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Despite their 20 years of existence Aware, The Personal Branding, understood as managing our personal brand, remains a stranger to many people and organizations.

In the trainings I teach there are a series of frequently asked and recurring questions that often start from either ingrained beliefs or simply of mere curiosity. I thought it was a good idea to compile them into several posts including the answers (always from my modest opinion and based on my experience).

Faq (1)

Personal Branding FAQ 1. Does this take a long time? (I don't have)

Time is the great fear of the human being. Few people are willing to accept that you have to remove in order to put. Removing what doesn't bring us to adopt what can help us is a rare exercise, yet healthy.

The conscious and comprehensive management of the personal brand involves a first year of some dedication. It's time to get to know each other, know where we are , understand where we can get to (personal strategy) and put things in the sun to let the world know (Visibility).

Like all new discipline, until we get acquainted with the mechanics spends some time. If you do in-depth work you can lay the groundwork in three months. If the dedication is less, we'd talk about a year. And then? That's the best part, maintenance is a matter of a few hours a week, three maybe.

Personal Branding FAQ 2. Is this for when I'm out of a job?

I guess the saying "everyone remembers Santa Barbara when it thunders" is familiar to you. Personal branding is a strategic competition, non-tactical. If you've worked well your brand, it may never thunder for you, And if you do, you'll have way out.

Answer a simple question: What's easier, look for work while you work or when you no longer have a job? No more questions, Honor.

Personal Branding FAQ 3. Already, so is it about advertising my products and services?

Not exactly. It's not about you.. It's about generating VALUE to your client or stakeholder. If you have what they need to solve a problem or detect an opportunity, we're doing well.

Of course there will come a time when, after catching the attention of your customers, you'll need to explain how you provide VALUE, and that can be dealt with with a catalogue of services or products.

It's about sharing insights and content that has the ability to change your customers' perception of something, always through a powerful value proposition, relevant and differentiated (there's nothing).

Personal Branding FAQ 4. A personal brand do you have, is created, it's built?

Anglo-Saxons often use the term build your personal brand (build your personal brand). My personal opinion is that we're not brands (forgive me for contradicting you, Tom Peters), nor do we create, we build or manufacture our personal brand. The personal brand, it's like values, they don't come as standard but they drift from the earliest childhood.

A mark is left. We leave a mark. Everything leaves a mark, what we do and what we don't do, what we say and what we shut up. The key, and one of the important parts of the branding staff, is to know what is that brand that we leave in others. It is a principle of self-knowledge that will allow us to then know whether or not that footprint we leave is aligned with our objectives.

Summarizing this issue, we leave a mark and are able to manage, Enhance, boost personal brand, always after a process that includes a phase of self-knowledge and a phase of strategy (Where am I + where I want to go).

Personal Branding FAQ 5. Why should I manage my personal brand?

There are numerous reasons. Not long ago I published in this same blog a post entitled "23 reasons to put you in value". But being something more synthetic, I highlight the top six reasons to manage your brand:

  1. Control. If you don't control it, you, you'll let the others do it. Taking the reins is always advisable, and more in digital environments, where it's relatively easy to Manipulation.
  2. Value. Brand is Value, Value is Brand. Our Value proposal acts as a magnet that can attract stakeholders (interest groups) who have problems to resolve or opportunities to detect, and that they are within our reach.
  3. Values. The Value Proposal on its own it may not be enough. Becoming relevant should be complemented by the help of our Superpowers, our Values, those that make us closer to the project that is.
  4. Spokespersons. We are all ambassadors of one or more brands. If you're employed, represent an organization's brand or trademark. If you're self-employed, you represent yourself or the teaching you've created. It is a responsibility that requires learning and certain protocols.
  5. Find Work, improve our position in an existing job or undertake. For any of these three facets, personal brand management is an essential ally.
  6. Ser the choice Chosen, Preferential. It is a consequence of a well-managed and well-managed branding process, No doubt, one of the goals of the branding staff.

I hope I have clarified doubts and concepts with this start of Frequently Asked Questions (1). I'll wait for you for the next few weeks with the 15 remaining questions. Happy week!


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6 thoughts on "Personal Branding FAQ 20 Faq (1)”

  1. Guillem, Very interesting, I think we want it or not, we all have our personal brand. I've created a personal brand presentation to try to explain that it's important.

    The truth is that this training work that you do. . Thank you Guillem

    • Thank you Valentine. About “Have” it's like it's something material. I prefer “we all project a personal brand on each other”. I looked at your Prezi presentation.. We may disagree with the roads, but we agree on the objectives. A greeting!

  2. Hello Guille, thank you very much for the outreach work and answering our questions. One should call oneself personal branding/brand, so you label it on your communication and profile? or it's more of a category, for example an SME, Small and Medium-sized Business that puts you in context. A greeting, Magnificent summary. Lídia


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