I want to find a fucking job.!

A simple test to find work

Yes? Do you really want to find work? "Fucking once"? Well, let's go there.. I propose a very simple test to see if that "whore" is about to arrive or the rest of your life is going to happen in the swamp of unemployment.

  1. Do you still charge for unemployment?
  2. Are you clear on what excels?
  3. If yes, Have you told anyone?
  4. Do you know what you have a reputation among your friends?
  5. Have you worked before?
  6. If yes, Can someone who has worked with you recommend?
  7. How many hours do you spend a day looking for work?
  8. Do you know where you'd like to be in 5 Years?
  9. Do you know what your values are indispensable?
  10. Do you have any idea who you need to run your professional offer to?
  11. If you have it, have you searched the internet for information?
  12. Do you attend professional events, book presentations, Conferences?
  13. Are you continually training?
  14. Can you think of at least three reasons why someone should hire you?
  15. Have you thought about setting up your own business?

Analyzes responses

1.If you keep getting unemployed, it's important that you know you've become engrossed, you've gotten into the subsidy circle. We're going bad. I'm not liberal, but living off other people's aid encourages sofa policy. Don't wait for the grant to run out, every passing day you miss the opportunity to show the world that you'd rather heal than lie on a couch.

2.Being clear on what protrusal is an advantage. In a crowded world, excelting is not a luxury, it's a necessity. If you're not sure, ask it once and for all in your surroundings; no two drops of water are the same, and I play breakfast tomorrow that you know how to do something that not everyone dominates like you.

3.Know what the hell is about. But if you don't communicate you don't exist. Get your batteries on and work on your personal message and ways to make it visible. There are thousands, from the classics (Cv, ear mouth...) to digital (Blog, Linkedin...).

4.We all have a reputation for something: funny, technos, ligones, nerds, smarties, animals. If you've never asked, Do it now. You may be surprised to learn what everyone already knows... and maybe you'll spot an unknown ability.

5. If you've worked before, ask yourself urgently what happened, what you've learned, what the Failure. In a market like the US, it's not the only one in the US. The U.S. is often rejected from the entrepreneur who has not failed before. If you haven't worked before, you may have set the bar very high. Put it down, Fuck, the question is to start, and no one likes to hire a person who has 28 has the résumé blank.

6. I know, you're embarrassed to ask someone else to recommend you. Don't they ever ask you for favors.?. Believe it or not, a recommendation from a former colleague is worth gold, because when the editor plays its reputation. Let's go, I wouldn't think at all to recommend to someone who's not worth a position. The charity works are done in the NGO, but not with the things to eat.

7. How much? Only? Blessed God! That didn't get anywhere.!. If a standard job occupies 8 hours a day, ¿why don't you spend the same time looking for it? Take the test. I doubt that it will take longer than 15 days to find something interesting. Sometimes it's not just about talent, it's about effort.

8. Not knowing where you want to go in 5 years is normal. Just one 0,5% of mortals knows it. But the question is not ballad.. If you investigate a destination it will be easier for you to find a way. Consider two or three scenarios, try to visualize what will change and how you can offer value and solutions to find your market and your conversations (remember that markets are conversations). But the most important thing here is to understand what your dream is. If you know him, chase it.

9. Values. If you know them, I assure you they won't help you set the destination but yes the way you're going down the road. Whatever your values are, always includes authenticity in them, without them there is no map. If you don't know, I recommend you a visit to this Blog (thank you blog micumbre) where you can identify your principles among a list of 90.

10. We call it target audience, buyer person, Audience, Target, stakeholders… The name is not important, But are the ones that will take the chestnuts out of the fire, your customers. Defining it isn't always easy, tends to generalize “anyone can be my client” But this doesn't work, now it doesn't work. The key here is to understand which profiles of people or companies you will help with your activities and your value propositions.

11. You can learn a lot from your future customers on the Internet. If you're good at seekers (looking well is an art) you can find studies on consumer habits and buy, sociological definitions of behaviours, and a lot of things that can be of use to you. At this point it's worth giving him at least a couple of days (16H).

12 Already, this doesn't go with you. It will be shy, will be laziness, or you think all these events are paid. In any city of a certain size every day there are events of all kinds. Search the Internet, you could be 10 hours in a row a day jumping from act to act. These events offer the possibility to learn, meeting people, swapping cards … What? You don't have a card. ?, call your designer friend right now and have her prepare a, and fast!

13 The English have an extraordinary expression “excuses don't go”. No excuses are worth.. Today there are even free online courses from Harvard University or Stanford, the famous MOOC. But closer, in your own country, you'll find all kinds of training that can help you strengthen or acquire new skills. From languages to training in quantum physics. All. If you run through Spain, here's a Listing (thank you wwwhatsnew) of the 125 free online college courses that start in September.

14 The truth is, it doesn't matter if it's three or there are five, but the key is to find the elements that make you someone preferred, the ones that make you win an election. Think divergently, don't just look for the logical side; maybe your love of a sport can be a decisive element, or maybe the dominance of sudokus or Apalabrados. Try to find something that involves the differential factor, and if that “Something” it's emotional, Best. Soft or soft skills “Soft” are valued more than hard or hard “Hard”, don't forget. Inquiry here for more information.

