Some advantages of changing Why? for a why not?

That, Why not? If you know me, you'll know I'm not very given to motivational or esoteric speeches.. In my opinion, the words "quality", "democracy" and "passion" they have spent so much that they have passed to the other side, they are often used when you don't have. Although my profile is more emotional than rational, I am clear that I work to live and that two and two are four.

I have been reflecting on at what point do we become adults. As children, we love to constantly ask why? Curiosity is the emotional DNA of childhood, and allows us to know more things than we would know when we were silent.

We never stop asking why? but the difference is that when we are adults we already go from curiosity to questioning things. Why? Adult often poses a barrier before taking a step forward: why should I do that or that?? This phrase, apparently innocent, is often the origin of stagnation.

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Why not?

I think why not? is the equivalent of why? of childhood applied in adults. It's a question you want overcoming barriers, Fears, Beliefs Limiting. When someone proposes something to you that your rational side is reluctant to accept, let your other side act, the wild side, Creative, and make this emerge powerful question: Why not?

The pros and cons

If you just ask why?, you close the way to possibilities. With the Why not? you generate a double negation, I mean, you are in the positive way to seriously consider taking action and accepting a challenge. Of course, you open yourself to considering pros and cons.

Reading biographies, I always conclude that people who have come far have used the Why not? than the rest of the mortals. If you take a look at one of the best biographical compilations on success and leadership, the duo "Aprendiendo de los Mejores"of Francisco Warden, you will see how the Why not? is a common denominator of progress.

Tony Robbins wonders why

The writer and lecturer Anthony Robbins (By the way, 2º example of Learning from the Best after Amancio Ortega) is considered the best mentor in personal development. I will not reveal the reasons that led Francisco Alcaide to include it in his book, that would be to do Spoiler.

However, there's a point in Robbins' personal account that fascinates me.: is able to explain its purpose and value proposition in five words short ones that require two seconds to pronounce: I'm the why guy (I'm the why guy). That's its engine.

Look at the first few seconds of your TED to see how it presents itself:

And precisely the response you get from your customers, minds, coachees or those who listen to you is invariable: Why not?

It is an absolutely exceptional case.. He wants know your motivations so that you can then ask yourself the question, and why couldn't I do this or that??

Why as a purpose

Others have told us why as a purpose. From Nietzsche Until Simon Sinek, going through Viktor Frankl, why it has helped us solve a complex puzzle: that of our raison d'être.

On my hippie side, I think few twenty-first century companies and individuals will survive the absence of purpose. And although there are tools to find it, like the Ikigai, we have not been educated to find an answer to such a complex question.

Why not, seen as an accelerator of purpose and action plan

One way that seems to me more opportune and simple to speed up the answer to such an existential question is to break the denial.: why? to dry denies, Braking, while the why not? Facilitates, Enables, makes it flow.

Our purpose is also our vision, our contribution to improving the world, our dream, our legacy. So isn't it true that all dreams break down barriers?? Dreams are Why not?

Try. Discover your purpose. And to carry it out, repeat this same question every phase of the way, in your action plan.

Want an example? Bill Gates and Paul Allen wondered on 1975 Why not use your software to empower professionals. And not content with it, wondered why there couldn't be a computer in every house and every office desk. Do you now see the power of this question?? It's your turn..

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  1. Very interesting proposal. Ask why? makes us look for reasons in the past, Why not? makes us focus on the future.
    But we can go further and ask ourselves why? Having defined our objectives is the best lever to achieve what we propose.
    A greeting.


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