seduction is dead

Spanish ... seduction is dead

Seduction is low hours. What's going on?

We see a trailer for a movie that seduces us to go see it. Then you see if it meets expectations or disappoint.

In a neighborhood market, one charcutero let us try some cheese and seduces us to buy a piece.

We see a famous sportsman wearing slippers, and we like the idea of ​​having them.

I like to listen "Lucia"Serrat or"special love"Lluis Llach, two works of art. Both they seduce me enough to reproduce them without respite. I'm weird?

Why then seduction is dead in Spanish politics?

Nobody can force you to feel

The situation being experienced by Spain over Catalonia, It is lack of pure seduction. They will be forced to pay taxes, to move to the right, to be punctual at work, but no one can make you feel. Spanish Seas, Argentine or Chinese. The feeling comes from seduction (I like what I propose) and conviction (suits me), but never the obligation.

I do not use ham because it is Andalusian or Extremaduran, I use because I like. The same thing happens with Cabrales cheese, Cantabrian anchovies or a good Ribera de Duero. And I will not give that no matter what I'm weird?

Legality vs. Legitimacy

We are witnessing a boxing match in which legality opponents are against the legitimacy. In a fight three rounds, always win the legality, but if it is to 20 assaults the legitimacy has the upper hand.

Clarify concepts, while the law obligating, It generates legitimacy responsibility (the political ethics) and recognition.

The sad thing about all this is that those who defend the legality (Government of Spain) and those who defend the legitimacy (Government of Catalonia) must climb a ring. Why not table, without blows, TRENDY arguments to the other party?

To a town, or a good part of it, You not are compelled to feel something that goes against their values. And while some do not understand, the values ​​of many Catalans are different, neither better nor worse, just different.

Question of story

I am advertising, And when I speak of seduction, I talk about emotions, persuasion. Catalan narrative has managed to seduce half of the Catalans to start a different relationship with Spain. And nothing less than a 80% Catalans is willing to vote to decide between continuity and change. Of course, both options are legitimate.

The Spanish government could have chosen to seduction or disappointment. Not now, a few years ago. Wielding the only argument of legality, the government has forgotten to seduce Where is he Adolfo Suarez and Felipe Gonzalez that first leather jacket that seduced so hard to mostly accept "change"?


It is always easy to blame the law that does not comply. Curiously, the great progress of humanity have come through dialogue, and put forward the legitimacy against legality. This has happened in all revolutions. So slavery was abolished, and women's suffrage was achieved, breaking the Berlin Wall…

I know. In many cases these changes have behaved blood, violence. But in the XXI century there are other ways explorable. They are within our reach.

Enticement or force

It is possible that the Catalan case is too late to seduce, contemplable and the only option for the Spanish Government is force. That would be the failure of the legitimacy. La Moncloa can get a Catalonia mollified and resigned to continue as an autonomous region but how long can sustain a nation-state, an idea as outdated and obsolete as the monarchy itself?

President of the Spanish Government can win the current battle against independence. What is clear is that if not active mechanisms of seduction, half the Catalans will not feel Spanish.

Understand that the solution to this happens to have winners and losers is back 300 years old and back to Felipe V which he abolished the Catalan institutions and banned the Catalan language. History shows that nothing helped. This language is more alive than ever, and with her, a culture and particular idiosyncrasies.

We need thinkers with a clear mind and without limiting beliefs to think about how to seduce. And not worth politicians or journalists (since the latter depend on investments in advertising political). If this initiative does not start divorce it is more than accomplished. It's not the end of the world, It is a ratio change, It is the end of seduction.

Any ideas? (I know, I'm weird).

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4 replies
  1. Rafa García
    Rafa García says:

    “Catalan story”… Guillem. In this expression of your own article I think the answer to your question.
    I know the Catalonia walk much less than I would like. Some sporadic visits to Barcelona, a Girona,… Admiration an enterprising people, worship, our spearhead in many areas. And then what we see in the media. And I see price, read and listen to all colors. I just need to TV3 because I do not understand Catalan. Although -a great side effect of the current situation-, and something is hitting us all.
    Catalan narrative has managed to convince many people of a sort of vassalage to Madrid. Spain pushes us, It limits our culture, curtails our language, belittles our institutions, undermines our will, Spain robs us…
    My impression is that none of that is held on provable facts. Is… that… a story… A story that after years of repetition and repetition… He has managed to permeate all that mass of population that is now bound to the frustrating reality.
    Legitimacy: quality of legitimate.
    Legitimate (1): under the laws. Can anyone really argue that the Catalan government is acting under the laws?
    Legitimate (2): true, genuine and true in any line. It is true, genuine and true in any line the story of the Catalan government?
    ¿Felipe V? If the current situation is minimally resemble the times of Felipe V… minimally… these cravings do not know if legitimate differentiation, but it would be understandable. In a century already advanced, in which the most prosperous nations tend to blur boundaries and cede sovereignty towards higher goals… Is there any possible way to seduce years who has been feeding back the opposite message?

