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Personal branding is a waste of time

“Personal branding is a waste of time”. It is a phrase from a certain Gonzalo (I have no data) "Fired" about excellent post of Victor Candel published on the blog Soymimarca he talked about the importance of Recruiter personal brand.

Gonzalo does not seem a priori someone unlettered, or so he would have us believe with his many literary and historical references (Napoleon, Plautus, Hobbes, San Agustin…), which makes me think it was worth publishing this post to reflect the view that some people allegedly illustrated They have on personal branding.

This is the full text of Gonzalo in response to the post of Victor Candel (missing many accents, I imagine that would be the rush):

Personally suspect of those who with long boringfyen In Internet… Confidence of people do not win with vain words but with contrasting facts.

Napoleon he said: Alejte flatterers because behind each lisonja there is always a interes!!!

Understanding the word “sycophants” as people his true face and makeup intention or objective with mind to look better than they really are

Understanding the word “flattery” as everything we want to hear or regale us ear even knowing sinning hiperbolico

Understanding the word “interest” as the opportunity to work, deal, pecuniary gain, crematisticas, etc… which actually lies a hidden benefit by the sycophant

Generate yourself a personal brand is a foma of wanting trick with license de course, want to offer our best image (although this does not conform to reality…) We are in a society, that from start to finish is a liar, fallacious, selfish, nothing solidarity … Which takes into account this fact can not believe in anything since the “ALL” It is a coated lie with all the false reason of the world

Plautus in his work “millstone” he said:
Wolf is one man, no homo, out what he does not know the (Wolf is the man for man, and not man, when you know who the other)

Or popularizing it by Thomas Hobbes:
Man is a wolf to man

The reputation It is won with facts, day to day, Hourly, the minute and second by second. can not be created at will is something that each person follows or not… and it is mutable over time better or worse, then it is false, It can not serve as an indication of reliability something mutable over time…

After Augustinian these ramblings I can only say that I not only believe anything (placing this jácara referring to cogito ergo sum of Descartes with slight amendment end according to the purpose of paragraph)

Where your personal brand that do want to create, For me it is a lost of time… Sometimes we think we got our goals through certain actions and actually we do not realize that the source of our success this within ourselves and only ourselves get what we want and not artifices of birlibirloque.

Long live the placebo effect! =)

How about?

William Recolons / personal brandingPerhaps worst of all is that Gonzalo is not identified, but both your email and the web that adds betray their origin (out of respect for the company that has hired not desvelaré). A man who shoots the stone and hide the hand seems not intended to give morality lessons about personal branding.

Someone looks suspicious able to accentuate "jácara" but then forget to emphasize words like "reputation", "day", "after", "modification", "paragraph", "Success" and some more.

It raises suspicion when attributed solely to personal branding say and not to do and only on Internet. That's because ignorance, it seems that our protagonist has read between little and nothing about personal branding. A good tip is to not opine on what unknown, and incidentally to set aside the classics and urgently resume English grammar and spelling lessons. It Plautus, Hobbes and Descartes raise their head…

And of course, I recommend literature to form good personal brand: I would start with Expertología (Alienta) Pérez Ortega Andres.

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10 replies
  1. Eva Martinez Amenedo
    Eva Martinez Amenedo says:

    I believe that, as in everything in life, the attitude is important, that to receive you must first give, and there are few universal truths and opinions many.
    Who will make your reputation and brand networks a screen intended to mask the void, or who support it in adulation… It could be, but I, at least so far, I've been lucky enough to find after digital profiles very different things and nothing virtual: knowledge, support for, fellowship, and even friendship (in some cases and in others devirtualized yet). What if every time I have more clear is that everyone writes it is and that respect, or lack, handedness, contempt for the opinions contrary to their own unfortunately also circulating on the network and sometimes we have to live with it. Every sentence of this commentary are mine, I do not include citations to the source so, but accompanied by a virtual hug for Victor I'm sure you know appreciate it like a face hug.

