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Are you worse in social networks in real life?

Then a fragment I shape article Tino Fernández published in Expansion yes, 4 September 2015: What if you're much better than samples in social networks? drawing a frequent situation of default in the personal communication plan. One of the great contributions of the article is my good friend and mentor Andrés Pérez Ortega, and the view is also reflected Montse Ventosa (Truthmark) and mine. Enjoy your meal!

What if you're much better than samples in social networks?

Some tend to sweeten and exaggerate their professional lives in networks, but others are sold worse than they are: good professionals who provide an image on Facebook or Twitter away from your reality.

What if your real life and professional -the staff- much better than you samples, even proudly, in social networks? Can you recover if you make the mistake of selling on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn a byproduct of your true reality?

overstate, sugarcoat or lie in the nets on what you are doing or, showing a wonderful life, overactive, Superinteressante and hilarious has its risks… But perhaps you should appreciate what you play by providing an image that you think appropriate but that has nothing to do with your real life. Worse if you are a great professional who does not need exaggerations or false stories that reality.

There are more concerned professionals to do things well and grow that appear

Andrés Pérez Ortega, expert personal strategy, remember that “Until a few years ago, being on the Internet was something distinctive that conveyed the importance of a professional. But social networks have removed barriers to entry… En Facebook o Twitter, every day is more difficult to find unique pearls, and so any professional who intends to emphasize is very difficult to convince of his ability. And if he succeeds, are you going to do with suspicion. It's like trying to sell a gem of Tiffany's in El Rastro”.

Recommends looking for sites in the less saturated Network, most exclusive and most professional, or create your own as a blog.

Outside appearances

Montse Ventosa, president of Truthmark, ensures that “in many social phenomena it exists what is known as the silent majority: a group of people more concerned about doing things right, and grow personally and professionally that appear”.

He adds that there are a number of professionals who often think that when inspiration strikes snagged them is better than working; others who do not lack that appearance, because his talent and actions speak for them. They are also those who are unaware of their value or impact of their work, and also those who have little ability to gain visibility of their work, or they think is negative politicking, so do not take time to cultivate relationships, when the politicking can have a nice and necessary side. Not to mention that, Contrary to sell the bike (understanding this as promising more than can be met) They prefer to meet more than promised (overdeliver & underpromise).

If the first impression is important, Internet is lethally important

Guillem Recolons, partner Soymimarca, It refers to those professionals who believe that magnify its image, their profile descriptions and even “rejoice” its online curriculum is common and recommended: “It is not like this. Not easy reach equilibrium, but be yourself, inside or outside the network, It should be a compass that marks our North. Often in these profiles the effect occurs disappointment, that is when the virtual relationship becomes real. That is to say: It is a overpromise, anglicized denoting that you've crossed the line”.

An unreal and smaller image

What happens when the situation is reversed? If you are someone with a good brand, well recognized, but the virtual image you project is below what you really are and offer… Recolons believes that the only way to prevent virtual “desvirtualice” the real is eligible for this “it is good to be good, but it is better to be and appear so”, and urgently hire a professional who knows how to clone your brand networks: “If the first impression is important, Internet is lethally important, since they are not usually revisiting a profile that does not arouse interest or sympathy”.

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