Storytelling: connecting speech, seduces and convinces

Stories can change the world

The factor of choice between two identical professionals with knowledge hard and similar trajectories can be at ease to get emotionally to your partner. That we have no doubts: Stories can change the world.

Although the art of storytelling goes back to ancient caves, some authors became science to include it in the Branding Trademark, political candidates, and, of course, professional. Among them I highlight two: Christian Salmon, author of Storytelling: Machine fabricate stories and formatting minds (Atalaya, 2008) Spanish and settled in Chicago Antonio Nunez, author of two books on the subject, which recommend Será mejor que lo cuentes (Empresa Activa, 2007).

  • Good examples of the use of storytelling in trademarks highlight "the jump"Felix Baumgartner Red Bull, he had the world on tenterhooks for a few hours, getting thousands audiences that exceed conventional advertising campaigns, and it appears even in the Wikipedia.
  • In politics it is remarkable the use of metaphors to make speeches that touch the heart: “new deal”, "Zero unemployment", "the change", “”The quiet force”…
  • In person, cases of Jeff Bezos, Richard Branson, Bill Gates academics are examples of how to use the account for the purpose of better connection and empathy with the public. But perhaps it is a somewhat inaccurate story, know that Jobs and Wonziak Apple started in a garage without college connected with many people of humble origins and encourages them to overcome prejudices.

We all have things to say, and often the reason for not doing so is because we have been taught to separate well between professional and personal, when in reality we are talking about a thin line which is not bad pass. If we generate empathy key is having the courage to show the same interest with our strengths and our weaknesses: that's what makes us human, and that is what connects, seduces and convinces.

Not to stay only examples of famous I leave an example of storytelling applied to a professional after a process personal branding:

When it is interesting to use the personal account?

In personal branding processes we see certain types of professionals who require more than others the use of personal moments in its history to bolster their career or their skills:

  1. architects, engineers, doctors, lawyers, police. Professions often not so bad drag "fame" as some notion of coldness. Hollywood has flooded our heads hard attorneys, calculating and cold, Like police. But the truth is that the stories of these people Calan us deeply when they show their human condition; their relationships with their children, spouses, its dependencies to alcohol, other drug.
  2. Communication professionals: journalists, advertising, community managers, people who often need to connect strongly with their audiences with more than just cold data, They need the story to open hearts and generate complicities.
  3. Job seekers. They should know that things are changing, that every achievement in the career possibly coming from a story worth telling. ¿In a CV? Isn't it?, The CV is a dying format. Perhaps the personal interview is the right place. Imagine a phrase (and) style "My friends made fun of me at school for my obesity, so I studied dietary ". Is not it better than just saying "I studied dietary"?. Another format is imposed Video-CV, which we have excellent examples on YouTube of creativity that has made candidates are recruited in less than 24 hours to show skills that go beyond their professional skills (Cook, play the piano, fly a plane ...) and humanizing the discourse.

A final tip to work the personal account: In addition to carefully read the books referred, seriously consider turning a hobby into a personal account support. For example, if one is half marathons broker may share that data to discuss their skills discipline, culture of self-improvement and effort. Or if you collect stamps can give information about its research capacity, his eagerness to finish things ...

To learn more article I recommend Tino Fernández / Expansion released 22 April 2016 under the title Are you a 'Pied Piper of Hamelin’ in your job? they collaborate Andrés Pérez Ortega, Iñaki Arrola and myself based on the above text.


“I am discovering the need for a weekly crises”

There is no crisis history

One of the key requirements for a connected narrative is any conflict, crisis. The stories are no conflicts “cupcakes” not mobilize any area of ​​our brain. These days I'm giving talks about “storytelling” as a personal communication tool / professionals in various cities of the province of Barcelona, and something my partner Olga Villacampa and my draws our attention is the lack of awareness that exists for the effectiveness of a more emotional communication. We could call it “ROI of emotional communication”.

One of the examples we use is the blind man that a change in the way of writing poster “I am blind. Please, ayudame” immediately modifies the reaction of those who pass by his side. At the end of this post I leave the video, an excellent job.

But one point according to the understanding of any actual story is the need for a conflict. Antonio Núnez, Expert on the subject, He explains very well in his book “Storytelling in a week“. Without conflict there is no story, no emotional response.

Gerardo "Tata" Martino

Gerardo “Tata” Martino

Maybe that's why I'm not surprised hearing a phrase Gerardo Martino, new coach of FC Barcelona football: “I am discovering the need for a weekly crises“.

The media compete with each other for attention, and for that use all resources at your fingertips, including overexposing seemingly banal subjects directly or systematic exaggeration of small mistakes everyday, who become media headlines first order. Let's see, What the hell should explain the many sports newspapers, radio and television every day to fill pages and hours of football information?.

The sentence “Tata” Martino is bright, and it highlights the continuing need for a conflict to prop up the story Barca. If there is a problem, there is no solution. effectively, the blaugrana follower needs a minimum, as crises- weekly, something to fill pages and media moments and allows connecting people with people around a shared history in bars, Offices, trains…

You are welcome to European football, Martino. You come and you've done very quickly with the emotional functioning of the fans. Now you know what touches: avoids conflicts that are not in your script, direct them yourself, planifícalos. At the end, you know that the solution of any conflict is a: win three points every weekend.

Here is the video “The power of words”.

[youtube] = ZF8EcHkSRSY[/youtube]

¿Te conozo? The notoriety as stage 1 personal message


Visibility is the first stage of a personal message. Find out in this article the different ways to make yourself known, from classical and infallible until they have revolutionized communication, online.

