Personal branding and controversial

Personal branding and controversial

Recently it fell into my hands a video of Risto Mejide on personal branding entitled “The importance of personal branding / Become a must“. Beyond the possible criticism, I'm glad that someone as public as the advertising Risto Mejide talk about personal brand. Definitely, this is an important speaker.

In the video, the deputy, Mejide advances the contents of a conference on personal brand, summarizing in 5 points:

  • find your rarity (your difference)
  • Who upset that rarity
  • How to make that annoyance inevitable
  • Making a must rarity
  • How to be an unpredictable nuisance
There is no doubt that Mejide has failed to exploit their difference and that your personal brand is around the controversy. It is consistent with that brand and that gives it credibility. There are other famous people who have placed their personal mark on the orbit of the controversy: Paris Hilton, the missing Jesus Gil, President Venenzuela Hugo Chavez, and many more.


When we talk about disturbing talks about HIS Personal Branding, but one might wonder if disturbing others-a form of notoriety classical- It is a brand adaptable for any. I explain. If my personal brand is a horny guy I must be consistent with that and do things to prove. And I have no reason to bother anyone.


He always appears with sunglasses. Does that mean that hidden under sunglasses is something we should do others?. Isn't it?, glasses is the mark of Mejide, but it can not be yours.
If we mean to bother creating a noticeable distinguishing feature, then we change the verb by “highlight“. Edurne Pasaban He has not focused its mark on the controversy, but on the value of effort and overcoming, that led to conquer the highest peaks of our planet.


Where I want to go with this reflection? What the strategy that applies to one person may not be true for all. On the one hand I am pleased that someone with thousands of followers help introduce personal branding. On the other hand I regret that seeks to turn us all into his clones.

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  1. Ignacio Fernández ALBERTI
    Ignacio Fernández ALBERTI says:

    Hi Guillem,

    Although the essence of the message is good "The importance of personal branding / Become a must” I can not disagree more with the content. Clearly Risto Mejide has created a good Personal Brand Following these criteria, but are your criteria, and possibly fit with very few people, persons with similar characteristics. I think our work is to identify our “star”, what makes us “shine” to others, that “star” It makes us special, attractive, unique… and later, and with all the power to know this means, show, exposing, make it known fondly, serenity, humility our environment, our entire network… to all the people, there is no question of disturbing, it is a matter of pleasing, of wanting to empathize.

    • Begoña Tormo-Figueres Marzal
      Begoña Tormo-Figueres Marzal says:

      I totally agree with you… is the “star” and not “Malasombra” we must work / find to make us indispensable, unique and extremely attractive.

  2. Angeles Chamber
    Angeles Chamber says:

    No doubt Risto Mejide has come away with your brand, but the load of nonsense it says on the video are unjustifiable in a professional communication

  3. Guillem Recolons
    Guillem Recolons says:

    thanks Ignacio, Begoña, Javier and Los Angeles for your comments. I think we're online. Taking advantage of his notoriety, Many public figures launch products with a very aggressive marketing but which contain major errors, Like the 5 Video tips.

  4. Ramón Lombera
    Ramón Lombera says:

    A Risto Mejide, its strategy, now, it works. Nobody can deny. But as advertising, I can not be fooled with the speech of your video.
    Clearly Mejide Risto has not succeeded because its strategy is infallible. his strategy, any professional will notice, It has been designed in reverse.
    First, Risto encounters an unexpected success. His role bad guy, nasty edge and suddenly becomes a product that sells (captures audience). Mysteries of life and television.
    After, analyzes the phenomenon and (as smart advertising) warrants and package summarizing in those five points, as if their planned and deliberate application had been the cause of his success.
    Yes it is true that, once detected the “values” that have differentiated, delves deeper, define and exploit them to the fullest to reinforce the brand image that they have given.
    Everything else, strategy and Conference, They are nothing more than an attempt (very clever and smart on their part) to exploit popular level a personal formula that can hardly function on other characters.
    For much grace that can make us the character (I do not know the person) who would want to spend a single minute of his life with such energúmeno. And much less give you a job.
    As said Bill Bernbach:
    "People with whom you work in a good agency must meet two requirements:
    1. It must be nice people.
    2. They must be very talented.
    Sorry for the nice guy, but no talent. Not valid for this business.
    And I do not give even five cents for all the talent who has a son of a bitch. I do not want my agency or my side. Life is too short".

  5. Javier
    Javier says:

    Laverdad if I can not talk about personal brand or as a fly…
    From what little I know about personal branding, your brand must be rooted in values ​​and do not think you get to annoy people around this including

  6. Eloy M. Rodríguez
    Eloy M. Rodríguez says:

    I totally agree with you. Vinous exploit what your authenticity and consistent. That implies increasingly direct and lad social networks. A mentor who insisted I've had it a lot. Anecdotally is not the same Eloy M. Eloy Rodriguez Rodriguez. Under that digital brand we are, at least one remarkable Latin American surgeon and. As he was more accredited, I started using the M.

    • Guillem Recolons
      Guillem Recolons says:

      Well done Eloy, name, in an environment online, It is the first visible sign of our personal brand. Coherence and authenticity are the two great values ​​that shape. A greeting and thanks for writing!


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