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Story, platform, audience; key in communicating our personal brand

In recent years we have gone from message, medium, target audience account, platform, audience.

It may seem that this is a merely formal question, but the change is not free. It is based on the need to project our attitudes in addition to our skills.

It is not true that circulating lately that the experience, a university degree or a master are useless. What happens is that's not the only thing that is valued.

It has rained since Goleman published his Emotional intelligence. And the truth is that now more and give more value to our soft skills: adaptability, negotiation, leadership , teamwork, values, assertiveness, empathy…

It is no longer what we say, is how we, what support or platform and what audience.

Message to story: the coldness of the data to the emotional connection

We are getting better. From “commercial” to “account manager” there is more than a translation. The idea of “manager” conveys commitment, responsibility. It is a principle. There is no value proposition, but there is more value in the proposal.

I stress again that if we turned the charge on the card lose an opportunity to connect. Although there are exceptions. I remember it almost 20 years I met a promising entrepreneur Bonomi family / Benetton handed me a card under the name read in charge of ideas (in charge of ideas). It was certainly a pioneer.

How could I work a “commercial” its value proposition? Reading the great post Inge Sáez “How to write a professional holder high impact on Linkedin” I read the inspiring example of Tino del Pozo: “… Helping to generate traffic, qualified leads and sales”. Improvement, don't you think so?

The secret: Value proposal + Values

I am not of those who have magic formulas, I not write these lines from the plant 60 of a building in New York. I think the words success and leadership are beginning to spend so much rule, sometimes understandable contexts and sometimes trivializing his idea. I distinguish two types of people: the connecting and that do not connect.

Connecting people usually work in depth their value proposition, which they accompany their values. But not declaratively, but demonstrative. Recently my I admired Joan Clotet He invited me to give a talk about how to create reports from data (the data to account). The talk, which it took place in the IE in Madrid, the organized the “boss” Joan, Aitor. Joan spoke to Aitor me to pilot this talk about story.

Aitor response was “above all, that is a good person”. Aitor assumed that I could have the skills to discuss story, so I needed to ensure it was what he really cares: people with whom he surrounds himself be good people.

That's what some call leadership, I prefer to call connection, connectivity. Do not say, it does.

Medium to platform: seeking omnicanalidad

I always tell my talks ago 12 years old , for a personal message reached 5.000 people needed to use media and pay good fortune hired by spaces there.

Today the story has changed, Thanks to the Internet but also to the development of technologies that allows us to use internet from, for example, the beach.

The same article you read can potentially 5.000 or 20.000 People at zero cost thanks to these technologies. Zero cost is a metaphor, because somehow we are putting our time to write, prepare written and spread. But we do not talk about media, We talk about platforms.

Before, Articles in the press disappeared ... in time, Like tears in the rain (Ridley Scott thanks for that one moment Blade Runner).

Now the newspaper archives are publicly accessible (almost all) and the contents are in seconds “they live” forever. Our brand is permanent.

The hearing is liquid, not know you, you find

The last part, but surely the most important, It is the audience. We have gone from Kotleriano concept of market segmentation to the idea that you are not the segmenting, is the audience which does.

They do not know you, but you are. It's that simple. Few seek content by author's name, They seek them for the affinity to the content itself.

The audience loyalty is to the content, and the challenge is to make it to the content creator. For that to occur we need more than a value proposition and values. We need all that becomes a unique style, differentiated, that appeals both to create a more or less permanent hearing (since there is no loyalty in this).

In summary, para subirnos to SXXI, Just look at reality differently. Show more than show. Less message and story, on the right platform and strong enough to attract a liquid hearing.

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About me Guillem Recolons

Convinced that everything leaves a mark, I help companies to better connect with their stakeholders through personal branding programs (personal brand management) and employee advocacy (internal brand ambassadors programs).

Partner at Integra Personal Branding and Soymimarca, I also collaborate with Ponte en Valor, Brandergizers,, MoreThanLaw, Noema Consulting, AdQualis and QUIFER Consultants.

As lecturer, participated in the Graduate Social Media of UPF and UVic, in various programs in ISDI, speaker at the IESE EMBA, among other. Advertising man, Master en Marketing. Grade student of Humanities.

My DNA comes from advertising 20 years in agencies: BBDO, J.W.T., Bassat Ogilvy, Saatchi & Saatchi, Altraforma and TVLowCost among others.

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