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Judge you before I met you? Check your brand

Remember the phrase “They judge me before they even know me and that’s why I’m better off alone“? Indeed, Shrek is.

By now you know how you can judge someone without knowing. It's for your Personal Branding , you “marca personal”. And that mark is generated based on private and public parameters.

They come from the private people who know you and talk about you to others, good o bad. This information is transmitted in a mouth-ear highly effective. Remember that Your brand is what they say about you, not what you say about yourself, and it is more based on what you do than what you say, It is a matter of recognition (branding), so it's key that you know the content of those transmissions word of mouth to see if you need to check or maintain your strategy (if you have) personal branding.

But in addition to the word-of-mouth (mouth, ear) that shapes our private label, exists, almost certainly, a public brand. This public mark consists of the entire footprint available on the Internet related to your name, whether real or not. I know that sounds bad to “whether real or not”, but if someone searches for your name on Google you can find confusing information about you. Imagine your name is Pedro Suarez and are an architect. The right thing is that when you seek typed “Pedro Suarez + architect”, but the reality is that it will remain only with the name. Do the test. Put your name on Google from a device without cookies and what appears is your public brand. Does it fit you? Do you talk about other people? Can be confusing? You can close doors?.

New Zealand consultant Robert Half He promoted a study of more than 400 workers to see if practiced on the network egosurfing. The results, They were of a 61% on behalf of itself. The same consultant gives us 5 keys from this practice:

1. Knowing what the network says about us. In addition to the egosurfing, It is good idea to create Google Alerts with our name or other tracking services to receive notification every time something new is said about you, and then try to remove any content that could be seen as unprofessional or controversial. If you can not remove it (You are not in controlled networks for you personally), it pays to be prepared to explain to a recruiter if you ask about.
2. Harnessing privacy options. It is very advisable to adjust the privacy settings of our social networks to control who has access. And as communication consultant says Francesc Grau, total privacy does not exist, so better safe than sorry.
3. Contribute to the conversation. And share items of self-interest and our business scope, and as far as possible, writing articles for publication in our sector means.
4. Exercise of discretion. As lawyers say, Note that all you can write used against you, and be seen by clients or potential employers.
5. Maintaining current profiles. There is nothing uglier than an abandoned blog or an empty Linkedin profile, no data, ni foto, or extract. It is worth spending a few minutes a month to update public information about our behalf.

Check your brand

If you see both your private and your public brand brand carry your name to a place unwanted, it's time to get to work on actively managing your personal brand (personal branding). What does it mean “active”? Basically do not let others configure your brand, you work your self and your personal strategy thoroughly before you begin to write or publish anything on social networks. Let yourself help, do not think, as Shrek, you're better off alone; You will see that you have a good army of people in your circles you can lend a hand. For once, abused. Your credibility is at stake, your reputation, your brand.

Image: Google Creative Commons Search, by Ged Carroll


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My DNA comes from advertising 20 years in agencies: BBDO, J.W.T., Bassat Ogilvy, Saatchi & Saatchi, Altraforma and TVLowCost among others.

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