? because literally, they'll explain the "everything" from the worst part.

Phrases like "a company is worth as much as its worst employee", they look great on paper. But it's a sovereign stupidity worthy of someone very census.

Attacks on the personal image

This year many have shown their home for the first time to people from all over the world connected by Zoom, Meet, Teams or any of the platforms that have occupied some of our time in 2020.

Poorly lit faces, unintelligible sound, "suspicious" background noises, people who don't open the camera when it's time to do it. I think: if you're going to show your house, Find yourself a nice corner or put a cloth behind it that hides it.

Talking in a video conference is not like doing it in a bar, requires respecting the times, listening and talking in a clear and assertive way.

The expert boom

And to end the worst of 2020 in personal branding, it's not bad that there's a "boom" of experts, but yes from false experts and specialists with some lack of modesty.

It would be good for many professionals to understand that expert is the one who has experienced a discipline (unread or heard) long enough to become an authority on the matter and advise others.

In other words, is someone who has achieved more positive than negative experiences with their customers and their methodology.

On the modesty side, at Personal Branding you'd better get others to consider you and name you as an expert.

Well, happy entry into 2021, let's hope the year of the syringe brings us pleasant surprises

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4 thoughts on "The worst of 2020 in Personal Branding”

  1. Uncertainty. The unclearness of what will happen in a short time creates mistrust and discomfort. You have to learn to fight it get used to observing and researching what the trends are going to be according to what we nosotr@s we are detecting and needing. Betting on creativity.

  2. Hello Guillem,
    We are already on the last day of the 2020 Only! where many and many have first made a video call, where so many others have known online for their business, where so many others have run into uncertainty and find themselves becoming friends. Where many of us have been since before, long before the pandemic. Working for projects is a reality, today here tomorrow there and even simultaneously two, three or four labor projects at once. For me the temporal is trend, the same as having a personal brand if or if!
    Let's not give up our personal brand, it's the one that's going to go everywhere with us.
    Let's not give up our senior experience which is a plus for large companies, medium or small.

    Guillem, The 2.0 and the 1.0 it's still trending, they also hybrid. You've been one of my gifts from the 2020! See you at the 2021 in my land. Remember?

    • I don't just remember Mirka., but I also remember that the bars and restaurants were closed when we met, and that -- hopefully- in June they are open and we can share a lunch as God commands. In fact, the trip to Galicia is one of the very few I've been able to make in 2020, so how do you imagine, you've also been one of my gifts of the year, that perhaps I should have included in “The best of 2020 in Personal Branding”. A strong and happy embrace 2021, dear Mirka, See you in a few months!


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