Platforms come and go, the strategy remains

I realize a time to this part that many people, when they want to master a field of professional activity, are interested in tools, and few are interested in strategies.

As we'll see, the tools, platforms, come and go. His life is short. But if we have a solid strategy (flexible, in the times that run that's important), new ways will appear to achieve the same goals.

If you're short on time, I invite you to see this one-minute summary:

Slidehare: One less platform, that's life

This week we've learned that Slideshare is going to disappear. Well, exactly not so, but is integrated or absorbed by Scribd, one of the giants of content healing and document exchange.

Consequences? We don't know them at all.. It's possible that if you have content on Slideshare they will disappear, become premium, you have to pay for them, I know... anything is possible. What is true is that Slideshare, one of the platforms that was acquired by Microsoft to give a better service to Linkedin, goes. It was nice while it lasted.

If you have content there, you can export a file with them, download them or whatever you want... there's a good chance they'll disappear.

People Cards by Google, one more platform, welcome.

This week the People Cards test area was announced in India, an excellent new Google service that will be essential as a positioning of the personal brand in the online environment, and especially in the Google metasearcher.

The magazine Marketing for Ecommerce I advertised it that way (And I think it's right): 

Your personal card, search results: Google's new idea to lead personal branding

People Cards would become a simile of Google My Business professional cards, But for people. Try searching for my name from Chrome and you'll see how it works: Guillem Recolons. It's that window to the right of the search.

But People Cards are simpler, more visual, and collect the basic information: first and last name, professional description format "tweet", current job (if there is) education and some social media link.

The Retina Country, advertised people cards as well: 

Google launches People Cards, 'business cards' for those who search us on the Internet

Good way to look at it. For me, the main beneficiaries will be those people with very common names who do not manage to appear in the first results of search engines like Google.

If you follow a good strategy, you don't have to worry about them disappearing or platforms appear

What if you're in the B2B business and Linkedin disappears? You don't think it can happen? Didn't it happen with Google +, and many other platforms?

A good strategy means you diversify, you don't depend on a single platform, you have your own platform (nothing beats a website / personal blog). 

A good strategy means you continue to attend face-to-face events as great opportunities to contact interesting people (networking). 

I'm honest, if Linkedin disappears, my fingerprint is very extensive. And the same thing would happen with YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Tik Tok...

Deep down, tools are borrowed

A tip? Start thinking about your own platforms. Call it a book, Web, Ebook, Podcast, video channel. And let the Zuckerbergs on duty play Monopoly with social media. By the way, this thing you're reading is a post, that belongs to a blog within a website, an excellent platform that doesn't depend on "they."

Happy week!

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