15. El plan B. If Plan A doesn't work (to be signed), tab for you, Undertakes, starts with this idea you've probably had on more than one occasion and going. Explain to others, asks for opinions, works the business model and finds out what it costs to put it into practice, find out what aids are available for this project, And … Launch, I assure you from experience that there's nothing like working for yourself, with partners but no hierarchies. It's an adventure, But, and what is life if you don't?. The book “Branding OFF ON” of the Andy Stalman tells us about Israel as one of the cradle of entrepreneurs on the planet. Continued tension seems to foster an economic culture based on bravery.


What! You think it's complicated.? Well, that's it., neither more nor less, work your person brandL. You can do it alone, following - or not- these tips or you can seek help from professionals, there are. Let's go, get up off the couch, the world is waiting for you out there.

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15 thoughts on "I want to find a fucking job.!”

  1. Strong and forceful. For me the most important thing is at the beginning “…I play breakfast tomorrow that you know how to do something that not everyone masters like your…” Completely. I've never stopped finding a diamond inside every individual. But since it's inside no one sees it… nor the owner!. The personal brand brings it afloat.

  2. Direct message, Yes…but something already kept, No? starts well, even with great advice, that while they would be valid for a young American or unemployed Englishman or rather vague, because there work is not lacking, they're not worth a Spaniard 25 To 30 years he's been looking for a fucking skilled job in his shameful and pitiful country for four years, Spain, with one of the highest unemployment rates in Europe. Because Guillem, Yes, we're in Spain, so the truth is this Master's talk text that you've marked yourself (uncritical) it's great for a developed country ( it's not our case) and for some young people, very young, who are just getting started, nothing 28 years as you say there…and the personal brand thing…Please…it's no more? Why don't you talk about unemployment, the brutal emigration of thousands of young Spanish graduates or better said, the work exile we're being subjected to by the balls, cuts in education, the NO subsidies for the recruitment of QUALIFIED unemployed young people and the shameful corruption that shakes our country from North to South, rather from South to North…
    Keep looking the other way ” you already have your life resolved”, that when the bubble bursts that you live in I hope you'll be the first to fall.

    P.d. I hope I don't spend the rest of my life in the unemployment swamp., because I hope to find a PUTO job, in another PUTO country where if you value my PUTO talent and my PUTA training, and by the way you see how they fuck up the plugged putOS, the work cancer of our PUTO and beautiful country, but especially to the PUTA mob that feeds all this shit that we've been living for many years.

    • Hello Maria Knight. One thing is clear to me about your plea.: you know how to complain. You may even think that you are the only person in the world who has a hard time and that others live in a bubble. Do you really expect politicians or “fucking mob that feeds this shit” they're going to take the chestnuts out of the fire? I suspect you've already noticed that NO, that the step you have to take your.

      Managing your brand means, For example, don't leave writings on the internet with your name that may be a brake on your possible integration into a “Gay” Work. Try to write highlighting what you do better than anyone else in this “Gay” World, never give of course that your interlocutor is better than you and builds, don't destroy, on our sick planet it takes more people to build and spare those who destroy.

      And if you've dedicated yourself with your soul to looking for work and it doesn't come out, look what's gone wrong, what's wrong, if you need more specialization, if you need to develop communication skills, management… Complaining can help you vent, but not to get a “Gay” Work.

      Thank you for writing, it's always an exercise in bravery.

  3. Hello Guillem!
    Direct, strong and even perhaps with a slightly rude tone (Hehe), but a great article! It's hard for people to dare to say things they don't like so clearly, but I think it's very good that it's done.
    I recognize that long ago I was more of the opinion of Mary Knight, although it's also true that I only said it in petit committee, but I think that's wanting to put your life in the hands of others, and the reins of it have to carry oneself. Let's not go on as when we were at school on the grounds that if I approve I have studied very well and if I suspend it is that the teacher has mania for me. Like it or not we like, nobody's going to get the chestnuts out of the fire like you say. Take the reins, you posed all those questions and looked for answers.
    Thank you for your article!
    A greeting

    • Hello Fernando, I won't deny that -- for once- I've used a somewhat inquisitive tone. It intended the effect of raising awareness. I understand Mary's outrage, I've been through tremendous times, even worse than the ones she describes. But as you say, after a first phase of anger with the world you need to reach a phase of taking the reins of your life without expecting anyone to throw you the life-saving float. If you want the job to find you you you need impeccable brand management. It's not easy, but it's also not impossible. Thank you for writing.
      Pd: Your email (I can't post) It's great.

  4. I dropped out of school with 16 years and with a recommendation from my guardian to my mother telling them about my manual skills. Years later and fed up with work I decided to invest the little money saved, And I did it in training, investing $11,000 to take off all the gruista cards as well as a truck driver. The thing is, I didn't last my formative improvement as I barely got to pay back what I invested.

    What's the step I have to take now? I've already exhausted my resources, and I see that work has to flow, I don't think any unemployed in my situation (un benefited) you can afford to spend every day 8 hours by phone, or visiting polygons.

