Reasons to manage your personal brand (Ⅲ)

Be a benchmark in my market

I hope you didn't miss the 1st part."If you don't manage it, It will be managed by your enemy" and the 2nd "They don't value you professionally as they are right for you". Today I treat one of the essential reasons to manage our brand: be perceived as a benchmark of our sector or market.

Often commented that if the marketing reinforces knowledge, branding bets on recognition. And personal branding has a strategic function in recognizing us as benchmarks in our market.

Nuance is important, because it's not about using a megaphone through the streets proclaiming how good we are, it's about generating a first "feeling" of experts based on what we write, Share, we do and don't do to then consolidate a clear idea of referrals.

Why a reference?

Being a reference is a means, the end is to be chosen. And one thing is clear, they won't pick you without you're not on the short list of referrals.

How to become a benchmark?

First, calmly. Rome wasn't built in a day, and a professional doesn't get a reference in a year or two. Yes, there are acceleration factors, how to publish a book or how to appear regularly in media, but as a rule a wine needs time and care to become a good wine.

Second, with a very clear idea about the strategy to use. It's not about zigzagging, it's about following a line as straight as possible with all the waypoints marked.

Third, with good friends. We'll call them "key Partners" or whatever we want, but alone it's hard to get there. We need to identify people, companies or institutions that can help us keep the line straight and manage a network of contacts. Partner point is important, because if they know our work (And it's good) will be the ones who will speak well of us, they'll recommend us, validate our competencies (For example, In Linkedin). That's what I mean by branding. An extreme example of branding is Trip Advisor, a place where users value their experiences about a brand and make them public. Who do you believe before? The hotel that declares (Marketing) be very good or to the hotel best referred by its customers (Branding)?. Think seriously about this point, works a good network of contacts, without it the road will be long and complicated.

Perhaps it may seem simplistic to reduce the formulas to be about three. Of course, there are many more, but here is portrayed the podium of the winners.

I hope it was helpful.. I'll wait for you next week with a new reason to manage your personal brand.

Photo: Alondra de la Parra, Mexican conductor.

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