Personal naming the putada to be called Garcia (III)

Naming personal: The pain in the ass of the name Garcia (3)

¿Naming personal? After several years of give and take between politicians, this week we learned that it is possible to give the green light to a law that would put forward the name of the mother. The news, collection by many means, address legal aspects, police, of security. Father's name would prevail default on Mother.

the notice is not new, since 1999 you can choose the order of surnames, but always if there is mutual agreement between parents. What is new is that now, If no agreement, will be the official registrar to decide.

But beyond all these technical aspects, I think we have a great opportunity to naming personal brand. A few years ago I wrote two posts about: The pain in the ass of the name Garcia 1 and The pain in the ass of the name Garcia 2 trying to highlight ways with a common name. The tailor's wife is the worst clad, García, González, Rodríguez, Fernández, López, Martínez, Sánchez, Pérez…

Naming: The name is our first personal brand identifier

You talk about someone who can help on a project. The first thing you ask is not whether man or woman, blonde or brunette, good or bad person, high or low, Senior Junior. Isn't it?. The first thing you ask is the name; or at least, It is the first thing they tell you.

The second thing you do when you leave is just put that name on Google. That is The Moment of Truth, that is, the moment of truth. At this point, If you are the person googleada You have to do one of these reflections:

  1. Why not. I want to be easily found by my name. I do not want to miss an opportunity to aspire to a professional or improvement staff
  2. Isn't it?. I do not want to find me. I get just as lost opportunities, My privacy is a priority

I must say that respect either reflections. I'm not one to force you to belong to the realm of digital bits. However, Yes it seems appropriate to explain the movements to be performed in either case.

I want to be found by my name

If you I autogoogleado It has not yielded positive results, it may be due to several reasons:

  • You have a common surname, as García. Now, without fear, you can go to the registry and try to:
    • Putting together your first name with a hyphen second. My friend Paula Fernández-Ochoa He did and has done film. As well, If you go through the registration, He did my admired Pilar Ruiz-Roses and it has managed to avoid many misunderstandings.
    • Put the mother's surname first, Brazilian (unless it is another of those ending in “this”).
    • Ask you to place a “of” in front, an old fashioned French nobility. As Oscar Del Santo, Maria del Monte…
  • No news about you on the Internet. That's very common. Here are some solutions, no immediate, and after having worked all your personal brand and value proposition:
    • Do you write? Well Throw your own blog a domain with your name (,,…). That ranks well in Google, especially if you maintain a certain regularity (at least one post each quarter) and articles offer ideas, insights, reflections or valuable tips for your target audience.
    • If you have not already, opens a profile Linkedin, everything you can complete it and activate. No need to be Premium, the truth is that buying Linkedin by Microsoft has removed almost all the advantages that had the pay (Here masterfully explains Pedro de Vicente).
    • You know baby? It is a professional network that groups (there are called hives) They are very important (especially after the Linkedin has degraded in its latest update). And fear positioned on internet. You're already taking.
    • You know It is a very simple page that after your name is placed (, and only requires photo, a small bio, and links to networks you consider.
    • Do you write very well and are referent? Send contributions to newspapers or magazines that are relevant to your business sector. It will cost enter, but once inside out it will cost more.
    • You mean well and are reference in any area of ​​activity? Tries to enter radio, TV… Starts with local stations. Remember, what it is OFF ON. Do not you get it? Create your own channel YouTube and impress your audience.
    • You like interact with people? Your network is Twitter. The visionaries who launched the manifesto in Cluetrain 1999 (markets are conversations) They should keep in mind that a few years later invent Twitter. True, Get trained before entering, It is a complex network, rica, demanding, wonderful and dangerous (damn it, She looks like a woman ;-)
    • You are visual artist? You can create interesting profiles Pinterest, Instagram is, Flickr, Facebook and, above all, a blog. Although you do not like writing, the words are important to Google, While the images from label (not that of img_201) to describe in detail the characteristics of the work and keywords that define.
  • There is news about you, but they are not good. Come on, your reputation is at stake. This is normal when there is little information on one, and what stands out is the digital trash.
    • An enemy / a will for you and puts you in green networks or blogs. You have two alternatives, negotiate (advisable) or counter fichando a hacker. if any, Hayles.
    • You have not read the fine print and your data is held by undesirable companies. It is common. For example, You want to connect to wifi a bar and makes you login to Facebook. In teeny it says that your data may be freely used by the mediating company emails… That's a matter of patience, identify, address them with good manners and welcome you to the lista Robinson.
    • For your office, Your name appears in public deeds as administrator, attorney… It might not be bad for your reputation, but you'd rather not identify you so. The solution is to think of Google, Yahoo, Bing, as large rugs in which we can hide under dirt. But for this we must produce “material” alternative to be put on the carpet.
    • In any of these three cases, You will find companies specializing in “cleaning” online reputation. With prices of all types depending on the “disaster” and keywords that you want to monitor.

Isn't it?. I do not want to find me

Well believe it or not, That's harder than it looks. Basically it does not depend 100% de ti. Others we forge personal brand, It is something that happens in their heads and sometimes reflected perhaps without our consent- In Internet. In formations that give companies about personal branding, a recurring exercise is googlearse, find out what our public brand. Many attendees who have not ever done are amazed at the amount of digital garbage that appears on them, And the worst, about people who call themselves as they.

Today it is easier to fight for a good presence on networks by an absolute non-presence. You like to run, you join a race, and we Bundled: your name will appear (If you do not care before) a list of Runedia the similar. Anyway, there are precautions you can take to be digitally Invisible:

  • Talk to your environment: you do not label, nor will appoint on the Internet or social networks
  • It acts as a murderer. Pay tolls in cash, no card. For Internet browsing incognito windows, do not use Chrome. Carries a primitive mobile phone, without Internet, or GPS or anything. Connect to the Internet from computers internet cafe, Hotels…
  • No charges ostentes In companies, institutions, cooperatives, or organizations of any kind in the public domain (notary deeds).
  • Get ahead. Before signing anywhere (a medical mutual, a sports club, a university…), expressly states that do not want to enter your data base. Yours will cost, but you're on your right.
  • This is important: try not to stand out in zilch. If you are a crack, go forth in Wikipedia, They talk about you in the press, everywhere. Your staff will prevent you from naming any discretion.

be, Pride. be, We personally el

I do not want to hurt your pride, but if you do not want them to find you can not even die: deceased data are public and digital. Definitely, If you do not want to be found, you got it Bad. While breathing, leave mark. When you stop doing, as well. Up Bin Laden was located in his hideout. Just a poetic option: look at the series Outlander and put on the skin of the protagonist, getting back 250 years and placed in a Scotland without Internet or mobile phone.


be, We personally el. How important for some, How annoying for others…


Sergio García photo by Shutterstock


personal note

This week I send hugs very senses Jaume Gurt, the family of Carles Capdevila, to Profesor Vladimir road, to all Spanish autonomous victims of a further rise in the monthly fee, and especially to the families of the victims of the London bombings.


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