Brinding Staff (Sorry, this time I'm talking about me)

The world scrambles by swaping an "a" for an "i". No, "Brinding Staff" it's not a mistake. I'm not talking about "personal branding" but a celebration, to a somewhat personal key toast.

I usually like to talk more about you., how I can help you identify, work and project your personal brand. Today, this post is something more personal.

If you're short on time, I'll sum it up for you in a minute:

The reasons for that Personal Brinding

The toast is because, After 20 years struggling with cancer, yesterday they gave great news to Mary, My wife. From now on you only need to do an annual analysis and ready.

In the year 2000 he was diagnosed with an extended "incurable" breast tumor, liver and liver and with a life expectancy of between two and three months. And the diagnosis took place the day after the birth of our only daughter.

The first few years were hard, especially for her, although I never confessed to the prognosis of the two/three months of life. I think that helped Mary fight with more conviction. Sometimes, excessive information can be lethal.

In two years and after multiple treatments, left behind the brunt of the disease. Everything went well until 9 years later he had a very aggressive metastasis in his liver. It was operated on quickly, his left lobe was removed, they gave him chemotherapy and then another treatment that lasted until recently. Save some sequel to multiple surgeries and treatments, but now it's perfectly fine.

I don't want to steal prominence from Covid., but the cancer is still there, after centuries

This week, The 4 February, the World Cancer Day. In addition to some pink ties placed conveniently on the lapels of political leaders, little movement is being seen by institutions and companies like the one we've seen with the Covid.

Don't get me wrong., they're not jealousy. I understand that from a clinical approach, cancer is not a single disease, it's hundreds. Even its causes are multiple, and their therapies are almost endless. I understand there can't be a cancer vaccine.. The origin of cancer is usually due to changes in the DNA of the cells, that can be inherited or acquired. And that doesn't cure a vaccine., at least for now.

But imagine for a moment that cancer was a viral disease, transmissible via area, like coronavirus. Don't you think governments and pharmaceuticals would have turned to a quick and effective solution?

The months to come

Covid has had many people delay their annual analytics. Severe cancer cases are expected to be shot in the coming months due to late detection of the most difficult-to-treat tumors.

You see, The Covid doesn't just kill with his virus, but triggers bad diagnoses of other diseases, one of them cancer, but not much less the only one.


Returning to the Brinding Staff, I want to give everyone who is suffering from cancer a message of optimism, hopeful: this is combated and you can win. There are thousands of factors involved in success in the fight against this disease, and many are doctors, Physical, Clinical, but many others are mental. And you have to fight with all the means, but the first is the faith that everything will be fine.

I remember Ana Bosch every day, by Felix Comadrán, by MariCarmen Espona, by Cristina Torrens, Carolina, Eli and Ramón Mas-Bago, by Tineo Cucumber, by Toya and Rafa Recolons… People I loved very much and who got the cancer taken away before hours.

And I remember all the friends and relatives who have overcome cancer. There are so many that don't fit here.

Without let your guard down

Let's help each other celebrate more "Personal Brinding" like today's. In every country in the world there are one or more partnerships that help prevent, who struggle to heal.

A monthly donation of only 10 euros or dollars can do more than many think, can cause research to be multiplied that comes to be eradicated, in the not too distant future, most cancers: 

Here's the podcast for this chapter, something more detailed and personal. You can also hear it in Spotify and in Apple Podcast.

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2 thoughts on "Brinding Staff (Sorry, this time I'm talking about me)”

  1. Mary, Guillem and your daughter

    My comment that serves as a detail of joy for you.

    While there is hope there is life or while there is life there is hope, and without let your guard down for the reasons we know the ones we've been around relatives with cancer.

    Enjoy every moment of health that life gives us and celebrate.

    A hug,


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