The personal brand name how do you want to be recognized?

One of the mistakes I've made, and that are already on my extensive bug-making resume is not always using the same personal brand name. That's what's known in chaste terms as "to brown the partridge".

What is the personal brand name?

It's the name by which we want to be found and recognized, both in the real and digital environment. It may be a real name, a nickname (nickname) or the combination of both.

The most important thing is regularity. You bet what you bet, keep it in time.

The two brand assumptions

The easy assumption is that you have a unusual name, like mine, Only. I say it's easy because here logic screams to use your first and last name as personal brand name.

The most complex assumption is that your first and last names is very common. Just look for your first and last name (Quoted) Google to see how many results appear. And most importantly,, how many of those results really correspond to you.

In this second scenario, you can create a nickname, ideally related to your value proposition. The key here is that your value proposition must be strong and sustained over time.

Examples of personal brand name re-conducted

We started with the wrong name, we saw that we were wrong and corrected:

  • I started with the brand lateralconsulting, now my brand name is GuillemRecolons, and I hold it the same on my website, Social media...
  • Andrés Pérez Ortega started with the web, and a few years ago he corrected to his own name In networks, However, works with other brands like @marcapersonal on Twitter…
  • Africa Lucena began with unaideabrillant on your website and your online profiles and now you use it africalucena on your site and all your social profiles.

In all three cases, these are unusual names (Andrew's case, with the second last name), so it was unnecessary to resort to other brands.

The general advice is that it's easier to associate your name with a concept than a concept in your name. Thus, in case of unusual names, better to use them as a brand.

Examples of personal brand name with nickname

If your name is common, you can resort to other solutions, how these professionals have done:

  • Alfonso Alcántara. Known as Yoriento, both on their website and on their social networks
  • Pedro Rojas, alias @seniormanager on social media, but he keeps his name on his website
  • Alex Lopez, alias @retailmeeting in networks, it also keeps its name on its website

These cases are advisable with very common names, And here, as I said, the key is that the nickname is consistent over time. If Alfonso ceases to be a labor counselor, your nickname will lose meaning.

The influencers' issue is flour from another coast. These professionals create a character, and therefore a trade mask-name as a trademark. The Rubius, The Blonde Neighbor, Auronplay... are what we know as stage names. It has very little to do with the personal brand, it's character brand.

How do you want to be recognized and found?

Here's another question. Many don't know your name or what your nickname is, but they look for what you know how to do. Are you ready for that.? That's him SEO of our personal brand. It's about positioning one or more keywords that lead to potential customers or other stakeholders towards your website.

This is the proof of truth. I must warn that it's very difficult to appropriate a keyword without a platform of its own (Web, Blog...) because we remember that social networks are not ours and there we compete indiscriminately with thousands of people.

A few years ago, I decided that it was important for me to position three key words in Spain: Personal Branding Company, Executive Branding and Employee Advocacy. That is not just based on a matter of will, but to deal with the issue professionally, and above all, be very very very persistent.

So far, I have the top position on Google with Personal Branding Company and with Executive Branding, and with Employee Advocacy He ido avanzando de la leadership 54 (Google page Seis) In the 7 Current (Page 1).

The Dicho, The personal brand name is important, But it is not.

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21 thoughts on "The personal brand name how do you want to be recognized?”

  1. Good night William,
    I follow you on Twitter for a long time, Now I use much more Instagram even though they are 2 Very different XXSS.
    I found the article to see your story and I sent you a message ?.
    All themes of #marcapersonal I'm very interested.
    Good Article!! I am Cristina Trullén on LinkedIn, Instagram i Fb I ctrullencla on Twitter and email. I also have a cook profile in Ig @crisdetrasdelosfogones
    Building #marcapersonal It's time and persistence.
    Good night
    Thanks for your publications

    • Hello Cristina! Thank you for your feedback and for writing. There is nothing forbidden with naming, You can have different names. In fact, One of the problems is that often names are busy on Twitter, Instagram, or domain names. now, That said, It is easier to find someone by their name. Greetings!!!

  2. Hello Guillem, Spikes look, In me marry, My number is Bastante Común, Patricia Sanchez, decided to use the “Cone of Personas”. So I have it on Twitter, Mientras on Linkedin sigo con mi number completo: Patricia Sanchez Moran. Y Ahora that I am considering hacer my web, Tengo Dudas…What I Aconsejarias?
    Mil Gracias de Antemano

    • Hi Patricia!
      In your case, The “Cone of Personas” it's a trademark. The brand that will really accompany you to the end is Patricia Sánchez Morán. I, after the experiences I explain in the post, would reserve the domain. It's free and it'll only cost you 10 euros. Once inside the web, you can put a logo “Cone of Personas”, But don't hesitate, your brand is your name. I hope I helped you..

  3. Hello Guillem, very good article ??

    I'll tell you, I use for my Florpeña domain, with the ñ included by the way, porq really wanted it to be like this and not Florpea or Florpeña.

    On the other hand, my name is wearing a famous and controversial Argentine, so in the end for positioning I've been using Visual Marketing with Flor Peña, and it's worked out more because even though I have my name on the front page of Google, I compete in words with this actress and because she has a very bad reputation she because I don't think it's good to position myself with my name for now, it's more I'd rather be on the second page.

    Yes, q it's important to analyze and focus this well to make sense of our personal brand.


    • Hello Flower. Having the same name as someone who drags bad reputation is complex. I, in a case like yours, maybe I'd look to appropriate a nickname that remembers yours but prints another personality. For example, Peñaflor. You know that the page 2 Google's call it “the desert”. A greeting and thank you for writing!

