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Peter Pan is dead

This week there have been three events in my environment, as it could not be otherwise, They have left their mark.

History 1: Marta leaves before time

He was born with a heart condition, She lived with her. The domino. Sure of herself, He had three children. I was fortunate to work for her a few years ago. I prepared a small campaign for association, “Since heart” (attended heart). My sister, Marta friend from childhood, I commented a few days ago that Martha was so well your lungs heart now receiving more blood than usual. Marta died this week with just over 40 because of pulmonary blocking. OK paradox: survives its natural executioner, heart and falls unforeseen. He will not touch, you go before time. I have in my mind the image of the expression of my sister at the news.

History 2: Luis, against all odds, lives

Luis, with mental illness, good health. Some days ago, you detect a pain in his head and his family takes him to a hospital, ER. In full visit with the doctor on duty suffers a stroke and is in a coma. He was transferred to the ICU, and at that moment topo their eldest daughter desperate, decomposed. Doctors give little hope that Luis wake from coma. Other paradox, the next day, Yesterday, Live attend the arrival of the UCI daughter to see her father. The father has awakened and speaks for the elbows. An image leaves me a deep mark: Montse's face when he saw the father awake. I will not ever forget.

History 3: Peter Pan is dead

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The last paradox. At the same moment that Montse gave off a tear of joy when she saw her father alive, my father, mi Peter Pan, He gave his last breath. It was yesterday, in the same UCI. As the case of Marta, Was not planned. Agree, had almost 80, but it was only two weeks before perfectly. No right. Why do we let him operate? Now it's too late. The image of my Peter Pan, the father who made my happy childhood, without flying, without laughing, without listening jazz has left me the deepest marks.

I dare not draw a moral, but it seems that fate is capricious. Peter Pan should be flying in our world, with Marta. The two fly higher, and observe from a distance the marks they have left behind.

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As lecturer, participated in the Graduate Social Media of UPF and UVic, in various programs at IESE and ISDI, among other. Advertising man, Master en Marketing. Grade student of Humanities.

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7 replies
    mONTSEFABRA says:

    Hi Guillem, I can not imagine how it feels when a parent dies, but I can not imagine a better death than did your father with loved ones, healthy until the last day. I share your sentiment

    • Guillem Recolons
      Guillem Recolons says:

      thanks Montse, the feeling is like losing a part of yourself. It is difficult to define, but that's how it is. Thank you very much for your breath.

  2. Celestino Martinez
    Celestino Martinez says:

    Hi Guillem.

    Those who are used to working with words, we met, occasionally, with a sense of helplessness double when we discover how little we can express some words in certain situations.

    I can only say I'm sorry, I send you a hug and, like the old, I want to conclude by saying:

    Long live Peter Pan!

    • Guillem Recolons
      Guillem Recolons says:

      thanks Celestino. Actually comforting words serve as tears begin to dry. Long live Peter Pan!

  3. Olga Villacampa
    Olga Villacampa says:

    Simplemte tell you cry for him, you talk about him and you keep always loving him. A big kiss with all my love to you and yours
    A hug from Jordi


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