What makes you a unique person in the world

No doubt The little prince of the Antoine de Saint-Exupéry is one of the best family books to become a unique person. Although World War 2 was published in full (1943) many of your reflections apply to our current society.

Rereading, stumbled with the passage in which the little prince stumbles with the fox. There you can read the following:

To me you're still nothing but a little boy like a hundred thousand little boys.. I don't need you.. And you don't need me either.. I'm nothing but a fox like a hundred thousand foxes to you.. But, if you're taming me, we'll need each other. You'll be for me unique in the world. I'll be unique to you in the world.

I'll be unique to you in the world

The phrase shows that what makes us different is not just what depends on us, but especially the way others perceive us. Our personal brand.

I often use in presentations an image of a penguin colony. It's hard to tell each other apart. But what will make one of them a special being is the relationship you establish with another member of the community.

We'll need each other

This expression highlights the idea of the value we bring to others that makes us essential (not eternally, Of course). In short, a correct one value proposition fosters relationships of value and mutual need.

All relationships, personal ones, professionals and hybrids, are based on an idea of Value to solidify. When we looked at an elevator speech (elevator pitch) we don't do it to see how nice we are or how well we move. We do this to find out if our value proposition is capable of making passive care active. It's not selling, it's the pre-phase, is to generate a need, an illusion, is persuading.

What makes you a unique person in the world

To conclude, what makes you a unique person in the world is your personal brand, the value you pass on to others. That allows you to distinguish yourself from a mass of people with seemingly similar characteristics. Emotional connection is a key aspect. Don't forget.

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23 thoughts on "What makes you a unique person in the world”

  1. Magnificent reflection, Guillem!

    A topical issue has come to mind, and it's the fact that “unique person” which for many has represented the still President Obama.

    Endowed with an undeniable personal brand, and beyond political opinions outside the issue, demonstrated that assertiveness, empathy and ability to connect with others are key qualities for “Constitute” a first-class personal brand (World) ;).

    A hug!

    • Very true John! Too bad he had his hands tied to rule, but there's no doubt he'll be one of the best emotional intelligence politicians who've been through the White House.. A greeting and thank you for writing!

  2. Hello Guillem, Have 18 Years. I liked what he wrote.. I think it's very important to know ourselves. Because if we don't know who we are, how do we intend to get involved in life?.. we also don't forget that we're unique and invaluable. ;) we're special. In this world there is no one who knows how to look like us. There will never be. ;)
    See you.

    • I can zoom in with my sights,compare to some binoculars and I think I have more to do a lie but distorted the image only in bright things I see the big flash as stars

  3. Hello, Nice to meet you, I find splendid in the way it expresses on a subject that for many is not very clear, as it is for children. I don't know how I would explain it to students who start high school which for others are primiparous and start trying to imitate or get carried away from a topic or group that encourages them to be another type, where would I start?

  4. I'm an excellent charm to read it with my students and draw conclusions, particularly they kept thinking about the personal brand. Thank you.

  5. Very good reflection and very good article, everything you say is very true. The sense of “be unique and special” it's an incredibly important aspect, this reflects self-esteem and also the perception of one's own. Many times this concept of ourselves wobbles, And that's why I, personally, I recommend encouraging yourself and if you need to look for someone who can encourage us. I look for motivational phrases and images that generate positive things in me.
    I share a little gallery that I really like https://www.imagenesparami.com/motivacion/imagenes-alegres-para-whatsapp-unicas-divertidas-y-romanticas/


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