Our way of writing reinforces (or destroys) our personal brand

I read a while ago on the blog Dan Schawbel that all our emails, messages and other writings become key elements in reinforcing our personal brand. I would add that these elements can also damage our personal brand. We never know who will end them by reading, so we'd better make sure we're on the right track.

Writing reinforces our brand. Key:

The good, if brief…

The simpler and shorter, Best. More than once, after writing a sentence we say "What I'm trying to say is…". Complexity must be avoided, try to be as clear as possible. The use of assertive language is essential in the way we communicate. In a world where the economy of attention sets the tone, better to avoid circumlochies.

Lets anticipate questions and make answers easy

People are very busy. It's not that hard to add document links, refer to specific dates, provide data. Attach documents in universal formats (better a. PDF file than a .docx). That'll save others a lot of time..

I am very grateful that when I am called to a meeting, call to several or videoconference explain to me well the objectives of the meeting and provide me with the necessary prior information.

Let's ebitant herrores hortographical we're on fire to look silly

Does it hurt in sight, Truth? It's not that hard to go over a text, use a concealer (are free). It takes a few seconds to review a text that has passed through a concealer.

Even the email includes free concealers (like GMail's). It's human to err in a long text, but making a mistake in a headline, on a short bio from Twitter or Instagram, involves dejadez, you haven't even read what you've written.

Let's have until 100

Let's reflect before answering a complex email. One of the virtues of a professional is the ability to stay calm. If we get an unpleasant email, you have to think a little bit. First of all, Fairplay.

You have to let your spirits cool down and not create negative labels. In addition, emotions can be misunderstood. In these cases, written appeal should be the 2nd option. It's always better to face a face or, if there's no choice, a phone call.

We communicate frequently

It's very interesting to send messages thanking you right after meeting new people. Asking questions for our co-workers, Heads…. Providing useful articles to our colleagues, Customers, Collaborators…

Anyway, you see it's about common sense, pure common sense. I recently found a restaurant slate that in a text of 15 words contained 8 spelling errors. That tells us a lot and bad about the personal brand of the owner of this restaurant. In addition to misspellings, the text doesn't make sense, you don't know where the first course is, the second or dessert. You may eat well, but I'm sure we'll avoid an intellectual discussion with the author of the text. Writing reinforces our personal brand… or destroys it.

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