Bad practices that can destroy your Personal Brand

This week I had the honor of being part of an online round table entitled "Forbidden in Personal Branding" tutored by my partner Anabel Ferreiras (Quifer Consultants, Dominican Republic), with my partners Nancy Vazquez and Alan Urbina (Integra Personal Branding, Mexico) and my partner in The Human Branding, Helena Houses.

If for whatever reason you missed it, here's the podcast (approx 1h) session. Without detailing it so much, in this post I explain the 10 bad practices that can destroy your personal brand.

If you're short on time, here's a one-minute video-summary:

And we start here with bad practices:

1 To think that your personal brand should not be managed

A common mistake. If I don't manage my brand, this one will be good. That might be worth it until the years. 90. But with the emergence of the Internet in our lives, silence is tantamount to leaving our mark adrift, in the hands of others.

If you don't say who you are, others will say what you're not

Today it is impossible not to communicate, everything communicates and everything leaves a mark, what we say and what we shut up. How is it possible? Because at all times, anyone can be mentioning us somewhere, and there's also the Internet.

2 Distorting the projection of your reality

I recently tried on this blog what I call "digital bipolarity", people who show different behavior in the real world and in digital. This distortion affects one of the most appreciated human pillar values in personal branding: authenticity.

You can't be an authentic person projecting two conflicting personalities. And that, In addition, translates into a lack of seriousness, coherence, trustworthy.

3 Remember santa Barbara when thundering

How many times have I attended in consulting to a person who had not taken care of his own personal brand until the storm came? A dismissal, a company closure, a company transfer...

Remembering Santa Barbara when thunder is better than never doing it, but when you manage something urgently and with the water around your neck you can't think clearly and without anguish, which leads to creating short-term strategies that are not useful in the medium term.

4 To think that this is just about you

This is another common error derived from the expression "personal mark" itself. Many professionals think that the staff branding (managing our personal brand) is to create a message about ourselves. That's fine for an "about me" page on a website, but it has little travel.

The branding staff is mainly based on the Value proposal, the reason someone chooses us. And in that message we need to talk about how we improve the other person's life, don't talk about us.

5 Start the house on the roof, without purpose or strategy

"I call you because I've been told you're an expert in Personal Branding, and I need to create a brand for social media". This is another common scene.

You can't "create" a brand because it's already created and fixed in the minds of those who know us. And you can't create it for social media either without first working it for life, completely.

The management of a personal brand goes through three necessary processes: Self, personal strategy and visibility. You can't bet on visibility without first knowing which brand you're projecting and establishing a strategic plan. For more information, read this post about the Iceberg method

Bad branding practices

6 Treating Personal Branding as tactical

Personal Branding is part of personal development, and as such, we should treat it as a habit. Give it a weekly time, review meeting goals, and modify strategies if changes need to be implemented.

Treating Personal Branding as tactical, how to make a fix on a Linkedin profile, without more, it's ill-advised.

7 Not having a unique and solid value proposition

Remember. If you don't contribute, you don't care. It is imperative to empathize with our potential customers to understand what they think, how they think, what problems they face. And the next step is to thoroughly study how we can solve that problem in the most effective and personalized way possible. That's the Value proposal.

Today, explain that you're a director of something, or consultant, or analyst does little good if you don't count what benefit that brings to your client or employer.

8 Believing networking is accumulating contacts

Networking is a process, and often a consequence of good management of our personal brand. But first and foremos s all, we should consider it as qualitative, non-quantitative.

Collecting contacts is useless. That's why it's good to work the business model on our personal strategy; to understand who those people we can be useful to thanks to our value proposition, and who are those other people who can help us in that process.

9 Not communicating or over-exposing yourself

I repeat.: everything communicates, and there's no communication. That's why it's good to take charge of our communication. But watch with modulating the frequency well. Over-exposing is as damaging as hiding.

Today, we have a multitude of tools and devices and connections to communicate at no cost other than that of our time. And that's what we have to manage rightly., finding the balance is something necessary.

10 Paying for digital bad practices

There's a mountain of "netiqueta" mistakes. Most come from bad advisers who primate a fast and unduring result over ethics and values.

Here are some of the most common: 

  • Tagging other people without allusion, that's pure spam
  • Grow your community on Instagram or Twitter by following, stop following. For more information, read the post iDiots
  • Send CVs and offers to the first change, without having established a value relationship
  • Not being respectful of beliefs (Religion, Policy), Hobbies (Sports), Sex…
  • Don't mention author and source when publishing content
  • Not measuring the results of our digital activity

I'm sure you can think of more bad practices.. They will be welcome. Happy week!

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