Video Gag Law / Atxe birth

Why do not we change the formula of the absolute majority?

Política low cost. This week two events of unfortunate consequences that make us think that our electoral system needs urgent revision occur: LPI and known as the Gag Law.


The year when many celebrate 10 years of social networks, Spain, hand of a government with absolute majority, step back on progress and make a law, the new LPI (Intellectual Property Law), with a canon aede including input that has caused Google News stop operating in Spain.

We have a first record of reversals: Spain was the first country in which Google has thrown in the towel and abandoned his service as a news aggregator. And rumors are heard that the other major aggregator, DIGG, will march in Spain to avoid paying the fee.

The odd thing is that penalized canon pay for link news from major newspapers of AEDE (Most paper i version online version). In other words, les sent visits, so we should collect, but no, we pay. It's the stupidity high cubed, It is the idea of ​​a group of fools.

The consequences will not wait long. In Germany, the Axel Springer group lost millions of hits after the law criminalizing link. That did not leave Google News, simply he stopped indexing to newspapers who so requested.

For a full explanation of the consequences of the closure of Google News advise you to read this excellent article (not attached to AEDE, of course)

The Muzzle Law

This law does not set us back 10 years but 60 years old . Many aspects reminiscent of Franco's own laws. The most graphic explanation of this law I have found in this video comic (hurry to see it, they may soon censor).

How can you lose everything earned during the transition only by the stubbornness of a minister is that the wrong date of birth?

Absolute majority

Since the transition, I can not remember a single absolute majority, neither state nor regional, Of course there is real progress for citizens. Unlike, many governments have understood the backing of a 51% voters and license to crush the 49% remaining. And is not that.

Whether to amend the Constitution or to propose referenda are needed 2/3 a parliament, Why not apply the same standard with the current Congress and Senate elections, Autonomous regions and municipalities? Does not it seem reasonable?


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  1. Francesc Segarra
    Francesc Segarra says:

    Hola Guilllem,

    Gracias por compartir el interesante artículo que habla sobre la Ley de Propiedad Intelectual y por expresar tu opinión con todos nosotros. Definitely, dos leyes que ponen palos a las ruedas a los que basamos nuestro trabajo y modo de vida en la colaboración y la libre información, en el mundo on y off-line. ¡Contamos con que, contra más difícil se nos ponga, mas fuertes nos vamos a hacer!

    We continue!


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