Personal Branders: three reasons to hire them

They say out there that every coach needs a coach. Even if you are one of those who prefers to manage yourself, it wouldn't hurt to keep in mind three essential advantages that would be to hire one or a personal brander (personal branders are specialists in strategy and management of personal brand):

1. Work your authenticity (Self)

I mean, delve into your own knowledge to know with what Competences accounts and which ones you need to work. Find out what it is the personal brand you leave in others to better understand the information that circulates about you and that you may not know. Be aware not only of your weaknesses and strengths but of the threats and opportunities of your environment. Work your business model current and analyze possible evolutions. analyze your Values to know where you should place the red lines of your performance and not to lose an iota of Authenticity brand.

2. Work on your relevance (Strategy)

Here it comes to working the Purpose, why I do what I do. Also the Vision and the Mission, but not to create useless literature, but as fundamentals of the personal message. To get to the message we must be aware of our Positioning compared to other competitors who have a close offer: Positioning tells us the place we occupy in the minds of our potential customers and stakeholders, and must be relevant and differential, but also consistent. Once we get to define our personal message, we need to adapt it to the different moments and targets: a telephone presentation will not be the same as a face-to-face, not a chance encounter in an elevator than a lunch, nor the information we put on Linkedin, on Facebook or on a CV. And here we have to flee from the “yoism”, it's not about you, it's about the advantages that others will have if they count on you.

3. Work your difference (Visibility)

Just as there is no such thing as one drop of water the same as another, no two people are the same. If in your business model (of the self-knowledge phase) you have defined your value propositions, surely you have enough weapons to draw a communication strategy to reinforce that difference: The creative use of the medium and the message, combined with a clear purpose and with elements of own DNA (Authenticity) and relevance, they will make you unbeatable. As if that weren't enough, in addition to having the traditional media for a few years we have the enormous communicative possibilities of the online environment, that well used can help spread the message to a wide audience.


Let's not forget that personal branding is there to help you be the preferred option in any process, and for this it requires structuring a value chain around oneself to make the mark left match the desired one. It's not easy, nor fast, but with the help of a personal brander everything can be channeled and flow more easily. You can also learn to play golf without help, but it will cost you more time (that is, money) and possibly end up acquiring dangerous vices.



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2 thoughts on "Personal Branders: three reasons to hire them”

  1. As the saying goes, if you don't leave traces don't expect others to remind you, excellent contribution that you share in your blog, we can only wish you success and that you can continue to share knowledge…..Best regards

  2. We are going every day towards a world with people more aware of their lives and choices. The Personal Brander is a professional who contributes highly in that personal search , shortens road, and save money. Excellent article. Thanks William . Best regards


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