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Personal Branding FAQ 20 Frequent questions (3)

We continue with frequently asked questions after first and second delivery a few days ago. For the moment, I have tried the following questions and answers:

Frequent questions (1)

  • Personal Branding FAQ 1. Does this takes a long time?
  • Personal Branding FAQ 2. Is this for when I lost my job?
  • Personal Branding FAQ 3. Is it to advertise my products and services?
  • Personal Branding FAQ 4. A personal brand do you have, it is created, is constructed?
  • Personal Branding FAQ 5. Why should I manage my personal brand?

Frequent questions (2)

  • Personal Branding FAQ 6. being employed, Does it make sense for me personal brand?
  • Personal Branding FAQ 7. Being manager why should I manage my personal brand?
  • Personal Branding FAQ 8. How soon will I see results in a process of personal branding?
  • Personal Branding FAQ 9. ¿El personal branding es marketing personal?
  • Personal Branding FAQ 10. Is any personal mark is the same as personal branding?

It's time to raise five new issues

Frequent questions (3)

Personal Branding FAQ 11. How I can know what my personal brand?

You should not worry too much what others think of us. But it would be nice to know what we know we know. This is achieved by asking, asking feedback.

Ask feedback It is an art. To enter fully into the issue, I recommend the book Smart Feedback of Jane and Rosa Rodriguez Trunk sisters with Naomi Vico (Lid 2017). But as formats that can be at your fingertips, I detail some:

  • DISC, a great self-image test that measures concerning the Decision, Interaction, Serenity and Compliance. You owe ask a coach so you can share the interpretation of results.
  • evaluation 360 A very common test in companies, which among other things measure your behavioral competencies.
  • Emotional Intelligence Test, it gives you a percentile that measures your ability to move better in environments front office (high percentile) or backoffice.
  • Brand archetype test. It gives you information about your archetype, the pillars that form and adjectives that best define you.
  • public Rating. The app lets you ask Guudjob feedback to anyone in your contact list.
  • Test 90º. It is homegrown. Ask your inner circle (20 people) What do you think I am competent? What do you think I can improve? Do it through a Google Form, the results are of great value.

Personal Branding FAQ 12. Will my personal brand begins in social networks?

Isn't it?. I could extend much, but as we do not start building a house from the roof, We not begin to manage our brand from social networks.

Before we know what our brand (the previous question), which would be the foundation of the house or self-knowledge. After this phase we work out our personal strategy (the structure of the house), It is including target, purpose, value proposition, business model, positioning… And in the final phase, communication work plan (coating and roof of the house) that will include thorough job message, target audience and, supposed, channels off and online (among which are social networks).

Personal Branding FAQ 13. How does brand management personnel with career management?

The only person responsible for managing your career are you. It is not the company for which you work, as it might be several years. One thing is that companies provide training, and another thing to be responsible and guardians of your destinations.

Personal brand management, known as personal branding, is a necessary competence to shore and manage career. Specifically, working depth business model lets you know in which areas we are well and what we need to strengthen.

Personal Branding FAQ 14. To what extent should expose my private life?

It's a multiple choice question. I explain. I never will force anyone to explain publicly what he does in private if you do not want. But I'll tell you the advantages you can have, so that the offset against the drawbacks already known.

This issue is related to the values ​​and networking. Values ​​because those who do not know we can not know our values ​​if we only show our professional competence side. Networking because if I do not intend any contact with new stakeholders (stakeholders), I must not expose anything.

as advantages, we know that our personal activities transmit values. A broker / a background is someone disciplined, zealously self-improvement, culture of effort, lover challenge. A volunteer / a which helps poor or elderly poor is someone solidarity, concerned about sustainability, altruistic, humble, ideal for teamwork. A / a guitarist free time is a sensitive one for art, music, possibly good equipment component. Player / a chess denotes patience, follow the rules, ease of calculation alternatives, self esteem, need to achieve, impulse control…

You decide what you expose, to whom and in what ways.

Personal Branding FAQ 15. Does personal branding is for everyone?

Isn't it?, of course not. It is only for those who are willing to work hard for self-knowledge, to define a path, to make themselves known appropriately and with a compelling value proposition, to work for foreign recognition through problem solving. To leave a mark on others. Is only for those who are willing to invest in itself and add value to others.


I hope I have clarified doubts and concepts with this third part of FAQ (3). I hope next week with 5 other questions. Have a nice week!

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