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Storytelling: connecting speech, seduces and convinces

Stories can change the world

The factor of choice between two identical professionals with knowledge hard and similar trajectories can be at ease to get emotionally to your partner. That we have no doubts: Stories can change the world.

Although the art of storytelling goes back to ancient caves, some authors became science to include it in the Branding Trademark, political candidates, and, of course, professional. Among them I highlight two: Christian Salmon, author of Storytelling: Machine fabricate stories and formatting minds (Atalaya, 2008) Spanish and settled in Chicago Antonio Nunez, author of two books on the subject, which recommend Será mejor que lo cuentes (Empresa Activa, 2007).

  • Good examples of the use of storytelling in trademarks highlight "the jump"Felix Baumgartner Red Bull, he had the world on tenterhooks for a few hours, getting thousands audiences that exceed conventional advertising campaigns, and it appears even in the Wikipedia.
  • In politics it is remarkable the use of metaphors to make speeches that touch the heart: “new deal”, "Zero unemployment", "the change", “”The quiet force”…
  • In person, cases of Jeff Bezos, Richard Branson, Bill Gates academics are examples of how to use the account for the purpose of better connection and empathy with the public. But perhaps it is a somewhat inaccurate story, know that Jobs and Wonziak Apple started in a garage without college connected with many people of humble origins and encourages them to overcome prejudices.

We all have things to say, and often the reason for not doing so is because we have been taught to separate well between professional and personal, when in reality we are talking about a thin line which is not bad pass. If we generate empathy key is having the courage to show the same interest with our strengths and our weaknesses: that's what makes us human, and that is what connects, seduces and convinces.

Not to stay only examples of famous I leave an example of storytelling applied to a professional after a process personal branding:

When it is interesting to use the personal account?

In personal branding processes we see certain types of professionals who require more than others the use of personal moments in its history to bolster their career or their skills:

  1. architects, engineers, doctors, lawyers, police. Professions often not so bad drag "fame" as some notion of coldness. Hollywood has flooded our heads hard attorneys, calculating and cold, Like police. But the truth is that the stories of these people Calan us deeply when they show their human condition; their relationships with their children, spouses, its dependencies to alcohol, other drug.
  2. Communication professionals: journalists, advertising, community managers, people who often need to connect strongly with their audiences with more than just cold data, They need the story to open hearts and generate complicities.
  3. Job seekers. They should know that things are changing, that every achievement in the career possibly coming from a story worth telling. ¿In a CV? Isn't it?, The CV is a dying format. Perhaps the personal interview is the right place. Imagine a phrase (and) style "My friends made fun of me at school for my obesity, so I studied dietary ". Is not it better than just saying "I studied dietary"?. Another format is imposed Video-CV, which we have excellent examples on YouTube of creativity that has made candidates are recruited in less than 24 hours to show skills that go beyond their professional skills (Cook, play the piano, fly a plane ...) and humanizing the discourse.

A final tip to work the personal account: In addition to carefully read the books referred, seriously consider turning a hobby into a personal account support. For example, if one is half marathons broker may share that data to discuss their skills discipline, culture of self-improvement and effort. Or if you collect stamps can give information about its research capacity, his eagerness to finish things ...

To learn more article I recommend Tino Fernández / Expansion released 22 April 2016 under the title Are you a 'Pied Piper of Hamelin’ in your job? they collaborate Andrés Pérez Ortega, Iñaki Arrola and myself based on the above text.


About me Guillem Recolons

Convinced that everything leaves a mark, I help companies to better connect with their stakeholders through personal branding programs (personal brand management) and employee advocacy (internal brand ambassadors programs).

Partner at Integra Personal Branding and Soymimarca, I also collaborate with Ponte en Valor, Brandergizers, MoreThanLaw, Noema Consulting, AdQualis Human Results and Quifer Consultores.

As lecturer, participated in the Graduate Social Media of UPF and UVic, in various programs at IESE and ISDI, among other. Advertising man, Master en Marketing. Grade student of Humanities.

My DNA comes from advertising 20 years in agencies: BBDO, J.W.T., Bassat Ogilvy, Saatchi & Saatchi, Altraforma and TVLowCost among others.

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2 replies
  1. Juanjo Salazar
    Juanjo Salazar says:

    I appreciate the publication, very practical and a good example of application of a professional storytelling “flesh and blood”, fleeing the topics of familiar characters. The personal account contributes, as you mention, humanize our profile, but is not it also leaves us naked in public opinion?

    • Guillem Recolons
      Guillem Recolons says:

      good question, Sr. Salazar, and is not the first time the receipt. It is important to know how far we are willing to open our private lives to the public, sometimes right border with excessive is somewhat blurred. If we do not explain who we are (beyond the professional curriculum) It will cost us generate empathy, connect and convince.

      Each must decide where the limit, and another interesting option is to ask a close circle. Thanks for write, Kindest regards,



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