#lateraltwits 17 Twitter como fanpage

Lady Gaga continues to lead-and long- Twitter as the person most followed nearly 8 millions of “followers”. his fanpage one Facebook It is 4.700.000 fans.

Barack Obama, in 4th position, has 6,5 million followers, and his Twitter account is the oldest, with long boring 47 months. Obama is doing something better Facebook page, in which he approaches the 7 million fans. Another striking fact of your Twitter account is that Obama “following” To over 700.000 people, more than one 10% of his followers, something that is unusual for a public figure (The usual ratio is the 1 or 2%).

Spain, twiteros an even little country, It has Andres Iniesta as one of the most followed on Twitter with about 650.000 followers.

As we mentioned in other posts collection “lateraltwits”, the big difference between Twitter and Facebook is that Twitter is an open network that does not require acceptance to follow someone. However, with the “fanpages” Facebook happens the same with Twitter; one simply presses the button “I like it” And you start to follow someone.

In this page you can find the list of 1.000 most followed people on Twitter.

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