Employee Advocacy
The strength of internal brand ambassadors

Employee Advocacy program to provide credibility and engagement of corporate communication and strengthen the personal brand of our professionals

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Now more than ever, your people are your brand

It is a program that combines training and consulting.

The program internal brand ambassadors usually treats five major areas in the training chapter:

  • Mindset > The importance of the new context VUCA and the consequences of the digital economy, S worker's competencies. 21st
  • Personal Brand > Self-knowledge exercises to complete a SDFO. Work on objectives and value proposition. Development of the business model and personal message. Communication plan
  • Corporate Brand > Aligning personal values / Corporate. Vision, Mission. Knowledge of the company's communication and employer branding dynamics and tools.
  • Crisis Management: A crisis is managed by the corporate communications department. But with good internal brand ambassadors he gets, And a lot.
  • E.P.A.. > Work the personal learning environment that allows professionals to act as brand-aware ambassadors with the most effective content creation and healing tools, and with networking manuals that allow the work environment to grow. They include measuring results and basic KPI's.
Christian Fernandez
Christian FernandezDirector of People and Culture / Andorra Telecom
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Listen to me, Reflection, Inspiration... discover your purpose,...A very deep initial work, a job that transports you to value the best of you to develop your professional brand, and bring it to the attention of the community...(always accompanied by a great guide like Guillem Recolons)

Reinforcement with consulting

The program Employee Advocacy complemented by 30 individual consulting minutes to all attendees to value what has been worked and ensure that there is sufficient willingness and understanding for the action plan.

Employee Advocacy, internal brand ambassadors (Guillem Recolons)


Director of Communication and HR. HH as project managers, the program targets managers, technical profiles, account managers, marketing team, HR team


Between 12 And 16 Hours, workshop format with high participation in dynamics and role play of attendees.
Face: In-company or virtual in Webinar format with sessions maximum 2h per day


Knowledge of the context, personal brand work and value proposition, alignment with corporate values, work in message, Formats, internal and external communication environments, crisis communication, digital framework and personal learning environment