Why it's important to set a goal in Personal Branding (Personal Strategy 01)

Back with the series Iceberg, where the entire area of self-diagnosis of the personal brand has already been developed. It's time to move on to personal strategy, and what better than to start by talking about the goal at Personal Branding, and also do it in collaboration with the sherpa of personal branding, Andrés Pérez Ortega

Andrés is the most prolific author in brand management and personal strategy, in addition to its near 1.500 posts in his Blog and hundreds of articles in the press, has published the reference books detailed below: 

And if you go into his profile in Amazon, you can also see their ebooks. If you have little time I summarize the post in a minute:

Personal Strategy, Part 1: The goal at Personal Branding

When you don't know where you're sailing, no wind is favorable.


Whether or not it's Seneca, it's a truth that works very well as a starting point for talking about the goal: Today, not having a goal is to go, Literally, drifting, at the mercy of the winds, currents and tides.

Peter Drucker was the first person to talk about "target management" (Apo) In 1954 and his method revolutionized management, because it endowed it with destination points. What changed the way we approached business with Drucker was that he hooked up two concepts that were separated until then: goals and results. This explains why his theory is also known as "results management".

Peter Drucker
The best way to predict the future is to create it. Peter Drucker

The objective determines the strategy, the plan, the model

So you can see if the goal is important, I refer you to a conversation I had a few months ago with a friend.

-Friend: Guillem, you have to help me, I'm not achieving my goals

-I: Of course, that's what you're counting on me for.. And tell me, what are your goals?

-Friend: Well, things aren't going well for me, there's a lot of competition and I don't have the resources for certain investments

-I: I understand, But tell me, what were your goals?

-Friend: Well, I hadn't really written them, I guess it was a wish I had in my head

This is a very common situation. You make a diagnosis of something that doesn't exist. Desires are like feathers that take the wind. A goal is serious., you have to think about it, Contrast, Write (that's important) and most importantly, shape it with a strategy. And follow him. And follow him. And follow him.

What do you want to be a reference for? With what specialty? Where?

In my consultancies and in the trainings I teach, I often explain a simple formula for crafting our goal in personal branding. It consists of answering three questions.

What do you want to be a reference for? Here you choose your field of activity. Try to put focus. Being a culinary reference and at the same time a crack of architecture is within reach of few.

With what specialty? Here you determine your strength within your activity. If you're a chef, you can be a specialist in natural cooking, merger, Vegan, Mediterranean...

Where? Although the world is global and connected, delimiting the radius of action is positive for better targeting your audiences. In the chef's case, you can be a specialist in vegan cuisine in Seville.

Take a Google search test: Search for "Personal Branding", then "Personal Branding Company". In the first case, you'll find close to 14 millions of results. In the second, little more than 2.400 Results, and if you look at the first ones 10 organic results, you'll see the importance of marking a goal (In me marry). 

And now it is, I leave you with eight keys from Andrés Pérez Ortega to manage your goals.

Andrés Pérez Ortega: You can't build a Personal Brand based on other people's goals

Andrés Perez Ortega
Andrés Perez Ortega “Hunted” by my camera
  • Creating a Personal Brand strategy starts by defining the footprint you want to leave, i.e. establish an address, a purpose. So, a Personal Brand could not exist without Goals. And, Moreover, Goals are easier to achieve if you leave a powerful Personal Brand because it increases your value and your options. Before defining your Personal Brand, you should visualize an attractive picture of your ideal future
  • People with clear and powerful goals build trust and this is the basis of a Personal Brand or any other kind. Those who don't know what they want or where they're going, they just convey doubts and confusion.
  • The clear objectives make it easier for us to make decisions, what we should do and what we don't. That's going to speed up the process of developing a Personal Brand.
  • You can't build a Personal Brand based on other people's goals. A Personal Brand can only be authentic, that's why goals should be based on who we are and what we want, not what others decide for us. When that happens, there's not going to be too much doubt left about our values and priorities. It's easier to be authentic if you have a goal that motivates you. If you rely on the criteria, other people's interests and purposes would no longer be your Personal Brand, but that of the others. It would be like creating a false identity, a character that other people have designed, No, you.
  • A strong Personal Brand is built long-term and with a lot of effort and that's only sustainable if we have attractive and motivating goals that keep us in the fight at the most difficult times.
  • A Personal Brand is not, is LEFT, that implies that we must be clear about who we want to leave a mark on. The answer to that question will be given to us by setting well-established objectives that tell us who will be the recipients of our effort.
  • It's easier to make your mark if you have a Purpose attractive and ambitious, than with small goals.
  • Well-defined and ambitious goals make their mark because they clearly convey who you are and what you stand for. When your values make you act in a distinctive way, relevant and consistent, the effects you have on your environment can go beyond the limits of time and transform the lives of those around you.

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