Personal brand and sense of humor: If you have it, don't hide it

This week has been the one year of "you have a minute?", those video summaries that never last a minute. And to celebrate I have decided to make a little homage to humor with a montage of some false shots of among the 52 videos of the year.

Here you go:

What we see is usually a 10% of what's behind it

This montage has no intention but to rip off a little smile. But at the same time it symbolizes the invisible effort of standing before a camera.

The real truth? There was only once that it worked out at first, and with the time of an approximate minute. I usually record between 5 And 10 videos to find the good. I don't read, I don't use the Teleprompter (although I have one), and I prefer a certain imperfection to a perfect speech, Read, perhaps rigid.

I started doing them from home, then I was encouraged to discover beautiful corners of our geography, and the Covid19 I go back home and with a chroma.

I want to thank you for the enormous patience of those who have been behind the camera: especially Mary, my half orange, to Berta, my contribution to the world, and also to Helena Casas, Ana Reyes, Eva Collado, Andrea Antelo, Oscar Martinez. And also the many people who have dared to say do you have a minute?

In this link you have the 52 video summaries 1st year of this format. I threaten: this is going to go on.

The sense of humor is part of our personal brand

There's a certain trend, especially those of my "fifth", avoid showing certain emotions in public, as if that made us vulnerable.

To be consistent is to show our facets of personality, use without abuse. Many times I have been surprised to meet a person I saw as unsused in humor and who in real life overflows with an impressive sense of best humor.

When we look at the secret area of the Johari's window, we must understand that it is good to let go of certain aspects of our personality that define our personal brand.

We all have a sense of humor, but some people are more sensitive than others. If you see you don't have it, don't try too hard to force it, in showing it. We have to make baskets with the wickers we have. But if you have it, don't hide it, you'll be projecting the person you're not.

Sense of humor is not seeing the good side

Let's not confuse optimism with a sense of humor. A pessimist can spend an acidic sense of humor, Ironic, like the one missing this week Rosa Maria Sard, a woman's prodigy that we'll miss in theaters and movie theaters.

"La Sardá" boasted of having some "bad milk", but that didn't overshadow his sense of humor.

I was writing (May 2013) In Soymimarca these words about the sense of humor and personal brand:

Humor, well managed, can be a critical tool of great effectiveness, may be the key to promoting tolerance, to see what others don't perceive, to relativize things.

A new TV space based on the Do you have a minute?

Sometimes many people think the good news comes from a stroke of luck. In this case, videos "Do you have a minute?" reached a person related to a new TV channel that starts on Monday, Fibracat TV.

The result? I've been ordered a one-minute microspace every day with small personal-branded pills. It will be titled "Tot deixa Brand" (Everything leaves a mark) and I hope you'll soon find sponsor. For now I have engravings 10 Programs. I'll tell you..


Final advice, don't take life so seriously, and as my friend Paula Fernández-Ochoa says, "that no one will beat you to laugh".

Stock Photos from Sofia Zhuravetc / Shutterstock



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7 thoughts on "Personal brand and sense of humor: If you have it, don't hide it”

  1. CONGRATULATIONS Guillem for your sense of humor and your talent!!!
    To follow another year or two, Three… in a minute or whatever, making the concept of PERSONAL MARK great


  2. Many congratulations on this anniversary and on your new communication project! With high doses of generosity you offer us in an innovative format, knowledge pills. May humor live in all time and space! A hug, Guillem.

  3. Guillem, voy corriendo por redes, emails, etc , etc pero tu vídeo me ha dejado enganchada. Ciertamente, el humor engancha. Aunque soy tímida, soy una enamorada del humor y como profesora, me convierto en una payasa para llegar a mis alumnos. Tras años de clases presenciales, donde no se me daba nada mal, entro en la enseñanza online y el sentido del humor se me evapora cuando grabo vídeos. A ver si puedes dar unos consejitos…


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