10 ideas worth spreading (10 speakers, better)

TEDx Eixample 2019: Videos with 10 ideas from speakers of past 22/3.


If you're new to this blog, let me give you two essential pieces of information: 1. Although I'm dedicated to Personal Branding, I'm a true fan of TED and TEDx talks 2. In addition, I volunteer of TEDx Eixample, which held its first edition in Barcelona 22 March 2019, I would say successfully.

In this article, I detail the 10 ideas that the speakers put on the stage and I add the videos (in order of appearance) of each of the ten talks. I hope you enjoy them as did the 260 People who attended the event.

Idea 1: Stay ignorant so as not to fall into the myopia of specialization. By Toni Segarra

We are in the age of omnicanality, and the panorama of a marketing director to communicate an idea becomes complicated. The publicist Toni Segarra claims, in his transition from an Advertising Agency to Freelance, the importance of remaining ignorant so as not to fall into the myopia of specialization. He also claims to recover the product as a fundamental element of communication.

About Toni Segarra

Throughout his career, He has worked on campaigns that have won awards at major festivals around the world, including 39 Lions at Cannes Film Festival, unanimously considered the most important prize in the world, among which they include one of only two Grand Prix achieved by Spanish agencies. And well over 100 soles at the San Sebastian Festival, including 7 Great prizes. Year 2010, the spot "Mano" BMW was chosen as the best ad of the past 25 years old . He is a member of the boards of international advertising schools: la Miami Ad School en Hamburgo y la Berlin School of Creative Leadership. In May 2007, British magazine Shots, select it as one of the "100 top creative minds" World in December 2016 Forbes magazine included him in its list of 25 most influential people in Spain. In May 2018 the same magazine selected him to wishlist: “100 most creative people in business”.

Idea 2: There is no excuse not to keep fit, neither time nor space. By Paula Fernández-Ochoa

Legal marketing expert and personal brand in high-performance environments gives us a few simple tricks to keep fit in 10 minutes a day with minimal space. Proposes not get excuses and learn to live laughing.

About Paula Fernández-Ochoa

To exercise the legal profession for years, It has now set up his own consultancy Legal and Personal Brand Marketing and Corporate + MoreThanLaw and, in parallel, for their healthy lifestyle and love of sport, He has created its own brand: VivircorRiendo.

He has been a lawyer at Mazars and Garrigues, Legálitas manager and Head of Business Development at Roca Junyent. Degree in Law and Diploma in Economics (ICADE), Degree in Administration and Management (Pompeu Fabra), PDD at IESE and Program Marketing and Digital Sales at ESADE.

Idea 3: Our stories to achieve immortality. By Victor Amela

Journalist and novelist perfectly remembers the day he learned to read and the revelation meant for him. Us into a narrative that allows us to understand that however much the media have changed throughout history, the need to have stories to tell remains unchanged. Finally we invite us to tell our stories and reach immortality.

About Víctor Amela

Barcelonan 1960, is a journalist and novelist. He is dean of television criticism in the Spanish press, he has held since 1984 in "La Vanguardia", diary in which he co-created twenty years ago "contra", palpitating page interviews (carries 2.500) they do not exhaust their curiosity. Collaborates on radio and television. He is the author of the breviary "The inspirers of Amela", novels "The Captain's Daughter Groc", "Love against Roma" and "Imperfect cátaro", and egografía "Almost all my secrets". Just published the novel "I was able to save Lorca". Peaking currency Ramon Lull: "Since we exist .., Let us rejoice!”

Idea 4: Get ready to understand Africa as the new China. For Jordi Hereu

Who was mayor of Barcelona and an expert in development of cities breaks the topics that we have installed on the African continent and presents the explosion of wealth that is about to come on this continent.

About Jordi Hereu

Mayor of Barcelona during the period 2006-2011. He is currently Chairman and consulting partner company BARCELONA BUSINESS PLATFORM, BPE, specializing in competitiveness and business internationalization, and co-founder of Fledge Barcelona program that works in business development and growth of start-ups with high social impact in emerging countries, specifically in Africa. specialized consultant in city development strategies, and the design and construction of urban visions with strategic positioning, as Chairman and member of the company IDENCITY, Patron of the Environmental Forum Barcelona Platform and newly appointed director of AENA.

Idea 5: We all have a Personal Value Added. Sergio Ayala

How can a person achieve success? Eventually life teaches you that not all people are Steve Jobs, J.K.Rowling or any of the examples of success. Sergio Ayala why you desgrana his manifesto media men, where you'll find its proposal for you to achieve success.

