What would have changed if you had not participated?

Reviewing a video a few months ago entitled William Arruda Your Personal Brand Superpower I remembered a powerful question:

What would have happened if you had not participated in a project?

I know you have the answer and browsing your mind. Someone else would have done. Agree. We are substitutable in which, But what about the HOW?

There are many / as doctors, but none is like another nor does things identically and other robotics. There is talk of AI (Artificial intelligence) as a solution to standardize processes from executing excellence. But until excellence it is relative: records, sooner or later, they break.

Identify how

Personal branding is key to identify that how, although it is not always easy from self. Type of many professionals answer to the question why are you different from others, you do or how different? usually silence. It is important to work our personal brand introspectively before presenting it to the world. That includes asking feedback and work it well.

To do different things I do not mean to obsess about out of line. I speak of a DNA, one way of doing things that identifies us, It is an identity signal. It may be related to the Securities (my superpowers) or behaviors that we have taken for good in our professional work.

The doctor. Bernardos

I was listening to Dr. Gonzalo Bernados in a talk. At the end of the talk, table with sponsors share a event held in Manzanares (Real city). Bernardos is equal on stage behind the scenes. Your DNA is to generate controversy, but always using actual data base.

If we know that objectivity does not exist (out of some science), Why we insist that, for example, the press interpret the facts as we would? That would be the error. Wealth lies in how, not the one. Each purchase the newspaper whose interpretation is more suited to their values, his way of seeing things. Well, the same goes with people.

Bernardos has its way of interpreting facts that can be real, but you too.

Avoid superficiality

One thing is joke, and another surface being. The writer and Uruguayan journalist Eduardo Galeano He said "We are in the middle culture container. The marriage contract is more important than love, the funeral more than the dead, the clothes and the body God the Mass. "But, Ironically, newspapers that normally sell more are dealing information shallower.

Better deepen. The most famous person in Spain is superficial, reaches millions of people every day through a TV program later. But his legacy will disappear with the rain, since in this case there overdose of how and complete absence of what. a balance is needed.

A few days ago I read a post titled "Empowers your personal branding with a hashtag” It is not something superficial? A hashtag can help you find better, but not to empower your personal brand. And for that you need to add value and be true to your values.

Value and values: the heart of the personal brand, and the great response to how. And it is important to understand what that how you will make this project, without you, I had gone completely differently.


Photography: Sonia Troncoso