And what is brand? Brand is you, Eva

From AD (digital illiterate) a knowmad

No doubt, the world of personal brand was enriched with Eva's entry. If the biblical Eve was known as the first woman from Eden according to Jewish beliefs, Christian and Muslim, Eva Collado is one of the brands consolidated in the management of personal branding in recent years. As she explains herself, at one point in his career he realized that his digital illiteracy (like that of all of us who are not millennials or Generation Z) would close the doors of his future and worked hard to become knowmad.

Those of us who are in this know that every year one or two books are published that by their extraordinary contribution become part of the indispensable library of the personal brand.

At this course premiere 15-16 I am pleased to present a brief review of "Brand is You", Eva Collado's first book, masterfully prologated by Paco Alcaide and with a final snap of Raquel Roca, in which there are also many great external collaborations of specialists who define what is for them the personal brand (including a modest contribution from me).

Your best work is the expression of your own person

This is one of the concepts with which the prologue of Francisco Alcaide begins, and it's hard not to agree. In reference to the brand 2.0, Alcaide advises that "before making the leap to 2.0 credibility needs to have been gained in 1.0". It's one of the phrases you're glad to read, because it helps to deny that you can create a brand on the Internet from nothing.

The stubbornly passionate woman, Close

Eva defines herself as "passionate and close" but I add the "stubbornly" thing because the adjective defines very well the way she does things, your teson in getting what you set out to use as your main weapon the magic of kindness and permanent smile.

No, "Mark is you" is not a personal brand manual when using. Of those haylos, and very good. Eva simply turns into advice the movements she has given around the personal brand and her exposure in the networks. It's more of a few memoirs in "if I've done well possibly you too"

Two ideas are clear with Brand is you

1 Whatever you set your mind to is possible

2 Nobody says it's easy or it takes a short time.

brand book is you, Eva Collado Durán I share a lot of things with Eva, including the need we once detected to take the reins of our own lives and an important, in his words "the time has come for you to know what you are valuable to others": there's the essence of personal brand management, it's not about you, or how well you do it, it's about what problem you're able to solve to others, the famous value proposition.

I'm not going to reveal content, That's what the book is for, but I assure you that it compiles tips and tools that I have never seen together before and explained so naturally and experiencefully. Besides being a book for anyone who wants to manage their brand and lose the fear of social networks, this book should be mandatory for all community managers. Eva details protocols that don't usually appear in digital or social media marketing courses, and details them in language affordable to all, even those who have not yet dared to enter the "conversation" of networked markets.

The final part of Brand is you details an excellent recommended library on personal brand management for those, like me, they'd like the book not to end. Brand is you, by Eva Collado Durán, Edit Rasche.

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