What's the point of giving 2021?

Years often start with purposes of new routines to improve our lives. But I think above that, we should make sense of it, sort of why or why a year before we create that list of ideas that we'll start the 1 January.

If you answer the question, what's the point of giving 2021? it will be easier for your new routines not to end 2 January (ironic mode ON). 

If you're short on time, I'll summarize it in this video: 

Let's start by looking back: What's the point of the now extinct 2020?

It may be easier to start by looking at the recent past. Now that the year has passed 2020 what's the point you make?

Personally, the point I give you is: a year of learning, listening, discovery, to experience, patience, maturity, bites. I know, has also had its downside, You know, lack of hugs, human heat, a year of irreparable losses, of times when distance has been oblivion. But I propose to stick with what we will keep on the positive side.

And now, let's look at 2021:

Step 1: Like the bolero, Bless you, Money and Love

The idea is what's the point you want to give 2021 in each of these terms?

They say terms should be changed in order and written: Bless you, Love, Money. We accept it, let's not get off to a bad start to the year.

By health we understand those projects that will provide us with emotional and physical well-being. For love, those who will reconcile us with the people we carry in our hearts and who for pandemic reasons we have not been able to embrace in 2020. And for money, those projects that will help us pay for the other two.

Step 2: Look for the referees

To shape those projects, look for the referees, those who know about it and can help you. Investigate his publications, Videos, Podcasts, Books,… Find out what their customers say about them.

Finding referrals has two ways, the SEO route or the way of friends who can advise you. The second is more reliable, because a mindfulness specialist, For example, may be the best in your business but the worst in online positioning.

Step 3: Decide if you go all out or get a DIY

With regard to these benchmarks, if your wallet allows you to, contact them. Set clear goals, Deadlines, price and most importantly: when a consulting process ends the real party begins, the action plan, don't ever forget it.

If your wallet doesn't go through its best moments, get a DIY (Do It Yourself). Look for those benchmarks, follow their advice wherever they've been published, check with your circles, Ask Feedback.

The advantage of finding meaning for the next twelve months is that you have a horizon, you can give meaning to your actions, of some personal brand coherence.

Extra bonus: What's the point of giving your life?

If you're nonconformist and want to go further, you can seriously consider a purpose of life, a "for what" that makes sense of your life beyond a year. It's highly advisable. I did it in 2005 and my purpose, help draw futures, has been a beacon ever since.

To work the purpose I advise you these contents: 

At this point, I wish you the best of successes in 2021, in health, love and money!

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Everything leaves a mark (the podcast)

So as not to miss the custom in the new year's purpose chapter, premiere podcast. I hope you like it.. It's called “Everything leaves a mark” and the goal is to expand the posts I post on this blog by adding in each article experiences and anecdotes related to each topic. The idea is that the chapters are close to the 20 Minutes.

At the moment they can be found in Ivoox, Spotify y Apple Podcast.

Here's the chapter that corresponds to this podcast:

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5 thoughts on "What's the point of giving 2021?”

  1. …I had no doubts, but every day I'm clearer that you're a SUPER REFERENT… you curras, you show it and you rely on your actions that in addition… not only do they generate value in your customers but in the people who follow you and do what you do. You have a lot of credit, go all my recognition to your work… Congratulations!

    • Thank you Pattern! The day you reach the height of your shoes, that day, Friend, I'll consider myself a Super-Referrer. Let you know that I miss your blog posts a lot, your reflections, the way you question the unquestionable. Our world is somewhat orphaned without your words, gets all my spirits for the longed-for lap. It's more, I'm thinking of Change.org title book “Sign for Master Barreda to retrieve his blog, and do it NOW!” ;-)

      A strong hug, Friend!

  2. Hello Guillem !
    What a good post to start the year that many want to forget and I find the novelty of the podcast how good and what it took to complete the “You've got a minute.” that many of us already know and we expect it because we consider you a reference. Yes!, Guillem to me you are one of the many that I have and that you also know.
    I don't want to forget the 2020 has been unique and for many it has been good as you well mentioned ( Power, Cleaning, Logistics, telecommunications and digital transformation…) even the 2020 has helped many realize how truly important digitization is in their business and the skills of digital skills, that many of us have already had since before the pandemic.
    You say Health, Love and Money and I totally agree! Without health there's nothing (look at what has led us to a health crisis!) and we can't do anything either, with love for ourselves, our lifestyle created with values, and because of the work we do when we're hired to do a job that helps those who ask us.
    That's precisely my purpose as a business profile that I have: HELP people who have a need or problem to solve.
    Great the title of your podcast “Everything leaves a mark” couldn't be otherwise and the background music very enjoyable. I confess shshshs ! I also thought it would be called “I'm my brand” though giving it a spin would be too personal and this is intended to be interpersons to help right?
    Returning to the trio: Bless you, love and money I'll tell you I'm reading “With Love Enough” I'm finishing up “My Conversations with Krizn” I've read “Rewind” and I have earrings “The sound of a train at night” and why I tell you and recommend you if you haven't read that love is very important to life, conversations with people, rewind and the opportunity to catch a train… are fundamental details of a life. Truth?
    I totally agree that I can hire when necessary and thus be accompanied by what we want but I will also tell you that I am very self-taught ( precisely because the pocket is precarious and I self-contract references through their talks, Websites, Blogs, social media …

    We continue always,

    • The chance to get on a train… good metaphor for flesh-and-blood networking (even if there's a mask in between). Thank you from the heart for your feedback, you're already from this house, and I hope this year we can, in addition to seeing each other, collaborate on a project.

      If you're not human… it's not branding. Thank you for being there!
      A hug,

      • It will be great to be able to collaborate on some or some projects, Guillem. You know my industry is retail ( what you know and have good professionals in common ) and even in giving visibility with digital marketing tools at both online and live events, or already better said hybrids! that the word we have to get used to with the rules and covid protocol we have.



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