how to enhance your personal brand on Linkedin

How to enhance your personal brand on Linkedin

Our personal mark on Linkedin can respond to a standardized pattern. Or we can also use this platform to show clearly our value proposition, and also how we are, not only who we are and what we do.

As the consultant José Manuel Casado says, “the me me distinguish the extinguish“, and that principle also applies to Linkedin. Have a profile full of words “you spent” and charges, gallons and petulance leads to postureo and indifferentiation. Not long ago I published a list of the most commonly used words on this network, maybe that will help us look for alternatives.

How can we strengthen our personal mark on Linkedin?

The professional title

We do not give enough importance to the professional title, which it defines us at first sight and is right under our name.

Common mistakes are here:

  • Syndrome “visiting card”: write our professional headline based on our position and company. If you put “sales director at xxxx” it's very good, but do not you think this information is already listed below in paragraph “experience”?. With that you explain your position, but not your value proposition. In addition, There are sales managers kicking.
  • Which he is dedicated to “In active searching of a employment”: What a value proposition! You will see, If I look for someone who can boost new sales channels for a company I will not find, so better leave that for the extract.
  • Which only he speaks of his or bachelor's degree: “Lic. journalism”. C'mon, How are you going to distinguish from other 50.000 they are also? Okay soon, but whenever relevant. Mr. Richard Branson can allow parco “Founder at Virgin Group”, you do not.

Professional holder can be a summary of our value proposition. Examples:

  • Sarah Harmon: Chief Motivator @ LinkedIn Iberia, transforming the way companies Hire, Market, Sell & Grow. Here Sarah uses one of its roles (see business model canvas), the motivating, instead of using his position (activity) de CEO. Then, Harmond adds value proposition: transform the way companies hire, communicate, They sell and grow.
  • Joan Clout-Kruse: Writing Made Easy. The shorter, is better… Escueta, direct, clear and transparent. So Ms. shown. Clout-Kruse with a brilliant proposal value. Facilitate writing.
  • Andrés Ortega. Creating the Future of Work through innovation in Talent Management and Human Resources. The value proposition is not only, it is projected onto a seed for tomorrow. I looks bright. Creating the Future of Work through innovation in talent management and human resources.

The extract

Extract or abstract is increasingly a place visited by people who want to know more about us than our history or our professional training. It is a real opportunity to explain how we are and to develop our value proposition and what guarantees.

If we are able to develop a elevator pitch, this is a golden opportunity to capture it less aggressive format but equally effective. I usually recommend three sections in an extract:

Relevant area. What I offer?

Space for describing the value proposition, a text that should make clear what will win that company or person you hire us for your project

Security area. What guarantees me?

Space to describe in brief experience, achievements and training that develop skills in "I offer"

Area choice. Where is the difference?

important space that justifies the choice to our proposal. It can be a resource (Languages, awards), a hobby that tune with the values ​​of the company, mastery of technological tools or internet environment, a thorough knowledge of the market (investigation…), and above all, the "soft" skills , those related to communication and empathy.

An example extract

  • Guillermo Matía, systemic coach: Here you can find. Has it all and in the manner described.
  • Carmen Rodrigo de Larrucea, attorney / doctor. Here are your abstract.
  • Joan Clotet, innovation manager talent: Here are your abstract.

Other areas to enhance your personal brand on Linkedin

A personal brand is what others say about you, so the area “skills” It is a perfect platform to let others validate your main skills.

Here the Council is being generous, we can reach 65 skills, and the key is to place them (Can be done) in the order that best meets your current value proposition.

Remember that you can only validate us our direct contacts, and possibly they do so on the quality of what we share, not for our pretty face, so you already know: Linkedin creates value and your brand value will be enhanced.

Have a nice week!

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2 replies
  1. Carla M. Almorán
    Carla M. Almorán says:

    excellent advice, Guillen! I'll put them into practice to have my proposal defined value. Can I recommend some reading or video to deepen this? Thank you and congratulations on the blog!


    • Guillem Recolons
      Guillem Recolons says:

      thanks Carla, Reading is a brilliant “designing the value proposition” de Alexander Osterwalder, Yves Pigneur, Alan Smith y Gregory Bernarda (Deusto). It has a very practical approach and may help! Thanks for write!


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