Personal Branding in the era of introverts

Personal Branding in the era of introverts


The TV had accustomed us to extroverts talents, people who move well in stressful environments, with lights, With public, with nerves of a direct.

Are there any introverted leaders?

I had always thought that leadership was reserved for extroverts. It was Swiss psychiatrist and psychologist Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961) who promoted the concepts of extroversion and introversion in their theories of personality. for Jung, extraversion is the attitude that is characterized by concentrate interest in an external object. This means that the extrovert is interested in the other when engaging in social ties and predisposes his spirit for the relationship to flourish. On the other hand, introversion attitude is characterized by the concentration of interest in the internal processes of the individual. In other words, introverted prefer quiet environments, easy, minimalist.

Eye, not to be confused with embarrassing introverted. The shameful is one who constantly fears the negative judgments.

What has happened since the famous "markets are conversations"?

Following the Manifiesto Cluetrain of 1999 (markets are conversations), Internet opened to the collaborative network, to an environment that allows individuals and businesses to communicate fluently and transparency on equal terms, without hierarchies.

The blog allows one person to communicate, Comment Comment.

The Web 2.0, this movement, that starts with forums and blogs continues and culminates with social networks, It encourages people who previously had been raised or stand in front of a camera dare from a while back to write, throwing slogans, messages, alerts. They dare “enter into conversation”. They are introverts. Its natural environment is the blog, the king of kings of social media. Also frequent some networks, but they are not very comfortable with Twitter (too many people). Nor they are comfortable presenting your message in videos for YouTube. The blog, instead, allows them to communicate person to person, Comment Comment.

I am often asked about whether or not to launch and maintain a blog: I'm a big supporter of this digital medium. But I recommend it especially to all introverts have something interesting to say: They will move like fish in water.


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6 replies
  1. Marta Donoso
    Marta Donoso says:

    An interesting point of view. In fact, to the 15 I was diagnosed years introversion. Then there was internet, but not the web 2.0.

    I've often thought the theme of the blog, but I doubt invades know if there'll explain what you will want someone. With this article I again raise the issue, there is always possibility of an external output and it seems the blog is a good way.

  2. of Pau Samo
    of Pau Samo says:

    It is very interesting vision that offers a sob re the blogger “opinion introvertida”. M'd like to note that other readers can help. I am a born shameful, and the blog has been an essential tool to overcome this fear of judgment from others. I encourage shameful to use a blog, the mind relaxes you a lot. (dispenseu the spelling, I have a phone that does figs)

  3. Alfredo Quito
    Alfredo Quito says:

    Sometimes I have thought that blogs are for people who have many things to say, with extensive experience either working or experiential, in my case I'm an engineer, and my profession live surrounded most of the time and other technical issues, but I really want to tell you what I do and others, but I find that balance of what I teach to tell the tale, but not falling into a technical or language conceptual.Que you can suggest me.

    • Guillem Recolons
      Guillem Recolons says:

      Hi Alfredo. Who do you go? If you go to your own group, with a desire to improve your brand in the sector, You can use a technical language. If you go to final customers, engineering outsourcer, you must use a more open and understandable language. Thank you for writing!


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