The Personal Brand, is it sold?

This week has taken place the most important event of the year in personal brand, the 6th edition of the Personal Branding Lab Day 2020. 78 people have intervened in front of and behind the cameras in the contents and outreach of the congress, And 2.300 registered to see it. And as usual, was TT (trending topic).

The title of this edition has been "Make your Personal Brand find you a job", and all the content has focused on that. In people who need to improve their work situation, either to find a job or to improve it.

I had the opportunity to discuss with the sales consultant and coach Monica Mendoza, whom I admire and share a great part of my personal and professional career.

If you have little time, I'll summarize it in a minute.

How far is the kilo of Personal Brand?

After wondering the price of the kilo of sardines, Monica has started the debate by asking me about the price of the personal brand kilo. Good entry.

I reply that it depends on who is behind that Mark. So, there is no central market for stocks that sets a price, because it depends on the worth. In addition, you can't sell a perception, an intention, but the result of the action.

Yes, the Personal Brand is sold (Mm)

Monica, with his DNA seller, agrees that the Personal Brand is sold because, as he said Tom Peters, we all sell at all hours and everywhere.

With Monica we share that we have both sold advertising in our early years. And here the question is whether what we were selling was a brand (the agency) or a product (the campaign). Solutions are always more complex, and we both agree that in the end we sold personal trust, results and that translated in confidence into the Brand.

No, Personal Brand is not sold (Gr)

Those of you who follow me know my obsession with associating Brand with Value. No Value No Brand, we'd talk about a commodity. Under that premise, I don't think we sell, but we create Value, a solver, and that's what our customer buys. And that Value is usually behind a service or a product. If you hire a lawyer just because I work in a big firm, you may have bought Brand and made a mistake. No product, no service, there's no Brand. Instead there are the bulk, which are un trademarked products.

This doesn't go from oneself

One point of agreement is the idea that we shouldn't sell ourselves, but the result we can achieve to a client or interest group. In other words, this isn't about us, goes from how we can grow a client or stakeholder.

Monica remembers the classic letters or emails that come to her and explains how she would like to be reached. In the world there is a clear lack of empathy that turns many job candidates into selfish beings who have not taken the trouble to know the smallest detail of the company they are applying for work from.

Monica's Golden Minute

Monica begs job applicants to work their digital identity thoroughly. "We google them, on Linkedin, on other social networks". And you look at what they share, how they share it. You can't see photos of professionals on Linkedin with sunglasses, or doing sport, misspelling or capitalization.

We must also keep an eye on ideologies and beliefs, polarize and negatively predispose the recruiter. You never have to deceive and you always have to show the talent, that seems to be hidden from many candidates.

Guillem's golden minute

On my side, I made a networking recommendation to job candidates: 

  • Choose five companies you'd like to work on
  • Analyzing your business models, your pain points, places where it is possible to add value
  • Follow those companies on their websites, Blogs, social media
  • Find out the name of potential hiring managers
  • Interacting with these people by offering Value, changing the status from unknown to known... and contributer
  • At last, Connect. Strengthening the relationship by bringing more value.
  • After a while of the connection, request an interview.

The face-to-face video: Is the Personal Brand sold?

Just, here I leave the face-to-face video "The Personal Brand, is it sold?" where the complete information appears and above all, Monica Mendoza's wonderful tone, a cream connector that it's impossible not to fall in love with at first sight. Happy week!!

Stock Photos from S. Vidal / Shutterstock

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3 thoughts on "The Personal Brand, is it sold?”

  1. Good afternoon, Guillem.

    I loved this post no longer only because the image and video that accompanied it is in my land, who also! I've also loved it because there's finally talk of sales at a conference … with how important they are in a business ( without customers there is no ) and those of us who seek job opportunities ( we sell ourselves to recruiters, workers of companies we like, before business owners, networking of physical events or networking of events online, we even sell ourselves when we're going to make the purchase or any other errand.. ) We sell ourselves to anyone or through what we write on our blog or social networks.
    When I hear that phrase: – is that I don't sell! – and I say like I don't : you're representing a brand either as an employee or self-employment. In one company we sell all, from cleaning services, maintenance and reception up to the owner.
    The personal brand is sold and must be sold. We do not sell a product or service, we sell a solution to a problem or need that has a potential customer and it will target us or vice versa for the way and how we help it. That trade has a first and last name, is a human-to-human relationship either in physical or digital or by tlf.

    A big hug,


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