Personal Branding to improve on our work

Personal Branding to improve on our work

Continuing with the chapter 7 from the book "If You Don't Contribute, don't matter., I remind you that a few days ago I tried the first part, The 7.1 Personal Branding to find work.

Today is the turn of the second part, The 7.2, dedicated to improve on our work, where we'll see one theoretical part and another - that doesn't appear in the book- it's an interview with Alejandra Bara, a millennial who has been able to find her place in the professional world and who can be an example for many people who want to step forward in their career.

If you're short on time, I'll leave you this one-minute summary:

Improving our work, the objective pursued by (almost) Everybody

This applies to those who work for a single customer (other people's account) and also for those working in multi-client format (own account). 

I don't want to fool you., improve on your work is as difficult as finding work, but the strategy to achieve it is different, and focuses essentially on generating value, internal recognition and to be very clear to whom we report.

If you're employed

The key is to identify the customer

In case you work as an employee, it's clear that your client is the person on which your promotion depends. It can be your partner, your direct boss, someone from HR. Hh, it can be an evaluation made by your work colleagues or by one of your clients.

How the value proposition works here

In any case it is a perception of value. Remember that your value proposition, your relevant difference, refers to how you grow or improve your clients and stakeholders or stakeholders.

So, your value proposition, if you're a commercial director, must be double: the one that targets the customers of the organization you work for, and that is based on the goodness and differences of the service or product you offer. But then there's the person on who depends directly on your job improvement, and for that person you need the chain of value and recognition for your work towards your external clients to reach that inner person, ideally not because of your words but because of the consequences of your deeds.

Feedback needed

It's not easy. External customers should be provided with a feedback platform that helps the company know at all times if its customers are in good hands. And it's through that platform, together with the internal evaluation and feedback methods themselves, that the person making the transcendent decision to improve your career will be able to do so.

Good relationship with who decides

Despite getting that recognition, remember that there are also toxic or envious bosses who will not allow it to happen, so activating public relations with that person is absolutely essential. Without going over it, you better not notice, must be a natural thing.

If you're self-employed (Entrepreneur, Entrepreneur, freelance...)

Here improve on your work doesn't translate as much as it does to be rising as it does to other factors such as:

  • Improved customer portfolio
  • Diversification of the client portfolio
  • Improved operating profits
  • Possibility to improve your collaborative environment (Suppliers, Collaborators, team...) to gain time and efficiency
  • Awards, Recognitions, certifications that help reach new customers
  • Selling your business or merging in good condition
  • Increased professional roles (Consultant, Lecturer,…)
  • Increased requests to attend conferences as a speaker, Conferences, round tables...
  • More journalists contacting to appear in articles, Interviews, programmes...
  • Publishers interested in a book of yours
  • And a long etc.

If you remember the flow: self-known, Known, Recognized, and memorable, you need to know what of the conditions you are in today to be chosen in any of the above processes. And keep working until you reach the position 4, memorable, which is the anteroom of the election.

  • If you've achieved the position 1 (know what your personal brand is, how they perceive you, strengths and weaknesses, know your values...), your next concern is to reach the position 2, and that's achieved with personal marketing, either in real and digital environments. In this stadium, don't try to be memorable, because it would be like wanting to build the roof of a house without having started with the foundations and structure.
  • If you've achieved the position 2, you've already shared content, you've posted your own content, you've created and driven communication elements like a book, Ebook, white paper, Web, you need to focus on reaching the position 3, Recognition, the hardest, as it is based on achievements, not on promises. To do so, appeals to those interest groups that are satisfied (or better, Excited) with your work and ask them for a review, recommendation that can be useful in driving this process forward.
  • And finally, if you've achieved that coveted position 3 and you're a recognized professional, you can focus on conveying your values and personality (and style, If you want) openly to achieve that differential with respect to your direct competitors. To do this remember that you must capture your true self in your publications, and that starring in a video chatting accelerates more than a photograph, and this more than a text, however well written it is.

The interview: Alejandra Bara, Roots for Sustainability

Alejandra Bara Mas-Bagá
Alejandra Bara

I'll leave you the questions for now., and in the podcast you'll find the answers. I'm committed, as soon as I can, to transcribe your words and include them in this post.

These are my questions: 

  • I must say I know Alejandra well., I tracked him down., and I've been around at some crucial moments in his professional career, but I'd rather you tell us., Who is it Alejandra Bara?
  • To improve on our work, we depend on several factors, but I highlight two: developing our skills, expectations and achievements in the day-to-day life of the organization, and that these achievements are perceived, internalized and valued by managers in order to achieve higher liability quotas. What do you think is harder, achievement or someone to value it?
  • You were in a great consultant., I remember, was just finishing economics in college, one of the top 5. You were the pride of your community, but before he turned three there, and in full internal promotion, you decided to leave what happened?
  • One cause of improvement is a lack of corporate purpose, and an effect, the departure of the company. You took your time, and finally you realized that the salary must also be emotional, and you applied to a much smaller company, also global, where you're still today after four years. On your LinkedIn profile I read: “Economic principles must go beyond material values, based on human well-being, social equality and environmental sustainability. I firmly believe it and work to get it.” What caught your eye from Roots for sustainability?
  • Continuing with your LinkedIn profile, it catches my eye that like a lot of millennial colleagues, you do not highlight your position or position in the company but subscribe to the vision and value proposition of it: “Encouraging and measuring sustainable organizations” Was it your idea or is it a company policy? 
  •  And to finish, I understand that the position you entered has evolved. Explain, Alejandra how did you manage to take on greater responsibilities in the company?

We have a lot to learn from millennials

To improve at work, prioritize Purpose about position or money, values over hierarchies. That's the way they are., And we have to thank him, this generation will make the world a better place to live.

Sustainability is not a front for hiding the messs of companies, but a principle of management embedded in the root of business purpose.

Alejandra makes it clear: For improve at work, the first thing is to love the reason you'll dedicate your gray matter (more than your time) goals are met. “Without purpose we are chaos”, Jordi Collell said, and without values we wouldn't be very different from hyenas.

The second thing is that collaboration is the essence of success. As the old African proverb says, "We just got there early, as a team we go further".

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Here's the full chapter on the podcast at iVoox, Spotify, Apple Podcast And Google Podcast.

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