14 questions to see if I fit in an organization (employee branding)

The alternative title for this article is: What kind of professional business needs, must or gran reserva?

A few months ago I read an interesting article by the coach Debra Benton -author of "The CEO difference"Over 360 tests that are usually done to managers in organizations. In the article, Benton invited to come forward and answer the questions before we get the test to see If we are aligned with the objectives in the organization. Frankly, I think not only a great idea but a must branding staff of professionals working for others.

My only question is why always these tests are aimed at managers? Does a middle manager or the person who answers the phone or community manager are not key figure as public spokespersons for the organization?

It seems to be becoming aware of this idea. And let me use a metaphor: a stereo sound so good (or so bad) as the worst of its components. This, applied to the organization means neither more nor less than the efforts made on professional will be useless if not taken into account all hierarchies. Let's see, a worker who runs a lathe in a factory have two options when leaving work: Ignore It, forget and erase from his mind the company you work for or share your experiences ..., speak positively of the benefits of your company, recommend it. Utopian? Less than we think. personal branding employee branding

The programs of employee branding (Brand Ambassadors) They have that function: understand the alignment of values ​​between employees and organization to improve internal communication, the motivation of professionals and, of course, that would force them to become as natural spokesmen for the company, as ambassadors of their brands. To manage a program of this type is essential to have specific professional areas self-knowledge, and communication strategy, and that is increasingly in the field of consulting Personal Branding.

So, neither short nor lazy, I encourage you, you are manager or not, to answer these questions to see if you are aligned with your organization, their brands and their values. And I encourage you, businessman, Director of RRHH, extend all your people such initiatives. That's harvest, maturation take time, but in the end we will have a team Gran Reserva.

Here are the questions, in a free translation done on the text of Debra Benton.

How I can meet or exceed the needs of my customers?

How I can meet or exceed the needs of my superior in the organization?

How I can help give a positive approach to business?

Do I analyze complex situations accurately and when appropriate?

Do I help to minimize the activities that do not add value to the organization?

Do I value the ideas of others, especially those that provide great value?

I understand how to make things happen in my organization?

Do I have a thorough knowledge of the sector?

How I usually overcome hurdles?

Do I move quickly when I saw an opportunity?

Do I have intellectual curiosity, desire to continue learning?

Do I assure you that you can count on me to solve problems?

Do I keep control in stressful situations?

Do I know and practice how to gain the trust of others?

I assume responsibility for my mistakes?

Actively I help others?

¿I prioritize getting results?

Am I a good ambassador for the brand and the organization?

I know what the medium-term direction of my organization?

I recently interviewed my good friend Jose Castellon, autor del best seller “Live without working"To get a definitive article on Personal Branding. I recognize that the title of the article is the result of something bombastic interview: “Marca Personal y Personal Branding: How to become "The Chosen", detecting false gurus, and dodge death ". But honestly I recommend if you do not bring much read literature on the subject.

At the interview, Castelló asked about the Common mistakes in managing personal branding. Of course, the lack of consistency is the first, but the second is try to walk the path alone. If you have in your hands the ability to manage professional branding your organization, She enlists the help of anyone who has done it successfully in other companies; you do not play with that: a fall reputation can be recovered, Unfortunately not a mark on. If you are looking for professionals recognized as "Gran Reserva" he works with a team "Gran Reserva".

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