personal anti-branding

It imposes the Anti-Personal Branding

I had my doubts with the title… Personal Anti-Branding o Anti-Personal Branding? I will try to explain, but I think you're already imagining where does all this.

Curious: in politics, Winning the worst rated candidates

Indeed, victory Donald Trump and that occurred in recent Spanish elections Mariano Rajoy reveal something unheard: We not vote for the candidate we believe best qualified for the job. In both cases, the winner of the elections was the candidate worst score.

Misogyny, xenophobia, corruption, exacerbated nationalism… Are new values?

I'm not here to politically analyze election results, for that there are exceptional political scientists. But it seems that countervalues ​​lately imposed on values. Ayer a chat in Lleida (to which I get the video promise share) he talked about that, of The importance of values, I call the super powers.

But maybe I'm wrong. The triumph of populism, they are of one kind or another, It indicates that the moderate positions of dialogue are not well valued by voters. And I emphasize voters, no people, since abstention is a sign of mature democracies but also discrediting of politics.

The world is polarized to extremes

You can not generalize yet, but it seems that only works white the black: gray and palettes do not attract an increasing voter profile. I do not serve what they say right-wing voters are illiterate, male and indoor and left are university and coast: that's oversimplifying and stereotyping, in the end, all have the same right to vote.

demoscópicos errors require look to other sources of information

I hope that no sociologist take it amiss, but the demoscopy, as we knew, has died. The reason is that fails to bring out the hidden vote, and people said that vote what the interviewer or media seems to want to hear.

The key is super social networks

Possibly Zuckerberg and his friends already knew that Trump would gain many weeks in advance. Puro análisis big-data. Possibly also it knew from Twitter and from other social networks, much more reliable as a projection of trends.

Follow the bad, personal political branding should be reoriented

If we take Trump or Rajoy as a lesson, it seems that candidates must win pulse contempt media communication "establishment" to win. A few weeks ago I said that the personal political branding does not work in a system of partitocracy. But in a system more geared to the candidate, as the US, It works well.

Trump has won surrounded by controversies over tax, disrespect for women, xenophobia, building walls. OK, the representation of the antichrist and anti-democracy. And Trump is not an idiot, and he has not been messed with those who knew it would lead to the White House: The whites, religion and major institutions. And nothing has happened, because when there is poverty, misery, hopelessness, nationalist discourse and fear Calan more than continuismo, especially when backstage is monitored not to offend certain lobbies.

Welcome Personal Anti-Branding

Under this context, from political candidates will have to start thinking about how to generate controversies that frighten and media commentators but Calen in populist speeches. We will have to think about how bad fall leading journalists and influencers of a country. We will have to work against-values. It imposes anti-personnel branding.

What it is is to win is not? Having gained the victory and can again be a normal person, building bridges, smile, speak well of your opponent ... as it has done Trump.

Image: Wikimedia Commons CC By Mayer, Merkel, & Ottmann: lithographers James Albert Wales: artist – Library of Congress[1], Public Domain

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14 replies
    • Guillem Recolons
      Guillem Recolons says:

      That seems Ana… Perhaps we have become accustomed to short, shocking headlines and do not read the essence of things. Everything works at the expense of tweets, shouting slogans and big. Thanks for write!

  1. Sylvie
    Sylvie says:

    thanks Guillem. Interesting viewing angle. I can think of questions like: Does the American society, He declared in rebellion against the establishment, or they have integrated the reality show as a lifestyle? Anything goes and win, “and if that, see how we”, It is a potentially valid strategy in candidate, but the voter down by anti-values ( musmo in the US than in Spain) … Scary is not it?
    Thank you

    • Guillem Recolons
      Guillem Recolons says:

      Of course, It is little hope, Sylvie. Falls down everything we have been taught in childhood. Values ​​seem not to matter. I think that these two accidents, two exceptions. We will remain true to our values, but it seems to be to evangelize. Thanks for write!

  2. Alicia Ro
    Alicia Ro says:

    The subject interesting you brought. I'd give for a good debate in the Sixth. Your conclusions generate me doubts and internal conflicts. Mis Maestros and Personal Branding ? I was taught that the Personal Brand must come from something very real. The candidates “buenos” They should put aside their values, principles and true Personal Brand to make unpleasant noise and achieve your goal, the sea, Win the election? And once achieved the goal could again be themselves? Why voters are attracted to both “chungos”? Perhaps more chungos around us than we imagine (or want to believe)?
    Sometimes I see chungos…
    Here I leave my questions if your readers are encouraged to answer questions or to launch new.

    • Guillem Recolons
      Guillem Recolons says:

      Hello Alicia! I thought you knew that part of my personal brand is the irony. Of course I'm not serious, I only joked with the fact (and irrefutable) it seems that the true values ​​taking worse results than using counter values, corruption, lies, manipulations, immobility… That gives rise to written, but you can be sure I am the oldest of authenticity and values (I call the super powers) you have met. A big hug and thanks for writing!

  3. Sergio Galfione
    Sergio Galfione says:

    Very good article, Guillem.

    I understand that this is not good ends that generate painful cracks.
    I still believe that the gray approach postures that help companies grow.
    Taking your last paragraph and, making an analogy with rugby, I do not believe in the respectful third time when there was no such respect during the war.


    Sergio Galfione

  4. Juan Madueño Criado
    Juan Madueño Criado says:

    Very accurate reflections on denaturation of good manners in politics, under the victory of Donald Trump in the US. Perhaps we are witnessing a paradigm shift, where rudeness and disrespect, with consequent resound in the ears of voters, are the means to be more popular, and therefore, to win victories.


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