Do you threaten me? fair

Continued the staff development DAFO with an external factor, the threats. I have discussed the internal factor weaknesses and also the strengths.

External factors are those that are beyond our control, affecting the market, the economy… It is harder to cope, because it does not depend on us but on factors “macro”. These threats and opportunities, and this post will focus on threats to our environment.

Main threats on a personal DAFO

Identified the following:

  • Competition
  • Technology (or lack of it)
  • Process automation
  • Regulation
  • negative market trends
  • Fighting #LoGratisMata


My good friend Xavi Roca distinguishes between two extremes when competition, which he calls the context of perfect competition and monopoly. Of course, in between there are places.

perfect competition concerns what we would call such a saturated market competitors Undifferentiated. In this situation there is no possibility of profit.

In contrast angle would monopoly, a limbo that other competitors are not able to imitate the leader. Perhaps it is also because the market is very small and does not justify greater presence of anyone else.

The case is How to face competition? I am not a specialist, but there are a number of guidelines to be followed:

Identify competitors: Today it is easier to do online monitoring keywords, but also going to conferences, fairs, reading if there- trade press…

Analyze whether we are dealing with cloned or differentiated positionings. Imagine you sell ham Have you created a brand? ¿Own container? In House Distribution Channels? Do you sell brand or product? What communication channels use? What you sell with wine and champagne? Which, in, your value proposition?

Search for other markets or formats. Here comes into play internationalization, but also look for smaller markets where we can lead (mouse head). That contrasts with the strategy lion's tail.

Analyze the complementarity of a possible alianzto. My friend Andrés Pérez Ortega calls it coopetencia. This is the UTES, but personal. When several freelancers come together to address a large project which could not access alone. They are Collaborative projects and already represent a very large percentage in the economic sphere of independent companies and professionals.


Many professionals have had to reinvent themselves or disappear due to not adapt to technological development of a market. Or lack thereof.

Have a tractor that can sow a field remote control and satellite poses a threat to those who do not have and an opportunity for anyone willing to significant investment.

The digital transformation of our society progresses in geometric progression, and now a professional activity is not understood without mastering tools like cloud, videoconferencing… Roca consultant & Salvatella list 8 PROFESIONA digital skills for successl we must take into account.

Also included here cyber threats like viruses, malware, phishing and all kinds of new digital crimes that require us to be very cautious.

Process automation

It is a consequence of the development of new technologies. It will threaten when a machine can do our work more effectively. And will be an opportunity when we are the ones who automaticemos our processes to be effective.

The long tale. Give classroom training provides a clear limitation. An educational app, although a priori involving small income per student can expand the market in thousands of students.

I lived near the twilight of a professional in real estate the best model making. An artist. He could not even see the arrival of the CAD design software and 3D printing, two of the many advances that have automated the process.

Without being alarmist, many current professions will disappear with process automation. Amazon You are already experiencing a supermarket “without tails” Amazon called GO. Here's operation:


The change in legal frameworks, economic and labor can pose a serious threat. Laws that limit our activity, new taxes that make it unfeasible profitability. In Spain, for example, be autonomous is very penalized from the point of view of regulation compared with other countries in the European environment.

negative market trends

If your market is highly subject to fluctuations, You are threatening situation. For example, Petroleum derivatives, Forex markets, metal…

You are also at risk of threat if your market is paper or printing paper every day and sold more ebooks. Or if every day we ignore ordinary mail invoices… and consult via Internet.

Everyone should know where your market is going. A very powerful tool that will tell us if we are on track Google Trends. For example, We analyze the words “adviser”, “consultant” and “Coach” and “mentor” in recent 10 years in Spain. Why so many real estate companies have decided to redefine itself as coaching real estate? Here you have the answer:


market trends threats

Source: Google Trends

The free mata

This expression and have used in other occasions. I mean the threat that Many services previously paid are now free. At least in appearance. I found a recent case. Training in open workshops personal brand. Nobody is willing to pay for learning. What do they do? Turning to business courses, of municipalities, of provincial councils…

Analyzes whether this threat in your market and position yourself in “the other side”. I explain. Following the example, offer to companies to be forming or to municipalities…


Conclusion, whether the threat is, Most importantly identify with time. enough to react and redefine your business model Time. Have a great week.

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