Personal Branding FAQ 20 Faq (2)

We continue with frequently asked questions after first installment a few days ago. So I tried to respond to the management time factor, to the false idea that this is for the unemployed, to the concept of catalogue of services, to the idea of “Manufacture” brand and reasons for managing the personal brand.

Faq (2)

Personal Branding FAQ 6. Being employed, does personal brand make sense to me?

I imagine you already know that lifetime employment has expired.. Even in Japan. But beyond the “Attachment” to a job, The personal branding for employed professionals in an organization is useful for many other reasons:

  1. Being perceived as a unique and valuable specialist.
  2. Breaking the glass ceiling, an expression that initially concerned the difficulty of women in accessing senior management positions, but that today could be extended to people of any sex stagnant or held back by the wall of an insfrancheable hierarchical superior.
  3. Planning your career, a responsibility that was once owned by companies and that is now the sole responsibility of every professional.
  4. Align the EVP (employee value proposition or employee value proposition) with the corporate value proposition.
  5. Act as a brand ambassador, bringing value to the market (Customers), attracting new talent (employer branding) and improving the effectiveness of communication (employee engagement).

Personal Branding FAQ 7. Being a manager, what need do I have to manage my personal brand?

You might think you've already reached your professional destiny. But now there's the most complex work left: keep you there. I read in The Country What Otto Walter (Consultant) conducted a study on “Toxic bosses”, with thousands of employees from all sectors and professional categories about what had been the most irritating behaviors they had suffered from their superiors. Concludes “The 49% respondents denounced "disrespect" as the main scourge coming from the. "Nice stay", chosen by a 37%, "directive incompetence" (29%), "Lack of support for the team" (28%) or "absence of humane treatment" (25%) complete this picture of horrors”. A challenge.

Your responsibility in team leadership cry out for a management plan not only of your own brand, but the professionals in your care. Double work.

The management process of a personal brand management as we know it Executive Branding, and the basic difference with a process of Personal Branding is that double responsibility and a chameleon symbiosis with the values of the organization, your vision and your mission.

Personal Branding FAQ 8. How long will it take to see results in a personal branding process?

Million-dollar question, whose importance reminded me of the personal brander Alicia Ro, recent winner of the award for best personal brand blog 2017 (congratulations from the heart, dear Alice).

I think you already suspect what the answer is: results will arrive sooner or later based on the investment made. I've had clients who have taken on the personal branding as a new competition Soft on their agenda and others who have thought that six consulting sessions would bring them results in a few weeks.

What is investing? you mean money? Investing refers to spending time acquiring new competition, it's like acquiring a habit. But whoever tells you they are 21 days deceives you, It's not true (unless they are 21 days without sleep and with total dedication). It also refers to money, why deceive anyone. If you hire a good consultant or mentor in personal branding to help you, you'll shorten the process and speed up the result. If you also have a budget for graphic design, web programming, content management and curation, network management, KPI's tracking, because you're going to speed up, No doubt.

From experience in this (I've been 2007), times to see results range from 6 months for the highly motivated and 2-3 Years for those who carry a more relaxed pace. If we compare it to what it took Rome to build, we're talking about reasonable deadlines.

Personal Branding FAQ 9. Is personal branding personal marketing?

It's personal marketing, but it's also much more than that. Branding is a very wide branded umbrella, among whose tools is marketing. The whole part of identity would be in a field between psychology (Ideally) or coaching, away from marketing.

In my talks I usually raise the following simile: Personal marketing is what I say about me. Branding staff is what THE OTHERS say about me. Even if you think there is little difference, there's an abyss between one and the other. Our goal, the great goal of the personal branding is the recognition of others and their subsequent choice of our person. In a nutshell, that it is the others who are the ones who “Sell”.

Personal Branding FAQ 10. Is personal branding the same as personal branding?

If I translate the question into English, Be “Is personal brand the same as personal branding?”. Obvious. No. The gerundium Branding indicates action. The personal branding is the process of managing our own brand, whose main steps are self-awareness, strategy and visibility. The personal brand (personal brand) will be the result of that process, in the form of the emotional footprint we leave on others.

I trust that I have clarified doubts and concepts with this second part of Frequently Asked Questions (2). I'll wait for you for the next few weeks with the 10 remaining questions. Happy week!

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  1. Congratulations on the post!!!
    I subscribe in its entirety.
    I read Stalman di definition of Marketing and Branding Personal.
    Personal Marketing was kind of like "I'm the best rock band" and Branding Personal was to fill the stadium on the day of the concert
    Thank you for sharing.


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