mark package is a value proposition?

Mark package as value proposition does?

I hope you will not offend the expression “mark package”, but it is an easy metaphor to understand. There are times that cotton cheats, and if not just ask photographers of men's underwear (also women).

In some social networking it has become fashionable to associate the name professional position with the number of followers, contacts… In other words, contacts set the value proposition.

If you think in networks like Twitter, Facebook or Instagram you can not fool anyone, you're wrong. True, followers are official and sight, but they can be purchased. There will be many, but more false than breakfast a blogger (I ask that healthy eating breakfast apologize before being bloggers).

In professional networks as Linkedin limit public information to first 500 contacts. baby, by his side, no limits to the followers of each.

The question I ask is does make package? I have several theories, choose the one you prefer.

Tell me what you brag and tell you what you lack

The Linkedin especially seems that some people have more than 500 contacts annoys them not to show their package. our, by contrast, I think great news, because that allows me to value people for what they can bring me, not the size of your network (your package).

I also find it interesting that the meter commercial influence of this network, yes, Social Selling Index, sea personal, that I can not see anyone else. Before the indiscretion Klout and the like, Linkedin challenges you to self-improve yourself, not to race with others.

Linkedin negative issue is that you can put in things like professional title “Consultant and Coach. More of 15.000 contacts” and be a falsehood, they may not be more than 501 contacts. Since there is no way of knowing, What we take for good? And I would say more, Does it matter?

I'm not saying you lie, although some do. But perhaps there is some emotional deprivation

A few days ago in this blog was feeling Matrix of projecting only the best part of our personal brand, that showcase effect does not show the miseries of backroom staff. Sustained success on a house of cards

I'm not a psychologist, but what little I've read about it there may be a lack of affection that drives us compulsively to show us again and again. With the aggravating circumstance that the more time spent on social networks, we feel worse.

You're networker, I can understand it

There are professionals whose modus vivendi It is to organize networking meetings. logically, The higher your professional network, They have their communications more effectively. And not only that, more credibility offer customers… Agree, but does that justify placing a number in your professional title?

At the dawn of networking, what we can find in Linkedin and many social networks are known as professional multilevel. Unfortunately they use the term networking with a different intention, what they call online business and often based on pyramidal structures not always transparent.

You want to be influencer, your income depends on your contacts

Ask yourself if it was before chicken or the egg. HE “wants” to be influencer or that is the consequence of your actions? I have it clear, if you want to be influencer You will not succeed if you do not offer something of unique value, tangible o no, but only. YouTubers, Igers (those of Instagram), Bloggers with communities of hundreds of thousands or millions of people, They have not decided to be influencers, They have come as a result of a proposal for disruptive value.

Few influencers have come to be showing package, perhaps no one. I remember an excellent post Celestino Martinez title How much will the kilo of influencer? that satirizes the commercial use of this figure.

Mark package could be limited to a value proposition in the market X

If you work the porn business, Size Matters, and you have to show, without cotton.

You can also display package to argue a value proposition. For example: my namesake Guillermo Matía It has a clear value proposition: managerial skills training to achieve extraordinary results. But as part of the guarantee of its proposal explains: “I have successfully trained more than 1.000 managers”. There is great.

At the end, This is not to confuse the steak with potatoes. For my namesake, he wants to be found and positioned as an expert in management skills. The numbers support, but in many cases they are ephemeral and manipulable. The value proposition rests on anti-seismic foundations.

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My DNA comes from advertising 20 years in agencies: BBDO, J.W.T., Bassat Ogilvy, Saatchi & Saatchi, Altraforma and TVLowCost among others.

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