All they give banks is air conditioning


We all hoped that the bailout money to banks citizens would have a positive effect towards lending to economic activity, and particularly towards the SMEs. All figures imagined that the multi-billion rescue Bankia or Catalunya Caixa -among others- would result in an improvement in the economic outlook. Perhaps what happens to us is that we are all very naive. Or at least some.

This week we have had a new negative experience with a bank. I will not mention specifically, because what he has done (or better, What has not done) It is common practice in the industry. It calls (I mean Soymimarca) branch director newcomer to come forward and want to know us better. He asks that we will see, as a possible operation in between renting small draft arises. We offer apply for credit ICO for circulating, with a minimum of 10,000 € and 80,000 € to an affordable interest rate, close to 4% TAE.

My partner and I stayed Stone, we could not believe it. What's going on? A proposed bank credit? And besides a low interest rate? Without personal guarantees? And easy to manage?. This happened on Wednesday. It was a lovely evening, a nice guy and a pleasant temperature (outside 30with high humidity). We had not taken LSD or any kind of psychotropics, we were calm and concentrated.

Also on Wednesday hastily send all documents requested us to grant credit, that there were few. The company is a startup, and although it has had positive numbers on the income and corporate income tax last year. The company suffers from the usual difficulties of treasury -circulante- and also an expansion strategy arises foreign markets, so it seemed a godsend fallen a bank offered to lend a hand (erroneous expression, they make money).

End Mirage: the next day, Thursday, to 10 in the morning we had the verdict: denied.

SMEs do not want alms

almsIt is a pity that governments boast entering recovery periods, PIME and helps entrepreneurs, and that is not accompanied by specific action plans. SMEs do not want alms, we want to create wealth, innovate, add value. We know that you have to risk, and for this we have put behind our project all our personal assets. Many SME partners have been long periods with no income whatsoever to shape a business project.

Now, Unlike some years ago, we are fortunate to denounce. Banks do what they please, because the authorities permit. There are few leaders with the courage to impose measures on the big bankers: the future play.

Economic recovery? We continue to work 15 apuraremos hours a day and our personal reservations. In the meantime, we know that all they give banks is air conditioning.