    On the other hand, I notice that companies need too much personal data to hire you, get into your life's kitchen. I also believe that ETTs are not providing continuity solutions and employing job traders.

    If I'm on the couch it's not for pleasure exactly, that's why I think this post is rubbish.

    Signed. A very burnt one.

    • Hello Dani, I think your name is Dani, even though the mail you've given is fake. You made the right decision by training as a gruista and truck driver: those are now your assets and over here you can get a job opportunity.

      Allowing yourself to pass 8 hours a day calling or visiting polygons is not a big expense, and it's your last chance to find a job. You can't just afford it., you have to start and not stop. For an unemployed person his job is to find work, and there's no couch until you find it.

      Companies often ask for the data they see fit to make sure they don't hire unstable or aggressive people, you don't have to be afraid if you're not that profile. Put yourself in his place, you would too. ETTs are a necessary evil in times of record unemployment, and for many they may represent the only opportunity to access -even if it's temporary- to the labour market.

      I'm not offended that you think the post is rubbish., I'm glad you made him react and write. But leave the couch at once, work won't come looking for you there.
      Greetings and Merry Christmas!

      • Guillem really has the sensibility of a stone, And I'm not going to be redundant again, because what I think of your post I already made it clear to you a few months ago and of course I repeat it. But if I'm going to repeat you that in this blog it clearly appears that “the mail will not be published” which I find a disrespect and an attack on individual data protection, you continue to inspect the mail of the 4 people we've commented on your post (because that's another, Or 5 people have read you the post, that should make you reflect on your writing or if you really have qualities and other skills to write and reach people) you speak with a rather unpleasant altive attitude. And by the way, for such an older man, it's pretty childish of you to look for the net we write here. (The 4 cats I've already told you)what you should give us is thanks. That's all right, man of all this nonsense.

        Dani, Good morning, I think your problem comes from the basis, giving credit (when you were a teenager) to a teacher who tells you you're not worth studying…(of course there are people who shouldn't choose certain professions) but good as you can't back off I recommend you keep fighting, don't invest those astronomical amounts of money in “Cards”, invest it in training that you see clearly that it can help you, both work and personally. Strive even if you don't see clear results. Me after the race, different training and a master's degree (as the country was) I was going to throw in the towel (within Spain) and not long ago I've been hired by one of the best companies in my city… Because that… You can do!
        Dani hugs (or how you get out of the cullons calling you because you'd need more than had to show us up to your ID to comment on a ridiculous post ;)

        • Hello Maria, as you see I have no problem posting any comments, however negative it may be. The post has read it, if Google Analytics doesn't fool me, 21.000 people with distiness IP as of today and an average reading time of 5'22”. I recognize that there may not be many, but it's more than five. If you read other posts written by me you will see that attitude “encouraged and unpleasant” doesn't usually appear very often. But in this post it seemed to me that it took some forcefulness to provoke reactions.

          I take your suggestion on the fly and I appreciate you writing in the post - and I say it from the heart- and I wish you the best Christmas possible. A greeting!

    • Dani

      Unemployment is tough at all levels. I am a promoter and personal brand spokesperson just because I experienced unemployment. In my country there is no unemployment insurance. As the mother of 3 daughters who have to eat every day I lived the insensitive interrogations of recruiters. With 46 years and “newsletter” from a previous employer had no chance of. Boletination is a campaign via HR networks that certain recruiters do so that you don't get used. Having experience, Master, Languages. They blocked my access. I was able to prove that the “newsletter” it was hurt to make me an unquestionable fingerprint. I won't sell you the idea that overnight you'll get a job.. But I know it's possible; as Mary says after all if you've now touched to be on the couch from there or anywhere else you can manage the nets. I wish I could do more for you and those who are unemployed. I know how hard it is., but from my humble desk I offer what I think can help someone. Hugs and best of luck!!! Nothing is forever… nor the good … nor the bad.

  5. Tell me about it I moved from Wisconsin to California and this is the worst mistake I ever made! I am so angry because there is plenty of jobs in Wisconsin and I just insisted my husband no to move over here because I knew with no education there is no jobs specially in California so that is why I decided to study for Medical Assistant and what happened? nothing after spending, 24000 in my loan I never developed my skills in any clinic because everywhere I used to call in for jobs Doctors used to tell oh I am sorry but you don’t have experience and so late I understood that there is high demand of students looking for the same branch in medical assistant so! I am very upset then I finally found a job but after 3 years the company decided to move to Puerto Rico and now here I am again looking for a job to see there is only minimum wage offered and so far from where I live because on top of that My husband decided to buy the house in Palmdale Ca where there is no manufacture jobs and this is why the mortgage payments for anyone who wants to buy here is so chip because we don’t have jobs! I wish I can move back to Wisconsin :(

  6. Hello, Guillem, in your article 03/09/2014 (I want to find a fucking job.!) Edition “Different relevant authentics”, at the point 11 incorporate a link that no longer works. On the web you deleted it, I guess for that reason. I'm interested in the matter., and I don't know if it's too much to ask you for the title that had the info, to look for related topics. Thanks a lot, a greeting, and congratulations on your work.


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