Humanization of brands (1) What happened to Ana?


humanizes, that something is

Those who know me know that I've been doing the necessary flag humanization of brands and corporations. The trend is unstoppable marketing more humanized, and we have good examples, one of them would be the communication house in recent years or the recent campaign Freixenet, of my friends JWT, although somewhat controversial, He characterized by humanizing their characters (the bubbles).


Ana sin Ana

One of the most humanised brands we know is Anna de Codorniu, which for years he stars in communication with a woman, mother, the center of the story. I was surprised to see a few days ago a marquee of this trademark without Ana, a simple still life . What happened to Ana? I hope nothing, I've seen the latest videos and Ana appears campaign, more sophisticated than ever, in a magnificent execution of equipazo Igriega Communication.

Stories that humanize

The storytelling He came many years and has established itself precisely to humanize brands. A brand needs to become a person to establish a dialogue with people. And that makes it through small stories, micro-stories they want to get an emotional relationship with potential users. The old ads 80 a still life attached to a lapidary phrase gravely have passed into history. Now we want to know more, not satisfied with the functional part of the brands, we want to know your dark side, its bright side, their weaknesses, its raison d'etre and what you want to be more.

I recently read, an excellent post on trends 2014 the agency JWT, we go from Storytelling to Storydoing. I could not agree more. There comes a time when brands should be protagonists of real stories, experiences on the street. It's time for street marketing, also it came a few years ago to stay and help brands connect with the people.

Here Ana

Here Ana

Vision work

For some unknown reason, almost all companies work their vision hurts, his dream, its role in the world, the text of his tombstone. Often they do in key leadership, like the rest of humanity cared three fuck a brand to be leader. People do not want leading brands, Nearby we want brands, and this is how it should work the vision of a company, of a brand, of a person. Working a vision for hanging on a table in the kitchen is of little. The vision is to contain a shared idea, emotional, key contribution to a collective, perhaps humanity. If companies , brands and people would get better work humanizing vision, They would get to jump right into the conversation and connect.