He said last week that the five stages of a compelling personal message are:

  1. Notoriety. I know you?
  2. Affinity I know what you offer?
  3. Do I need to fit what you propose me?
  4. Choice. Are you better than your competition?
  5. Fidelity Do you keep your promises?


doIknowyouCertainly, I do not know if I know you hardly what you offer. So here we speak of a iceberg invested, when the first contact with someone occurs through visibility.

Today, Fortunately, there are more ways of making themselves known, for example, 10 years old .


We have the classical and infallible like writing a book, appear regularly on any media such as radio, press, TV. They are not available to everyone, but remember that there are also local stations, the regional press… We pretend not to reach the moon on the first day.

We attendance at events, events… with its corresponding card exchange (networking, if you prefer). This is available to all mortals. And all you need are three things: forward, knowing planning events related to your environment, and have business cards. You do not have a? You can also be speaker, sure you master some area. If you dare not do it alone, try to go hand in hand with someone else.

We have, in labor, the CV or resume, a document increasingly useless but many companies still require. I find useless because it has become such a standard format that is almost impossible to stand out in the. Anyway, If I had to re-invent, would make him a sheet of paper 10 or 12 names and telephone numbers of people important in our lives. And a message: if you really want to know me, Call it.


And now we have the world of bits, the Web 2.0 or the democratization of communication (thanks to which, for example, You are reading this text). Where to begin?

Remember some key at this stage: first content and then the medium. It is not created profiles on networks. It is knowing who we want to go, which are related supports, what periodicity, what kind of answers we seek.

The average online king is, definitely, the blog. Es tu alter ego virtual, your house, the place where all information is summarized on you, on your way of looking at things, your passions and phobias. Definitely, offer value. No need to know to manage a blog writing. There are blogs that only reproduce copyright content from other blogs in a selective manner. There are also videoblogs, fotoblogs…

But How does the content of a blog people? Why not, throught social media. They come in all tastes, but distinguish personal from professional. A tip if you want to generate a value networking is that you move around Linkedin, YouTube, Twitter, Slideshare, Pinterest and if you want Facebook and Google Plus.

Finally, do not forget to control the reputation, Therefore it real and online. If you do not do it, others managed for you (in their own way).

Books recommended at this stage of notoriety:

Next week we talk about personal affinity do I know what you offer?

When the marketing stops being invasive

You're seeing a film of black cinema. overvoltage. It's time to know whether the murderer was the butler… and poof! what appears on screen is a lady dressed in pink by selling the VanishOxiActionCristalGel, a brand that forever detest because you cut the movie of your life. That's it, friends, is marketing invasivo.

On the opposite side, comes a whatsup a friend with a video, to see it, we need to forward it to 100 people. Or we see a “trending topic” on Twitter, we follow it and see real gems in the form of blog posts, jokes or images. The navigated Pinterest and we were spellbound watching some pictures that had never seen. Or a friend hangs on Facebook a phrase that will circle the planet. That's it, friends, is Attraction marketing.

Today, day of Saint George, did not miss the chance of heart catermaran book Oscar Del SantoMarketing de atracción 2.0“. It's about a Free eBook you may participate downloaded from its website, and read in just over two hours. The book reflects the new reality of marketing, based on the power of content rather than investing behind them.

A few months ago I had occasion to read “Penguin strategy” of Antonio Núnez, one attraction marketing forerunner of Oscar Del Santo already made it clear that anyone with an iPhone can roll brown.

If you a romantic point is never forget the book with a gift rosa, your gift will reach the heart.

Without a good story, a brand is nothing. If Johnnie Walker.

[youtube= = MnSIp76CvUI&hl = en_US&fs=1&]

Narrative techniques (storytelling), as old as walking directions, We offer this excellent example of how to explain 5 minute history and character of a memorable brand: Johnnie Walker. Video title: The man who walked around the World (the man walking around the world).

The great Scottish actor Robert Carlisle enlivens this short of a single plane walking through the Scottish highlands and interacting with different objects he encounters on his way. It is worth investing the 5 minute-long video.

Data sheet:

Agency: BBH, Londres/ Producer: Ruben Mercadel / Creative director: Mick Mahoney /Redactor: Justin Moore / Studio: HLA, London / Producer: Jamie Rafn / Producer: Stephen Plesniak / Director of photography: George Richmond / post Production: Glassworks, London

“I have a dream”, perhaps one of the best examples of storytelling

I recently had the opportunity to read the book “Será mejor que lo cuentes” of Antonio Nuñez -Company Activa-, dedicated to the story (storytelling) as a communication tool. Go ahead I recommend reading any person or company that needs to make better use of your communication.

I met Antonio a few years ago at the agency Saatchi & Saatchi, where he worked as a strategic planner, and I have to say that Antonio has one of the best brains in the industry furnished.

Antonio tells us about the Attention Economy, saturation of messages and the need to establish ties with the audience through the story.

“Faced with such a troubled situation in the world of communication in the XXI century, more people who can never communicate and fewer people willing to listen, hopefully we turn our gaze to a communication tool as old as the caveman: yes, storytelling. We have simply replaced the tribal campfire, around which the stories are told, by the Internet forum, interactive television or mobile phone. "

Follow: “Part of the solution to better understand the attention economy seems to stop talking about the concept "message" and replace it with "story". Abandon the concept of "sender" and talk about "creator of the story". Banish the "receiver" and talk of "user story".

The truth is that I enjoyed reading the book, full of examples, and that somehow includes a large dose of lateral thinking, since Antonio proposed model review.

Although the storytelling was invented (He gives the example of “I have a dream” the Martin Luther King one 1963), the author has made the book an educational tool to implement in detail the use of the story.

Here you can read the 1st chapter without any cost (but the book is affordable, I do not be stingy):