  2. Contrasilencio
    Contrasilencio says:

    Man, Guillem, if all your arguments are reduced to disqualify someone for no accentuate his writings, go bad. He did not like your arrogant and dismissive tone about this person who has dared to criticize your dogma of faith.
    You spend braking when you say that “Perhaps worst of all is that Gonzalo is not identified, but both your email and the web that adds betray their origin (out of respect for the company that has hired not desvelaré).“.
    Isn't it?, boring. It is not out of respect for your company, is that if you desvelases email from this person or identity, you would be in breach of the commitment that you take on the form to preserve the identity of the caller, when you notice that the e-mail will not be published and will probably fall the full weight of the Data Protection Agency, succulent as punishment.
    so serious, in the digital age, as put tildes (that is the right word, Guillem), It is to ride roughshod respect for data privacy and avoid, for example on your blog, the mandatory legal notice.

    • Guillem Recolons
      Guillem Recolons says:

      Approve the publication of the commentary, but I prefer to talk to people who, like me, they identify themselves. It is not your case, “contrasilencio”. It is not dogmas, it is simply that I would not criticize a paper on molecular physics because I do not know the matter, and some people do unashamedly. Of course I can not disclose your email, but the web, it is not required to send to the comment put, this, It is clickable, and I think it hurts your company. Gonzalo wrote the so voluntarily. Having said that, thanks for write. You've taken the trouble to do and although I do not share your reflection deserves respect.

      a greeting

      • Contrasilencio
        Contrasilencio says:

        Guillem, Your blog is your home. You admit it to whom you want, but that if, If you accept the ability to post comments anonymously, then do not blame you be good enough to not be identified. Anonymity allows, many times, a free opinion. Democracy, the vote is secret, anonymous, if you prefer and that does not detract one iota of value to decisions taken through it. Precisely because I am a blogger and how the union works smoke 2.0, I could not have done the previous comment under my “Personal Branding”. And by the way, thanks to “Trolls” Gonzalo, you had with this post one virality much higher than usual. Greetings and thanks for the elegance you've proven to publish my previous comment and reply.

        • Guillem Recolons
          Guillem Recolons says:

          Thanks to you, Contrasilencio. If one day you dare, I'd love to take a look at your blog, certainly bring. You are right that my blog is my home, I only remember once not publish a comment because it was an accumulation of insults to my mother without justification. I am in favor of publishing all opinions, I like them or not. regards!

  3. Francisco
    Francisco says:


    Thanks for the post, thus reflection which bears the character analysis.

    If I stick only to what he writes Gonzalo, its forms are perhaps more ornate account, as if he had to support his argument with all possible knowledge concerning the ideas exposed.

    But the problem is the background: effectively it demonstrates that ignores personal brand, It said mark being the result of personal branding. As you say Guillem, Apart from basic spelling, including punctuation because some point allowed, esta persona necesita un buen libro de marca personal ;-)


    • Guillem Recolons
      Guillem Recolons says:

      thanks Francisco, Unfortunately, the network is full of people who -before information on a particular topic- They rush to comment without tapujo. Finally, the danger is that your brand. Thank you for writing and greetings!

  4. Graciela Valdez Vera
    Graciela Valdez Vera says:

    It is understandable and respectable any opinion. near and dear people also think that personal branding is a waste of time, as they thought it was not possible to relate to someone at a distance and today I am married to my “my friend” German whom I met online. They thought it was not worth publishing my book and now circulating on the Internet and major bookstores in my country. It is best seller but the experience if it was worth it. What others say or think can not and should not determine our behavior, plans, and limiting. I agree with Eva Martinez Amendeo and what is possible to find. It is up to us to choose one view or another and live according, make the most of the opportunities offered by Personal Check or deduct it and close your eyes to it.

    • Guillem Recolons
      Guillem Recolons says:

      Hello Graciela. I will always respect someone's opinion, they knew a theme background, You can express a critical counter. I can not fault the PNL because my knowledge on the subject is still lower. But I can not understand people who think without knowing, That's not opinion, is “trollismo” pure. I'm with you that, Nonetheless, life goes on and you have to go over all who are loaded with limiting beliefs. a greeting, Congratulations on your post and thanks for writing!


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