When the teacher's personal brand brightens students and the school

Two exceptional things have happened to me this week related to Teacher's Personal Brand.  On the one hand, I've met an extraordinary IES teacher. On the other side, I've been able to tell that experience to an expert in personal brand at school, and that's been recorded on a podcast. I recognize it., I'm a lucky guy.

This experience has reinforced the idea that the teacher's personal brand enhances the brilliance of his students and his school. It doesn't matter if it's a school, Institute or University.

If you're short on time, I'll explain in a minute:

The unstoppable impulse of #CyACartuja, the method of a single teacher

I wish I'd had as a teacher José Miguel García Prados, a "outlier", an out-of-the-s-series, a maverick. José Miguel doesn't skip the script, simply adds magic to it.

Its formula is born from its teaching experience in the world of Vocational Training combined with the focus placed on the labor market of its students.

José Miguel García #CyACartuja y los ganadores del libro "Si no aportas no importas" by Guillem Recolons
José Miguel García Prados #CyACartuja and the book's winners “If you don't contribute it doesn't matter”

As a good economist specializing in Business Management, José Miguel develops all the contents and concepts to be developed in the Communication and Customer Service curriculum, adapting them to the company of the S.XXI.

He has convinced frontline verbal communication professionals, nonverbal, Blogging, use of email, social media, personal brand and up to 50 issues related to soft skills. He convinced me to give two sessions that were extraordinary of Personal Brand.

Your goal: that your students are the best prepared in the job market. Laudable. Just follow the hashtag #CyACartuja And #MarcaCyACartuja on Twitter to learn about the scope of José Miguel's work.

The Expert in the Teacher's Personal Brand

Miquel Rossy he's a graphic designer, ex-school teacher, teacher advisor and author of two books on The Teacher's Personal Brand, school. He just pitched."The secret of educational marketing"with Santillana.

The secret of Educactive Marketing, Miquel Rossy

He himself defines his work as special. He's been out at a difficult time., Covid, tensioned teachers, complex economic situation… The idea came up with him attending an educational marketing day. There he understood that there is a lot of educational marketing material, but no one listens to the teacher and the Teacher's Personal Brand.

I had the honor of being part of the panel of professionals who accompanied Miquel in the virtual presentation of her book (don't miss it). 

Schools: Marketing vs Branding

Miquel comments in interview that schools are more about to trigger one-off marketing actions (open days...) than for a comprehensive branding strategy. And that's how we do. You don't work the brand, nor its purpose, value proposition, nor their people, your ambassadors... Anyway, nothing new under the sun.

The teacher's personal brand brightens students and the school

When I explained to Miquel the case of Professor José Miguel García, I told him that the impetus of the Teacher's Personal Brand is the one that enhances the brand of his students and, Of course, School.

His answer was clear: that's the purpose of the school: make your students shine. What does not seem so clear is that teachers have to be valued to achieve this.

There is also a "gap": many teachers are not yet aware of the importance of managing and projecting their Personal Brand.

A person can destroy a university, but also elevate your brand

We discussed the case of the URJC, when I met a teacher resembing José Miguel, of those that raises brand perception. And it's also true that, Recently, a professor sank the reputation of that university.

People have the power to represent - for better and worse- brands. Miquel recalled the words of my ex-boss Luis Bassat: A Brand is like a Cathedral: you have to lift it stone by stone.

Miquel referred to her meetings with school marketing managers, and commented that these meetings should be attended by teachers, the real ambassadors of the School's Brand.

The metaphor of the inflatable castle

Miquel ended the interview with a metaphor for school principals: The marketing of the immediacy practiced by the Mayr part of schools is like an inflatable castle, the one you stop swollen, the castle vanishes.

With Miquel we will soon have a novelty about The Teacher's Personal Brand from the new ClubHouse platform.

Meanwhile, here I leave you the podcast with the full interview, you can also hear from Spotify And Apple Podcast

Photo cover credits: Photo by ThisisEngineering RAEng on Unsplash

This post is dedicated to those teachers who have not yet worked on their personal branding process, but also for those who have been doing so for years and evangelizing to add their value and values to those of their educational center. Among them, Oscar Del Santo, Vladimir Estrada, Pedro Rojas, Ylse Roa, Jordi Collell and many more!

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3 thoughts on "When the teacher's personal brand brightens students and the school”

  1. Good afternoon, Guillem

    Of course I'm in favor of the personal brand, although I still find people who say what's that about the personal brand? What's the use of? It's also true, who are people who don't have an online presence, beyond a LinkedIn profile created.

    The need to do marketing for both our own person and the company or organization we represent is important and I consider key detail with the question what better than our own personal brand throughout life to help others in their needs or problems?

    Let's not forget that a company is not just a building, nor a coworking, nor a telework space but the perSONas that shape it with its products or services.

    PerSONas will always be, even behind a machine that drives a lever, in the production chain, behind a social profile, behind a counter..

    The important thing about our personal brand, what have we done to improve the experience of customers who buy us ? when I go down the street and meet a customer I've sold him something, and he tells me how much I miss what you sold us ? That's for me to make a mark.

    We keep trying to make a mark on every detail so they want to work with us or hire us

    A hug,

  2. Thank you Mirka, sometimes I come to the conclusion that comfort prevents many managers (and that includes universities, business schools…) move tab to understand the reality you just drew.

    Luckily, increasingly, we are the “Evangelisers”, but we're not clearly reaching the big media, and that makes this process slower than we'd like.

    One more time, thank you for participating in this log!
    A greeting,

    • That's it, Guillem.
      Remember the day we met in Santiago at the business center, how well Marcos has welcomed and cared for us? I thought he was a true brand ambassador who represented? As a good connoisseur of football … and when it comes to that sport in the field and on the stage where he works he knows it well and teaches it well.
      As we say in retail .. you have to theatricalize in the brands with the people who work in them… many do, others stay on the road and don't move forward.

      A greeting,


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