Feedback (the things we say and we should not)

We do not say things we (we need feedback)

We need feedback, It seems. I recently completed a consultation process personal brand with a singular professional. The truth is that I enjoyed enormously from this process, a case easy but with a very open person, resolute and researcher. One of the moments that caught my attention is that, to reach 5 -the sessions Ecuador consulting- I received an email with feedback of those sessions. Feedback that tasted glory, and not because it was all positive, but especially angles improvement that peeked in the process.

We need feedback, the key process

If the feedback (feedback) It is so important to measure the effectiveness of our strategy and our actions, Why we almost never receive? And what's worse Why we almost never ask?

Fear of giving feedback often appears to avoid conflicts

I do not like what you've done, But I do not want to fight with you, I callus me and not tell you again. This is the beginning of disaster, solitary confinement, The rupture.

We do not say things we

What we do not say we can hurt. True, a person with whom there is no trust must be careful, as giving feedback can become an interference type “and you, Who gave you sailing in this burial? So we need feedback, you have to give and receive between trusting relationships.

Feedback errors

A post old friends Creative territory lists 7 Common mistakes when giving feedback:

  • Trying individuals, not actions
  • Speaking on behalf of other
  • using generalizations, ambiguities
  • Using vague messages, inconcretos
  • Use threats or ironies
  • Include own experiences
  • Accompany the feedback of advice
  • No permission (in this I do not agree)

Add some of the specialist Kristi Hedges (Forbes):

  • Gild the pill. Go to rodeos, not to the point
  • Unsuitability receptor feedback
  • Focus only on positive feedback or negative
  • Openly and: give public feedback

Recibir feedback

The other side is the person receiving the feedback, whose attitude will be key to determining whether there will be progress or frustration and stagnation. Our Personal Branding You will be seen benefited del feedback, It will be the only way to know if we move enhancing the perceived as positive and modifying or eliminating perceived improvable. Either way, we need feedback, give and receive.

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12 replies
  1. Laia Arcones
    Laia Arcones says:

    Hi Guillem,

    I love the theme of post!
    I am also a fan 100% feedback and I take every opportunity I have to solicit opinions and recommendations. To avoid these mistakes you mention there is a method I find very useful: the sandwich method

    Do you know him? In this article I explain from my perspective. I'd love to hear your thoughts on this method or other techniques to give feedback.

    A hug and see you soon on the Personal Branding Lab Day,

    • Guillem Recolons
      Guillem Recolons says:

      Hello Laia,

      I love the sandwich method, It is a good formula for emitting the feedback and the recipient. And if a good Iberian ham, we go, long story…
      I want to prepare a 2nd part of this post with tools to solicit feedback, and if you give me your OK I mention your method, I think a simple and effective idea.

      See you soon! A hug!

  2. Segarra Francisco Boza
    Segarra Francisco Boza says:

    William is well Recolons Argenter, how many times we need to communicate or communicate something to understand it better and how often we shut up or do not receive what we both need to say / hear.
    How many processes would change if so!
    Good post and good reflection companion.
    Happy Monday!

  3. B Varas
    B Varas says:

    I just "go back to digital life" with a post asking for comment. And as i wrote I thought of the next post that will explain the importance of. Sharing it on twitter (after much without going in) I've appeared "casually" this post, that explains it perfectly. I loved it.. Thank you!

    • Guillem Recolons
      Guillem Recolons says:

      Hello Barbara! Thanks for your comment. True, we need feedback like bread to know if we're going the right way. About the blog comments, I think, it's getting harder and harder. My last posts, despite having beaten record of web visits, they don't get comments to stay home but they get scattered across social media. Feedback is just as good, but it's diluted in the magma of the Internet. Greetings and luck with your return to digital life!


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