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Authentic, Relevant, different #ARD_ebook

Authentic, Relevant, different are key in an impeccable personal brand, and they're also titled the last ebook 2014 from Soymimarca, already in free download

The e-book with the best of Soymimarca of 2012

Soymimarca presented on Christmas Day “It's personal.”, the e-book that sums up the best of the 2012 on personal branding blog

Personal Branding Plan: Manage -already- the script of your life

Hoy se lanza el Personal Branding Plan, el primer curso online de autogestión de marca personal. An ambitious and cooperative project that answers these questions: ¿Estás esperando la oportunidad de tu vida y no acaba de llegar? ¿Estás insatisfecho con tu trabajo actual pero tienes miedo a un cambio? ¿ Tu proyecto es potenteRead more

And Soymimarca took off his pacifier

Yesterday it was a year since Soymimarca opened its doors. As many of you know, I'm involved in this project of staff branding up to the eyebrow. The truth is that it's been an interesting year, full of ideas, projects, experiences, in a hurry, Nerves, Customers, Collaborators, Friends, Joys, Hopes. Even if it sounds like a lie, the project continues. And … Read more