    You, brand experts, incidís again and again in the prevailing confusion between what one reveals and what it really is. Between the screen and reality. Among the profiles of social networks and the course of your work, your actions. That is the mark of true, which endures.
    And… before striking headlines, simpletons messages and labels easy playback… some people, direct interest or emotional comfort, They are delivered first thing you have and confuse story and reality. Postverdad comes even get a guy like Trump draw the crowds saying in broad daylight is closed night. Is there any possible way to seduce who buys stories of this ilk?

    • Guillem Recolons
      Guillem Recolons says:

      Hi Rafa! I'm glad to hear from you again.
      I'm not who wields grievances. My life revolves around Bcn, Madrid, Málaga, Valencia. I live almost on the train. In fact, I write from the AVE. I credit to the theory of the writer Xavier Molins speaking of draft differences in thinking, and distinguishes between conservatism and progressivism. I put a portion of one of their posts:

      conservatism: Political Thought in which laws or rules mark the behavior of individuals.

      Progressivism: Political Thought in which the behavior of individuals mark laws or rules.

      An example of conservative organization would religions. they, individuals should behave as they say their holy books. For years go, the rules are the same and it is people who must adapt to the laws, and not the other.

      And an example of progressive organization would companies. Internal policies or ways of acting, They will be adapted to the behavior of individuals. Companies observe the behavior of society to launch products or services that are suited to the mentality and current needs. The company regulations will be adapted to the market, and not the other.

      We can take the gay marriage as a fact that is interpreted differently depending on what political tendency is judged. A conservative assert that marriage is the union between a man and a woman, and anything other than that, It is not a marriage. Because they say "laws", It has always been and should remain so.

      The prism of progressivism, If you arrived at a point in history it has been found that homosexuals are not sick (as it has been thought of many periods of mankind) and it has been demonstrated that homosexuality is as natural as heterosexuality, laws must be revised to accommodate this new thinking, this new progress. So that, laws must be rewritten and be adapted to new times, a new mentality.

      Is it better to be progressive to be conservative? Isn't it?.
      Nor upside. Be conservative or being progressive is a personal choice, that does not place us above the contrary thought. It simply indicates how we understand the world and how how we have been organizing societies.
      But a conservative is no better person than a progressive, and vice versa.

      What is true, nevertheless, It is that living together under one roof in such different ways of understanding life will never be easy. Never.
      And I do not find anything when I say categorically that Catalonia is a progressive territory, while Spain is clearly conservative.
      Is it better Catalonia Spain for being progressive? Isn't it?. Nor upside. But it is obvious that differences of thought are sometimes insurmountable to live together.

      Right now, the backbone of the Catalan conflict is the referendum next 1 October. And here it is reflected the difference of thought.
      In Spain it is argued that the referendum is illegal because the Constitution says so. It is the best evidence of conservatism. There are unwritten rules to follow, and behavior of individuals must be adapted to what the Constitution says, as if the treaties signed in 78 were sacred texts downloaded directly from Mount Sinai.
      On the other hand, Catalonia supporting a self-determination referendum is the 80%, because a progressive always agree to rewrite the laws if necessary.

      The clash between Catalonia and Spain is the clash between conservatism and progressivism. It is the struggle between those who will not change anything against which wants to reform everything. It is the permanent conflict between who wants to keep what you have, and whoever wants to change everything to progress.
      Spain is a conservative and centralist state that do not fit the desire for progress of a people such as Catalan, why the different attempts to get the coveted lace Catalonia in Spain have failed.

      Because for a conservative, It is very difficult to accept that the rules can change and irrefutable truths such as the Constitution, traditions and unwritten laws can be replaced by creating a new order in which they believed unmovable concepts become obsolete.

      And parallel, for a progressive it is very difficult to accept that there is a barrier that can not be exceeded, there are laws that can not be changed, there are places that can not be passed.

      Catalan independence is inevitable, because they can not live two very different mentalities unless one of the two wants to change.
      And at this point, unlikely to see a major change in either of the two parties.

      Because I think it is unfeasible a profound change in Spain. I doubt that someday change its constitution so that the Catalans to vote. It becomes Republic, renouncing the monarchy. Traditions dismiss the bulls, and abolished in Catalonia. Accept that Barcelona is much more international than Madrid and, for example, Prat becomes the main airport in Spain. It becomes a federal state where each region determine themselves. Abandon centralism, conservatism, el traditionalism.

