The personal branding paradox

Paradox is what is said and especially what is done that is contrary to logic. A while ago I published an article entitled The paradox of personal branding, Do I care about the image I project or the value I bring?? There I dealt with paradox of value, possibly the most important. But there's more.

In a world where differentiation is sometimes venerated more than value, This is paradox Is the order of the day. Next are five of the most common contradictions that occur in the field of personal branding. .

Personal Brand 1 Paradox: I sell advice that I don't apply to myself

Internet has shrunk the world. We're more interrelated than ever. For better and for worse.

Supporting a value proposition taht shows the opposite result is immolate oneself in a few seconds. The tailor's wife is the worst clad, don't you think so?

The paradox of Lorna

Lorna follow me on Instagram. promises 1.000 followers "only" $29. The point is that she has not managed to overcome 244. That's your guarantee, Lorna? You do not sell followers, rather you give a great paradox.

And there are worse cases, like those people hawking online and actions to improve the offline They are the opposite. They have an opportunity to trick, and the sad thing is that you can also live.

Personal Brand 2 Paradox: lot is bad mark mark

Abuse in the projection of our personal brand is negative. As my friend and colleague Eva Collado, "You give grilled" punished.

Internet, In addition to making our planet is small, He has brought some contradictions: We complain more, we celebrate more, we share more. Our presence is growing, and not knowing the limit abuse is dangerous.

Once I've met friends who tell me: "uncle, you are all day on social networks”. They too, of course (if not, the comment does not make sense). Think about it: If a friend "only" has 50 contacts on Linkedin, and of these only three published regularly, that friend will only see to you in your timeline... you have considered?

Personal Brand 3 Paradox: Internet is written with pen, not pencil

This phrase heard in the film 2010 “The social network”, which he explains the rise of Mark Zuckerberg. And so. There is no eraser on internet, what is published, you have a problem.

Why not, agree, Some networks allow you to edit what you have published, also remove. But neither prevents "snapshot" (Lorna case) or photograph the screen to another device (Snapchat case).

Count to 10 It is essential in real life. In digital environments should count up 100 before publishing. And reality, paradoxically, is reversed.

Does it provide value what the public, either own or others? Am I clear that my message will reach who should arrive? ¿I offend anyone with my publications, and serves that something? Am I consistent with the brand I represent?

Do not forget my particular slogan: all, absolutely everything, marring. Action or inaction by, actively or passively. Worth counting up 100, those two minutes of reflection can save our lives.

Personal Brand 4 of personal brand is placed: people who act like businesses and businesses that act as individuals

Of course, That is the legacy of Tom Peters with his prescient article "The Brand Called You”. He invited us to think like businesses. And some, We invite companies today to think and act as individuals. Makes sense, people we need strategic thinking autoaplicado; companies lack humanize to generate trust.

Is a paradox, but in this case I will tell you that it works well (without abuse). It requires three steps to success: psych up, be formed and stubborn as a mule (beautiful words, insist, insist, insist).

Personal Brand 5 of personal brand is placed: reputation is not created, you win

sorry to say, but that's how it is. Now you can hire an army of experts in digital marketing to generate a "super brand".

your reputation (positive) will come when what you think, say and do is aligned, includes valor, and be something different from what already exists.

Personal branding is the footprint we leave on others. And if it is positive and anchored in a powerful value proposition, generate a recognition (reputation) positive.

I'm sure you can think of some paradox Want to share more?

main picture: sculpture Ai Weiwei “bikes” en el Ibirapuera Park São Paulo, a paradox on the static movement.

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