The manager's personal mark

While the need to know and manage our personal brand is universal, in the case of manager's personal brand we could say that it's imperative.

Why is it so important for a manager to know and manage their brand?

  • Firstly because your career depends heavily on the emotional footprint you know how to leave in your environment. His work is not mechanical., includes managing people and teams in normal and critical situations.
  • Secondly because because of your responsibility in the organization, the manager you usually have less time to invest in yourself and in managing your career.
  • And thirdly because because of his greater preparation and experience is in the spotlight of criticism of his colleagues, their collaborators and customers. In other words, it's often “Labelling” by others without being aware.

Specific needs in the manager's personal brand

  1. Find out what your personal brand is, understood as the emotional footprint it leaves among its employees, Equal, among its customers, friends and family. Howard Gardner, Neuroscientist, educator and professor at Harvard University, affirmed in a Interview that a bad person can't be a good professional. Have we asked Feedback to know how they perceive us?
  1. Know the brand factors that make you unique and humanize him. According to Gardner, “no one is better or worse than another. Nor equal to another. What makes us human is that each of us is unique”. That doesn't just go through a competency analysis, but for the response in stressful situations, and aspects related to emotional intelligence.
  1. Internalize the vision, mission and values of the organization and the corporate brand as its own. If it may be irrelevant for a construction operator to know where the company is going, it is essential for the manager that his actions are aligned with the objectives and values of the organization, and that the purpose be shared.
  1. Know and develop your brand model, in their areas of difference, Relevance, networking, communication and commercial.
  1. Develop the content of your professional message according to his vision and mission, and also with its brand model and positioning. This exercise is critical to successfully face the communication phase, and requires the development and adaptation of that message to the different internal and external supports.
  1. Working on a personal communication plan that prioritizes the idea of value that the manager is able to move to others, internal and external audiences (Suppliers, Customers, Shareholders, media, prescribers etc.).
  1. Master the digital communication environment due to its speed of transmission of information and brand values and the magnitude of the audiences it handles in real time. Understand that the personal brand is active 24h, never sleeps.
  1. Working with personal learning environments that allow the manager to find the best content related to his area of activity, add your point of view and share them on like-minded social media.
  1. Engagement: Be aware that markets are conversations and that places like the internet are not just visiting and watching, also active participation, dialogue and interaction (engagement).
  1. Know at all times the evolution of the manager's personal brand, real and digital reputation and the achievement of global goals and indicators (Kpi) to find out if the professional brand model is working in line with expectation.

Putting in value

All these needs must be realized in a action plan that has as a north to value the manager's personal brand.

While this is not an express process, a consulting-supported training process could seamlessly set up the starting point, the beginning of the personal brand management plan.


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