Sergio Ayala

Entrepreneur and lecturer degree in Law and in Education, reconciles the management of their companies with their passion for effective communication, practical and high doses of mood. Currently he is manager of the company SAC SERVICES, dedicated to industrial technical installation and dedicated to the purchase SEALQUILA, rehabilitation and leasing. Author of the manual sales Buy All I Want and has a separate section on local broadcast Onda Cero addressing issues of happiness and good humor. Lecturer at national level has extensive experience as an original speaker on such controversial issues as the need for good humor and buenrollismo in jobs.

Idea 6: Music helps us reconnect. By Guillem Roma

Live in a hyper-connected world has disconnected us as individuals. But music can help us rediscover that we can find connections between such different things as a reguetón and habanera

About William Rome

Musician and audiovisual, Guillem is one of the authors of the new Catalan music scene. It surprised by the originality of a creative universe where live Latin American and Mediterranean influences. It has a restless personality, that has taken her from Cuba, where he studied film, to live three years in Mexico, where he created a production company working on various television projects to publish three albums in the last five years. Guillem Roma created around an interesting creative world where many different energies are connected. Now just published his latest work “Constant and variable”, the result of a process of transforming their own songs which begins a new tour that will take you through different stages of the country.

Idea 7: The big data helps us also with small decisions. By Mar Santamaria

Urbanist Mar Santamaria tells us that life is a series of small decisions. The big data is able to collect these small decisions that we share and pose light on how we want the place where we live. "Life are small and big decisions, in fact, perhaps one of the most important is this: Where we live?”

On Mar Santamaria

Co-founder 300.000 Km/s, innovation office specializing in urban planning and data analysis that develops tools that facilitate the understanding of the city to the various actors involved in its planning and management.
His work has been recognized with the first prize CIVIO Foundation – BBVA 2014 to display data, COAC-AJAC award 2016 and 2014 disclosure of architecture and testing, a mention finalist for the award ODI AWARDS 2016 (Open Data Institute) the project OpenPapers, 4 finalists in CityVis Prize 2016 hosted by the conference UNCHS, a winning project and two finalists to the Spanish Biennial of Architecture and Urbanism 2018.

Idea 8: True wealth lies in diversity. By Daria Shornikova

Daria Shornikova spoke about the concept “transmigrants”, people who happen to live on the border between cultures and states. Because every time will be (will be the) more people and. In the XXI century the concept of purity no longer makes sense, and true wealth is the diversity and movement.

About Daria Shornikova

Daria is the superpower of adaptability. From one country to another, Linguistics technological, healing art exhibitions to create trips innovation worldwide. The reason is always the same: make spectacular things happen. Through empowering people, create new solutions, build vibrant stories to tell them to change their perpetrators and the context around them. Currently, Daria es Project Director en Imagine Creativity Center, Global Shaper and explorer of transmigrants and border identities.

Idea 9: Beauty has the capacity to endure. For Anna January

Beauty is one of the most abundant and accessible resources we have around us. It is almost impossible to describe it and appreciate it is a personal decision. Beauty endures, It is valued and can even be therapeutic. Anna Gener shows us what true beauty.

On January Anna

President and CEO of Savills Aguirre Newman Barcelona, He runs a large specialized team in different disciplines estate. Committed to economic and social life of Barcelona, actively involved in various organizations, He is a member of the Executive Committee of Barcelona Global, Board of PIMEC (Patronal of Small and Medium Enterprises Catalunya), Board Circle Equestrian, Minister of Women Business Economics Observatory Chamber of Commerce of Barcelona, Patroness of the Cares Foundation and patron of the Foundation Picasso Museum.

Idea 10: The smile is the language of smart people. By Victor Parrado

Face life with humor is the best way to change the mood of other people and get your own life is much richer. You can even become useful at a time of maximum risk as an operation following an accident

Victor Parrado

A guy Barcelona 38 years old , son of Andalusian father and mother extremeña, the middle of three brothers, which always he attracted the attention of small Graciet doing anywhere. "I like being a person who loves what he does, what he says and share what you have "After several years working in commercial (despite having studied law degree) and after a 2012 Major changes on a personal level, He decided to shake up her life and focus on what filled: the comedy. And here he: climbed on stage, providing essence, always looking its best and especially sharing moments of joy, laughter and smiles to all those people who come to see.

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