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Should I care what other people think of you?

It is a question that I have made many times, I've done many times . And now I throw: Should I care what other people think of you?

Internet is a place where you can find everything. And between all, Lately I've seen many videos, infographics, phrases, They invite you to be yourself forgetting what others think and say about you.

From an existential point of view, could agree: what others think and tell me I can import a damn. And, What happens from the point of view of our personal brand?

What other people think of you, How does it affect your personal brand?

If you're a scientist, and against all odds you have achieved a major achievement (Nobel, for example), what they think or say about you may be irrelevant. But if you're that same scientist on the principles of his career seeking funding for a project, relevancy is high.

That of “live your life no matter what they say about you” It is valid when you've reached the zenith of your career, but not when you depend on customers, investors, contributors, prescribers, bosses…

Not knowing what your boss thinks or says about you puts you at a disadvantage. Not knowing the impression left by your fingerprint to a recruiter while looking for work is a weak point. Not knowing what a customer thinks, a collaborator, a partner, can be deadly to your career, and your personal brand.

without obsessing, ask for feedback in perspective is a healthy exercise

I am among those who think that the definition of Jeff Bezos about personal branding “what they say about you when you're not in front” It is pretty accurate. So if you do not know what they say, we will not have a good diagnosis of our personal brand. In other words, we will not know what personal mark we leave.

Ask feedback To them stakeholders which are key to us could help. And a lot. Personal branding is the process of managing our personal brand to go our goals aligned… and those of our customers. So, know your feedback let us know if we are on the right track or are hanging by a thread.

Reputation matters

Being authentic means being in pasota. You can have a brand supported by controversy, as he had Risto Mejide. The key is knowing if you know what sustains your brand and if there is a business model behind.

If you do not care what others think or say about you, not you care about your reputation. Beyond you with that, and you know at what point in your life you are. Donald Trump has even had to rectify not see its reputation damaged Should I care what other people think of you? Valóralo. Always depend on who they are “others”.

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5 replies
  1. Teresa Javier
    Teresa Javier says:

    Brief but intense. Strongly agree, always it depends on who. Reputation is relevant, especially if we put into question facing our customers.

  2. Josep Miquel
    Josep Miquel says:

    Everything very beautiful, but I tell you I like asking for honest feedback, realistic and unbiased, im-po-si-ble. Everyone likes and your image and personality can make an impression and some other diametrically different from other, a portion of which lend themselves to deliver that feedback, They will only seek the look good and be with bad milk that will leave the ego in tatters.

    • Guillem Recolons
      Guillem Recolons says:

      Hello Josep Miquel, I understand your position, but there are mechanisms to achieve (always relative) sincerity feedback. The first is launching anonymous survey formats, They do not ask the name and address of the participant (Google Forms, Survey Monkey…). The second is creating closed answers (kind: rate of 1 to 5, XXX person knows think delegate). And the third is to take the survey feedback through a professional body (example: We are the company specializing in Personal Branding XXX and XXXX our client asks us an assessment, to be anonymous. Please utmost sincerity…).
      The insurance results are not perfect to 100%, but bring us closer to the perception we have of a person. Thank you for writing!

  3. Joel Pinto
    Joel Pinto says:

    Hello, Guillem

    It may be necessary to establish a midpoint: First of all, I will not stop being who I am to meet anyone, because that would leave me to be authentically, but I can not go about doing whatever I want without taking into account how my actions may affect the lives of people who are around me, including his own value of the profession to which I dedicate.

    Everything has its nuances, As in life itself. I think it's important to understand that, by hard we try we can not control the opinion others will become of us. As Andres Perez says: “Opinions are like assholes. Everyone has his.”

    Very interesting your post. the sector, as usual, with pleasure.



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