      And parallel, I do not see the Catalans not to vote resigning himself to things that affect them directly. Renounce being a republic. To abide by that Barcelona never overtake Madrid by limitations imposed by inflexible state structure, Jacobin immovable. I do not see the Catalans continually resigned to run into a wall to halt its progressiveness, his innate entrepreneurialism, his desire to move forward. Not imagine Catalonia accept the ballast part of a state whose structure defined always relegate to a second position because the state model prioritizes centrality established many years ago.
      It is lawful, mount a legitimate and acceptable been thinking that centrality is a good system for the common good of the state. But it is also permissible, legitimate and acceptable to refuse to be part of that state if you believe that stifles the yearnings centrality progress of your territory.
      Catalonia and Spain no longer walk together hand in hand, because they go to different places.

      If there is a reason why today the independence is not a majority in Catalonia, It is because there are still many people with emotional and affective ties to Spain. There is still a lot of people with very latent links, product of being even descendants of Andalusian and Murcian massive immigration of years 60 and 70 (among which is my family by mother).
      As the Spanish Poso dissipate in the coming families, independentismo will embrace the majority. There are statistical studies that place a 90% the pro-independence those who have parents and grandparents born in Catalonia. Instead, barely reaches the 20% those in which none of his ancestors was born in Catalonia.
      demography, irrefutable in its mission, which will be impersonates a 50% favorable to independence to establish a comfortable majority.
      That's why I've never understood that Spain has not allowed a referendum in Catalonia in recent 10 years old , when victory was assured, I will never understand nor the rulers of Catalonia, with an incomprehensible hurry to hold a referendum as soon as possible, knowing to wait just a few 10-15 years is to ensure a clear victory at the polls.

      no longer it makes sense to ask whether Catalonia is independent or not. It is obvious that sooner or later will be a new state, when the feeling of having strong españolidad even those who were born outside Catalonia and their children fade away. It will then, when emotion left a margin, when it will be impossible to argue that such a progressive country like Catalonia continue enconsertado in a conservative structure as the Spanish State.

      Now you no longer need to wonder if Catalonia is independent or not, other questions occupy the interest of many. The questions we must now ask are the 'how', The when’ and 'under what conditions'.
      At three questions I have my preferences, I hope my wishes come true.
      As for the 'how', I wish with all my strength to be a process 100% peaceful. Because the independence of Catalonia not worth a single drop of blood. The unit of Spain either.

      As for 'what conditions', also I have a longing: I would like Catalonia and Spain retained a close and fraternal relationship. Because Spain is an amazing country, with splendid people, with an extraordinary culture and thousands of things that unite us. Catalonia and Spain has not been a good marriage, but we can be a great brothers.

      I do not know if this clarifies the position of a part (not all) Catalans, but it's pretty close to what I think happens. A hug!

  2. Carmen Herrada
    Carmen Herrada says:

    Ante todo felicitar porque me ha gustado la manera que tienes de enfocar el conflicto de Cataluna.

    I am not very political and not a long time living in Spain, so I find it hard to understand the situation and the reasons why they want to wean Cataluna like the reasons you expose.
    If we talk about seduction and feelings, I am Andalusian , Spanish and European, and I feel very proud, and even though I've lived in Asia, America or other places my family and friends have been always remembering my roots and do not let me be seduced by the facilities of other countries, so it makes me sad to think that future generations will be Cataluna even more in favor of independence ... so we have a problem of values ​​and reality is not teaching?
    the separatists, Spaniards feel no?, Europeans also feel?
    It is said that there are things of the heart that reason does not understand, and sincerely hard for me to find the reason in the independentismo.

    With a lot of respect, Carmen

    • Guillem Recolons
      Guillem Recolons says:

      Hi carmen, and above all thank you for writing. As you say it is a complex issue. Is difficult to answer your question about whether or not they feel separatists Spanish. What is certain is that feel more Catalan and European Spanish. But that's not all. It is a dilemma between conservative and progressive thinking. Writer Xavier Molins reflects this:

      conservatism: Political Thought in which laws or rules mark the behavior of individuals.

      Progressivism: Political Thought in which the behavior of individuals mark laws or rules.

      An example of conservative organization would religions. they, individuals should behave as they say their holy books. For years go, the rules are the same and it is people who must adapt to the laws, and not the other.

      And an example of progressive organization would companies. Internal policies or ways of acting, They will be adapted to the behavior of individuals. Companies observe the behavior of society to launch products or services that are suited to the mentality and current needs. The company regulations will be adapted to the market, and not the other.

      I know it's hard to assume that someone can “not feel Spanish” still remain so, but as I say in the post, the feeling is achieved by means of seduction, is not ordered.

      a greeting, Carmen!


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