Is there a recession coming? It's the best time to stop being a white mark

After a few years hammered by the acronym VUCA this is (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity) now we know that what comes to us is a recession of good caliber.

If you have little time, here's a one-minute summary video:

What we mean by recession

They used to talk about recession if there was negative GDP growth (Gross Domestic Product). Now the recession just comes when we don't grow as much as previous years. It is one of the servitudes of capitalism. You have to grow anyway. And that "whatever" hurts us., to employment, environment and political and social stability.

Case P & G (Gilette, Ariel, Tampax, Dodot, H&S, Max Factor, Fairy...)

Those of us who come from the advertising industry will have read and heard a thousand times that in times of recession, brands that keep or increase investment are those that survive the chaos.

Procter was set an example & Gamble (Q&G), than a time of deep recession in the US, the us is going to have to USA (I think during the crack of the 29), while many brands opted for a conservative position, Company P&G maintained and in some cases increased investment in its brands. And that made them leaders. I don't know how much legend the information will have, But it makes sense, or at least had it in radio and press times as virtually unique means that were used at the time.

White brands and their reputation

For a long time we advertisers despise the power of White brand. There was a time when the only brands that mattered were the ones they saw on TV. And it may stay that way., but now "importing" is relative, because we know that many white brands are manufactured in companies with well-known brands.

As Ogilvy said, "the consumer is not foolish, she's my wife.". The phrase may sound sexist today, but I think we all understand the meaning. If a white mark gives me the guarantee of the dealist who sells it and I also know that it may have been made by one of the great, And it's cheaper, why not include it in the basket?

The Desirability doesn't always materialize in purchase. If I ask you about three brands of sneakers, you may not consider any white marks. You'll think about Adidas, Nike, Reebok, Asics and some more.

But when it comes to buying, we distinguish the buying "commodity" (the slippers for a young child that will last him two months) or buy "premium" when we want to reward ourselves as adults with the best product to run without breaking our legs.

infographics: In which regions do executives believe that the economy is worsening? | Statista More infographics in Statista


A different point es a white-label person, beware of that

Despite this peaceful coexistence of "premium" brands with white, in the case of people the thing doesn't work the same. The added value of a professional is no longer just his value proposition, and neither does its price. It's also your "findability" and visibility, and their values as a person.

Here, be white-label is to be nobody, not to be found, not to be selected for a promotion, not to be considered to form a team, to lead a project. The white-label person it's invisible, leaves no mark, And that also leaves a mark, but negative.

I must admit that if someone does their job very well, enters the tern of candidates for improvement. But today "doing" is not enough, you also have to "put in value", and that has a lot to do with a conscious process of managing Personal Branding, what we know as personal branding.

When it gets dark, it's time to shine

When difficult times come, comes our “moment P&G”, And it's time to shine. Shining is "do" but leaving a reflection of what has been done, so that it is valued to be perceived without nuance by the stakeholders or interest groups responsible for an improvement.

Stop being white-label person it's possible. In this blog there are many clues how to do it. Don't stay off the list, please value. Have a nice week.

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