  4. Hello Guilem,

    Thank you so much for the post. So, my real name is Emmah Nganga. However, i got the nickname Ariana in highschool and the name is very popular with 90% of my audience currently. All my social media platforms are Ariana Nganga. I want to create a brand that will outlive me. I’m just confused whether i go back to Emmah (which will confuse many people who are not even aware that Ariana is a nickname and does not feature in my official documents) or I just continue with Ariana as it is.

    Your advise is highly appreciated.


  5. How great your article! I'm reading it 3 times and, like good movies, I'm finding new things here and there.
    The thing is, my name is Claudia Torres Eyzaguirre and I'm about to launch my personal Brand of Copywriter Freelance with, Web, Blog, Networks, All ( step by step, of course it's?).
    I had thought of: ELCOPYDECLAU, to place it as a personal brand. What do you recommend?, only for networks? , or for everything?. Passa that in my country (Peru), Claudia Torres there are millions?-
    Thank you for your precious contribution !

    • Hello Claudia!
      I'm glad the post was helpful to you.. In your case, and because of the number of Claudia Torres in Peru, I remind you that today your competition and your prospects are also in Chile, Ecuador, Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, Argentina, Spain… >Look at it as an opportunity. It's very personal., but I would use the domain for the web even if the title of the web is THE COPY OF CLAU. For me, your real name is the brand that lasts forever, while your “nickname” can change. On social media, I wouldn't hesitate to use your name with the 2 Surnames (that's always) Linkedin or Facebook. You can always create a Facebook page with the nickname. And on networks like Instagram or Twitter, you can use two names, user and user @. Muuuucha luck!

  6. Hello! I'll tell you: I started making handbags and purses with a name for girls' items. As I was not a trader let me convince me to make ties and accessories and I would be stuck in that area, I've changed the name of the page many times, And it has my name, Rosangela de Lima, because in my country it's not very common that last name. In addition, the name is strong and everyone associates me with hair accessories, and I want to stop having that bond. What can I do in that case? I could use some help., I'm going to change the field, I don't know if I'll change your username on Instagram -- since I have almost 8000 Followers- or open a new one. Magnificent summary,
    Rosangela de Lima

    • Hello Rosangela! When you talk about page, you mean a website? or a page on some social network?. My first tip is to reserve the domain with your .com name. I've looked and it's available. And so you can create your digital home and your ecommerce space from your own website. A greeting!!!

  7. Hello Guillem, thank you for the information. In my case I'm a psychologist and I've always invented other names ( to publicize what I do and I have the feeling that I've missed. I've changed activities several times, with different roles and now I wanted to focus as a Psychologist Coach specialist in body techniques.
    Again I was going to make up another name for my website( Coaching, or or something.)
    Reading to you, I'm considering changing to my name, only it's very long and I have a compound surname Innaculada Sanchez-Montero Rodriguez , although in the work environment I've always been known as Macu , and I really don't know what to do. You could guide me. . Magnificent summary

    • Hello Macu! I love that name., and it also transmits good vibes to me (in Catalan, “Maco”, Pronounced “Macu” means pretty). Don't doubt it, and I also see that the domain is free. Go for it!!

  8. Hello Mr.. Recolons!.
    Clear and accurate article for what many young entrepreneurs are looking for in full 2020. I congratulate you!
    Mr. Recolons, I'm from Guadalajara, Jalisco, In Mexico; I'm a lawyer and I have 28 Years, after having several jobs at different legal firms, I decided to take the best of each of them and undertake my own “Brand” Or “Business” in order to do so.
    I did a study of several corporate names that could be good, and all are available in Mexican Laws; I was already deciding on one of them, but my partner told me a few hours ago “Hey, Graduate Alberto de la Mota doesn't sound bad” (That's my name.); I know it's rare at least in Mexico.
    You to your expertise and knowledge, considers that my name, for the sector I'm trying to get into, It's good, with character and strength or better to visualize Business name options?
    Waiting for your kind answer, receive a cordial greeting from me and my sincere thanks for clarifying a little more what I'm looking for.

    • Excellent friend your article I would like you to collaborate me a little with the choice of my personal brand name. My name is Jhon Haider Ramirez Usuga, the only thing that is not very common is my last name Usuga.
      So far the name of my social networks is “undertakes with jhon” since I talk about entrepreneurship…some people tell me “The Rider” what do you think about it…Which you think is the best option in terms of personal branding…I stay attentive a thousand thanks…

  9. I really liked the article, in my case I'm going to start with my website and my personal brand, I don't know what name to put on because my name is Esther Fernandez and my middle name is also Fernandez, that domain is not free, you think it would be nice then to put my name and short for my last name, either Esther fdez or Esther fdz or Esther ff .
    Bluff I'm a mess , I don't know what to put, That you'd advise me ?

    Thanks a lot

  10. Hello! In my case my name has “Ñ” and compound surname… I'm very spoothed with the choice of name for my personal brand because of that unfriendly name limitation with the web domain and unstoppable in the sense of q is hard for people to remember (that's already checked, it happened to me all my life)… What do you recommend in that case? I want to look for some more catchy name that helps me fix it but I don't have a nickname or middle name to play with that., and the simplest option “Elena Heredia” has a lot of competition in the online world. Thanks a lot!

  11. Hello Greetings, very good all queries and answers.

    In my case my name is Vanessa Jesús Urdaneta Fuenmayor , but the great majority tells me Vane.

    For many years create a brand thinking it was personal, Call: cafesaboraquality
    Nowadays I really want to create my personal brand, on linkedin I have the vanessaurdaneta already booked, but on instagram it's already busy.

    What ideas do you suggest to me?


    Or other, that they can think of, Best regards.


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